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Saturday, February 29, 2020

February 2020 Fun in the Sun!

Nothing like a neighborhood get together to start the month off.
We were invited to Cathy & Don's for a Super Bowl Watch Party.
We were supposed to go to the Alton's but this changed due to Len going to the hospital for a few days to see what is going on with him.
We are hoping he will be let out today and be able to come to the get together.

The weather is still a bit cool so this outing was set up inside the neighbors garage.
Its amazing to me how wonderful our garages are for a meeting place.
Everyone brought food so we had a plethora of good eats to enjoy with this group.
You know how the Super Bowl is really all about the ads that are being shown.
I am here to report that our Canadian TV system doesn't show the same ads that we get here in the USA.
The game really ended up being a nail biter and I for one enjoyed actually watching it.

Mary Ellen did make it to the party but Len was not released from the hospital.
We surely miss him and hope that tomorrow is the day he gets to escape.

As if Heidi and I haven't gone to Algodones enough in January we decide to make a trip over on Feb. 3rd.
Our plan was to check on some prices of meds for her husband Tony, but much to our surprise the one Pharmacy we go to was closed.....not just closed, but closed by the government of Mexico.
The sign says "due to violations".
We did go to another one of the smaller pharmacies and were actually able to get some of the things she was wanting.
By the end of this day Heidi had a monster turtle to carry back over the border.

I had my share of stuff as well, but I was able to handle my packages without too much effort.
Thank goodness the line wasn't too long so we didn't have to stand and hold our purchases for very long.

Valentines Day we took a ride on the RZR's with our neighbors and a few of their Canadian friends.
This group was so Canadian that Chuck and I were the only American's in it!
We trailer our RZRs to Wellton, AZ.

We unload and follow our leaders Don & Cathy on an exploration of this "new to us" area.
The ride and the group was delightful.
The scenery was great.

We crawled all over the area and even took time out to have a picnic.
You just can't ask for much better than this.

Back at the trailers, we loaded up.  Staring right at us on one of our tires was a very suspicious looking something in the tire.
We get back home and Chuck proceeds to remove the suspect blob to find it is a very very long thorn.
Upon removing it the tire proceeds to lose air.
So glad this happened after the ride and not during.

Our patch kits have been used up so Chuck just puts a pick in the hole and at least the tire stays somewhat inflated.
We have plans to go to our friend Brenda's after the ride so we will work on the tire tomorrow or the next....who knows! 

During our Happy Hour at Brenda's one of the other guys that was riding with us says he also got a thorn in his tire as well.
Guess we were the lucky ones this trip!!!!

February 15th
The Yuma Proving Grounds is having an open house today and we have plans to go with Heidi and Tony to check it out.
Looks like us and about 20,000 other people had the same idea.
We sat in a line for about 45 minutes just to get up to the entry of the area.
During this wait I get a phone call from our friend Brenda and she is saying they finally got in but the line to get on a bus to ride to the main area was a mile long and they weren't going to even attempt it.
What perfect timing to get this call as we finally got to the main entrance area.
That phone call changed everything, as we made our way to one of the guys that was directing traffic Tony asked him "How do we get out of here", and he proceeded to give us directions to exit this craziness.

As we made our left turns and right turns to get to the highway we could see all the people in line to take the bus to the other location.
I for one was delighted we didn't hang around for all this.
Brenda said they were looking for someplace to eat so we decided to meet up at the little BBQ spot we had always wanted to try.
Guess what,,,,,,seems like everyone that decided to ditch the Proving Grounds had the same idea and the small restaurant was slammed with people.

Len, Mary Ellen and Brenda decided to not wait and try another place back in Yuma and left us in line to fend for ourselves.  LOL
They told us when we finally got to order that it would be about a 45 minute wait for our food.
Well, let me tell you, that was the longest 45 minutes of our lives.
I felt bad for the little place as they had no idea that there were going to be so many people eating at their place today.
The manager said she had no idea that the event was even going on.....not exactly sure what rock she was living under but it had been advertised heavily in the area for well over a month.

