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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

April in Yuma 2019

Things are slowing down a bit as far as the "work" part.
Time to enjoy some of the wonderful warm weather we are experiencing here.
We have gotten to know our neighbors fairly well, and have been invited to all the get togethers.
We feel like we are part of the "gang" that live around us.
At end of last month we also had a visit from Bev & Ken from Florence.
Seems they have friends from Canada that live just two blocks over from us.
Small, small world....and it was so nice to see them and also meet their friends as well.

Looks like most everyone is in the same boat as far as they are here to get away from the cold, hence the brand "Snowbird" comes to play.

I never in my wildest dreams ever thought we would be able to come to such a great state and get away from all the cold.
I know you are thinking well it is April, and all the cold has left, but this April has been a bit different.
Seems like Mother Nature has no idea what to do.
Snowing still in the upper mountains of Arizona.
I say this as I look at the temp here in Yuma, and we are hitting almost 100 for a few days.

We have been working on the outside a bit and I was on Marketplace searching for outdoor furniture and came across a bar made from the same Equapales that we bought a few months earlier.
I contacted the guy and Chuck and I went over and inspected it and purchased it.
We still have the fifth wheel hitch in the truck, so it was a bit tricky getting the L-shaped bar and bar stools in the truck, but just like Sanford and Son, we did it.

We also made a trip to the brick company and bought enough "chicken" bricks to make up our make shift outdoor fireplace.
We used a washing machine tub and stacked bricks around it.
Our friend Susie had one they had made several years back, and I just loved it.
Simple and not expensive but I think it looks striking on the patio area.

On the 14th of April we had a little get together at our place to season the bar in and say so long to our Canadian next door neighbors, Don & Cathy.
They have to make their way back to Canada due to their time allowed in the USA.
We are sure going to miss them....they are "GREAT" neighbors.
We even had a great sunset and went up on the roof and watched it, and of course I had to take a few candid shots of some of our new friends.

April 17th
Susie, Doris and I made our way to Mexico.
We dubbed our trip "The Three Frida's"
This is due to my love for some of Frida Kahlo and her husband Diago Rivera's art, and their story isn't too shabby either.
Here is the link for some of her info if you are interested.  Frida

This trip was a total blast....even if we did get wet....wet I say...In Yuma and Mexico....this is a rarity.
Of course I didn't even think about bringing an umbrella, but Susie did!!!

We had two umbrellas to share and we did just that.
It was even a bit the point that we considered purchasing another article of clothing to keep us warm.
At least I had on tennis shoes, Doris and Susie had on sandals.
We shopped like pros and even found a few good deals, but our best deal of the day was the donkeys we purchased.
Donkeys you say....not real ones...but a ceramic type that you actually put toothpicks on.
I will show is a pic....don't laugh...cause we have already laughed at these little guys so very much.
I know some people are going to think we are crazy, and that's OK.
The whole part of purchasing