Our food finally made it to us around 2-2:30pm.
It wasn't bad but I have to say it isn't Oklahoma BBQ!!!!
What a crazy day this has been.
We gather back at our house and have a little impromptu Happy Hour just to discuss all this crazy day.
I ended up pulling the two tangelos that have been growing and we pealed one and ate it in all it juicy delight.
What a day...time to call this one a day!

The sunset was beautiful and of course I had to run upstairs and take a pic.

I read online that the Yuma Proving Grounds Open House was quite a success.
It had grown from 12,000 people a couple of years ago to well over 25,000 this year.
I am sure they have learned to plan even more for such a large crowd of people and then next one they offer will take all this into their planning.

February 18th and its Tuesday, so that means golf in the afternoon for our group that golfs.
Chuck let me know when he was on the last hole and Diana, Chris and I rode our bicycles over to the clubhouse to meet up for some music and cocktails.
The clubhouse was buzzing when we got there and we were in time to clap as Chuck along with the other golfers make their way off the last hole.
Mary Ellen and Len had a Dr. appointment but they made it in time to have a cocktail with our weary golfers.  LOL
Diana, Chris and I get back on our bikes and meet Chuck back at the house.

February 19th.
Guess who is back in Mexico.
Yep, Diana, Heidi and I are!

Diana ordered lunch for us today and man I think she has hit a home run.
The plate of deliciousness was beyond good.

The margaritas weren't half bad either.
Yes, we came home with stuff we probably didn't need, but we sure had fun.

February 20th.
Figured it was time to drive Diana and Chris over to Glamis and see all the sand dunes up close and personal.
The area was so much more quiet than the last time Chuck and I were here.

We did see a few out on the dunes riding their vehicle of choice.
Our plans were to drive and eat at the Duner's Diner but alas that didn't happen.
Seems they are not open on Thursday.
Or Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday either.
Oh well, we tried....we can always do it again next season.

With the Jeep low on gas we make our way back to Yuma just in time to fill it up.....sure glad we didn't run out cause I don't think Diana and I would have liked to push!
We go to the Mexican restaurant and have some great food and margaritas.
Get the idea that all our great meals involve margaritas...well, they do!

February 23rd
We ride the RZR's to an area that will take us to Mittry Lake.
Don is leading us once again and this ride will not fail to make us smile quite big by the end of it.

We are told that will be riding the ridges of the mountains.
Sounds interesting.

Sure enough we get to the area that will take us up and over the mountains.

There is a group of about 15 UTV's that are in front of us so it makes the navigating the unfamiliar terrain a lot easier.
This was an absolute awesome ride.

Our little RZR's riding on this thin well packed road running along the top of these small mountains was absolutely a blast.
Sadly the pictures won't do justice to this area, but I promise you it was a lot of fun.

We stop for lunch and afterwards head over to Mittry Lake to check it out.
They had a controlled burn going on so we weren't able to ride as far as we wanted but hey it was all good.

Don & Cathy told us about a bridge that we would see along the way.
Don said we would talk about it once we saw it.
Amazingly this bridge that was built back in the 1920's has what looks like Swastikas on it.
Probably one of the most interesting things I had seen in a long time.
Here is a link on it if you are interested  Swastika bridge
Amazing what you will see along the way.

Take a look at the man made pole we saw as we make our way through the wash to get back home.

February 25th
Yes we are heading back to Algodones and yes there is a line to get back into the USA.
This is not an issue with these three girls as we find a table and chairs to sit and watch the line slowly go down.
Tecate's helped the time pass and so did all the vendors selling all their stuff.

I thought the three of us needed a cowgirl to commemorate our day in Mexico and the young lady was so happy that I bought some from her.
It was almost 6pm before we got back into the good ole USA.
What a great and  memorable day we had.
These three Amiga's rate it as a 10!

February 26th
Heidi makes some really good chicken enchiladas and she said she would share the recipe with Diana and I,
She not only shared we got hands on experience with making this goodies.
Heidi decided we would make her enchilada for our little group so in the afternoon Diana and I go to Heidi's kitchen and do just that.

It was so fun working with her and fixing her recipe.
I think that I can speak for everyone to say we had a really good meal with our little group of friends.

Thanks again Heidi for the hands on instructions.
Also we got to take home some of the leftovers for future dinners!

February 28th
Sadly we are saying goodbye to Diana & Chris once again.
This time they are "really" leaving as they are taking their rig back home with them.

I know this experiment wasn't quite what Diana had wanted it to be as they didn't get to spend quite as much time here as they wanted but gosh I for one can say we really were glad they got to come to Yuma.

I think they enjoyed it too as they have talked to the owner of the lot they rented and asked about next season!
Safe travels back to Oklahoma and we will see you sometime in April!

We had a "salsa tasting happy hour" today at Mary Ellen and Len's house.
It is always good to get everyone together and this was a really cool idea.

As we sat on their patio talking away I looked up and say what I thought was an older gentlemen walking around in the empty lot next door to them.
At first I didn't think much about it as I knew the lots had sold and assumed it was the new owners walking around.
Now the person had my attention as he had walked up closer to their fence and was peering over at us.
I was trying to be non conspicuous and mentioned to Tony to look at the guy.
He turned and looked at him with a glare and sat back down.
Heidi had noticed the guy as well and before I know it she is standing up and walking towards the side yard.
No one else was even standing up and going with her so I had to protect my friend so I popped up and went behind her.
She was trying to get the older hunched over man to notice her and he was just ignoring her.
I said something to him as well, but he didn't respond....he just kept walking towards the street.
She and I discussed that we thought maybe he couldn't hear or something was really wrong.
Things just weren't adding up.
So we stood there a little bit and watched him walk over to Mary Ellen's drive was and start walking towards us.
OK, this was a bit scary.
The closer he got the more scared I became.

By the time he got about 4 feet away I studied his face real good and realized our crazy friend Brenda was this "old man"!
OH MY GOSH.....Really!

OK, you got us!
Seems that Brenda is known for doing this and a few of the people in the group knew exactly what was going on.
Heidi and I were two of the ones that had no idea!!!!!

As Brenda comes back to the patio and takes off her hat and pillow and fake mustache we all burst into laughter.
He tells us his name is "Holger".
Lordy lordy she had us all going.

I tell you this is something we will all be talking about for quite a while.
Way way too funny!

February 29th
I will end my blog for February with a beautiful sunset.
We have been talking to Brenda about her "Holger" visit and she said that Heidi and I were way too funny for her and she knew if she even said anything she would burst into laughter and blow the whole thing.
Such a great prank got us and got us good!

Friday, January 31, 2020

January 2020

Let the new decade begin!!!
Its time to get the Taj-Mah-Hauler ready to sell so I am busy cleaning it out and making it ready to put on the market.
It sure isn't fun cleaning things out, but it makes me go through everything and decide what I want to put in McClassC and what I might use in the casita, and of course what I can donate.
My hopes are to have more to donate than anything.

McClass"C" doesn't have as many hiding places for stuff and since we won't actually be living in it I have to rethink everything.

Truly this is a bit overwhelming but I know in due time it will all be done and I can look back with a smile on my face.

Other things are going on as well.

We are riding the RZR with our neighbors and so looking forward to exploring some new areas around us.

Don & Cathy lead us to Winterhaven, CA. and we drive through "The Valley of Names" on our way to "The Narrows".

Our friends Len & Mary Ellen came along with us in their Jeep.

Since we are in California we have to wear our helmets.

I really felt very comfortable wearing our motorcycle helmets on the cool and a bit windy day.

We thoroughly enjoyed our outing and can't thank Don  Cathy for showing us another great ride.

Howling at the Moon was at our casita this month.
We hosted a Happy Hour on a pretty cold evening.
The fire was really enjoyable and I was so glad I put out a bunch of blankets as the evening required more than just a fire to keep us warm!

Another day for riding and we are going to trailer the RZR's to Martinez Lake area and head to the Red Cloud Mine.

I have read about the Wulfenite rock that is coming out of this working mine, but had no idea what to actually see.
It was a great trip to the mine but let me tell you, the mine was very interesting.

The Wulfenite is quite the rock let me tell you.
I had no idea how much those little gems go for, but I knew immediately it was way too expensive for me!
Roger, the General Mine Foreman met us as we got out of the RZR's.

He was so informative and told us so much about the mine.
We could actually dig at a designated site if we wanted to pay to dig for our own specimen, but we are not going to do that.

This is a place that I would love to return to and learn more.
Since Don's wife Cathy was under the weather and couldn't make it today, we have already decided to make that return visit soon!

We met a donkey along the way back to our vehicles.

It is said that the miners had donkeys out here and when they left they just left the animals to fend for themselves.
They have flourished well in the desert and there are quite a few herds of them around the area.

We made our way back to Martinez Lake for a late lunch.
The little bar/restaurant was a great choice.
The food was wonderful.

What a wonderful day once again!
Thanks Don!

Guess who has made their way back to Yuma.....yep...Diana & Chris and their two dogs.
They have rented a space that is four lots down from us and I am so excited to have my BFF here to spend some quality time with.
This is their first time to have an In-Out Burger.
I think they like them!

Diana brought some of the cutest cups for the four of us.
Seems like this is our thing....have to have a commemorative cup to remind us of all the fun we are having and going to have.
Let the fun begin!

We are making our way to Quartszite for a few days.
The decision to bring the RZR's were a bit of a last minute idea since we had been in contact with Bev & Ken and they will be meeting us there as well and will have their side by side too.

This is our maiden voyage with McClass"C" now that she is fully loaded with our "stuff" and also pulling the RZR behind us.
Happy to report the drive there was flawless!
The drive to Quartszite is a short hour and a half drive.
 I was in contact with Ken and Bev and they will meet us at the main road into our area where we will boondock for a few days.
We will be staying on BLM land that is north of the town of Quartszite and a little less populated.
This area just seems to work for us and not as crowded as the south side.

Ken & Bev met us as we turned towards the BLM land.
They led us into where they were parked and we are set for the a few days!

This day just keeps getting better as we find out that Carol & Ryan along with Lauri and John are coming the next day to join us as well.
We set up our campsite and get the RZR's unloaded.
Tomorrow we will ride to the "wash" to the event tent and shop a bit.
This is going to be nice as we won't have to endure the long lines of cars trying to find parking, or so we hope that is how the plan works out.

I have to share the cute pin that Bev made and gave to me.
She let Diana & I pick a pin from her beading that she has been doing.
I just love my "girl" that I chose and will always treasure her so much as I know it was made with lots of love from Bev.
Thanks so much Bev....your the best!

After we all filled our tummies with our own little egg cups that we prepared with the microwave we load up and Ken leads us down the wash.
It was amazing how quickly we made it to the event tent area.
The parking was very busy but we were able to find a parking area for our three ATV's.
We walked towards the big white tent and notice there is some parking areas specifically set up for ATV's.
The guys decide to go back and move their toys up closer, so we girls saved them a spot.
Now this is really working out well for all of us.
I'm thinking this will be a common thing for us to do in the future.

The tents are full of vendors and people milling around.

Our batteries on McClass"C" are in need of replacement so Chuck is looking at the vendors that have
batteries for sale.
We stood and listened to a gentlemen explain about his batteries and why they were so special.
He was the actual owner of the company and he was very informative about his product.
We were basically sold on his product but through our time at his booth and listening to people we found out that one of his distributors was offering the same batteries at a little less price.
Upon finding his distributor and waiting our turn to talk to the guy we purchase two of his 12 volt lithium batteries.
He explains to us that he can probably get both batteries charged up today so we make plans for picking them up later. 
That's fine with us so we continue to shop with the plan to return to his booth around 4pm to pick up
the batteries

While shopping, Bev gets a text that Carol, Ryyan, Laurie and John have shown up and found where we are parked so we will head back to our rigs to see them,

Back down the wash and bypassing all the people was absolutely amazing.
If anyone has ever been in the Quartszite mess during this time of year, you can appreciate the smiling faces we had on our faces as we get back in the wash and divert all the other people.

It was so nice to pull up and see some faces we hadn't seen in quite some time.
It was like old home week for sure.
We got to sit around and cuss and discuss the past year.
Chuck and I had to make another trip back to the event tent and pick up the batteries that were supposed to be ready for us.

Upon arriving to the booth and talking with the guy it seems he has been over run today with battery purchases and says he only has one battery charged for us.
Not what we wanted to hear but we have to go with it.
We take the single battery with us and when we get back to the rigs Chuck replaces just one of the batteries.

We end up just having pot luck for dinner and we all just kicked in something to eat and let me tell you it was great.

The battery issue is a little important to us since we have had to run the generator at night to be able to keep our old ones up and charged, so we are in hopes that even though we have only one of the batteries in the rig we can make it through the night without using the generator.
Unfortunately all was good until around 6am.
Our low battery sensor started chirping.
But gosh we had made it almost the whole night on the one battery.
Not too bad!

After breakfast we make our way back down the wash 5 ATV's strong to do more shopping.
Chuck and I's agenda is to pick up the other charged battery this morning.
Everyone is shopping around and we make our way to the battery vendor.
Chuck is talking to him and he tells us he needs to apologize to us as it looked like he sent us home yesterday with a battery that hadn't been charged.
This actually made Chuck feel better about the events of the battery dying on us this morning.
We were told to put the newly changed battery in and the other one would charge through our solar panels and all would be good.
Gosh I hope this is true.

We had pretty much seen everything we needed to see so we head back to the rig so Chuck can put the second battery in McClass"C" and get her all back in order.

Batteries are now in place so it is time to go explore the mountains around us.

The afternoon we rode out from the BLM land we were on to explore a little of the area around us.
Chris lead us out west.
It was a very interesting area.
We saw so many mining claims in those hills.

I guess there is supposed to be gold in them there hills and everyone is wanting some of it.
The whole staking a claim area was interesting and of course I had to google what it took to get a mine claim.
For a mere $194 a year you can find an area that isn't occupied by anyone else and you too can dig for gold!

The trick around this area would be to find an area that hasn't already been claimed as there are post everywhere with claim papers stapled to them.
It was a lot of fun driving around and checking out the area.

Back at the rigs we discuss dinner and decide we will have some left overs from the night before and Ryaan says he is going to make some chicken tortilla soup.
Of course once again we had plenty of food and the soup was totally delicious.
Carol says that her sister always fixes mason jars with all the secret ingredient that makes this Chicken soup so wonderful.
They always get a batch for Christmas.
I think this is a really cool idea for gifting during the holidays.

The evening came to a close once again with a fire and full tummies sitting around discussing our day.
This has truly been a great outing for us.

I am so glad we were able to get McClass"C" out and actually live in her for a few days.
I'm thinking we are going to enjoy our new rig!

We pack up and head back to The Foothills the next morning.
Our plans are to meet up with this group once again and visit Los Algodones with them the next day.

Our trip to Algodones was a blast.
Everyone seemed to have a great time shopping and exploring the town.
I think our picture at lunch says it all and I will leave it at that.
Once again we enjoyed spending some quality time with some great peeps.
Looks like this might become an annual event!!!!!

Since Diana & Chris didn't get to go to the the Red Cloud Mine and since Cathy wasn't able to make the last trip either, it was decided that we need to revisit the location.
We have to trailer the RZR's and Diana & Chris rented a trailer to get theirs to the trail-head.

It was a beautiful day for a ride.
I enjoyed talking to Roger the Mine Foreman again, and this time we bought some of his Wulfenite and also Vanadinite samples he had for sale.

My thinking is that Cash, our grandson, will think these are some really special rocks.
It would be so much fun to take him there, and hopefully when he comes and visits we can do just that.

The ride was great and we even went a little farther this time than last.
The road gets a lot more narrow and more rocky as we make our way back into the mine infested area.

There are several old abandon mines that can be seen as we ride the road.

I was reading about this "road" and it was used as a main road to get back and forth from Blythe and Parker.

It was a lot of fun exploring the area but we needed to turn around and head back home way too soon.

I think everyone had a great time today...I know we sure did.

Not to let the last few days of the month go without another trip to Los Algodones, Heidi and I decide we need to go back for more "stuff".
Diana and Chris have headed back to Oklahoma so Diana didn't get to make this trip.

The wind was something fierce today and the dust was flying like crazy, but it didn't stop Heidi and I from shopping our hearts out.
We even tried a new to us place to eat lunch.

It was as good as any of the other restaurants we have eaten at and due to the wind the place wasn't that busy.

We even noticed that the vendors were a little easier to deal with today as well.

I think we both came home with some very special items....LOL

January has come to a close and I think it has been fun filled and quite busy.
This retirement thing is pretty cool!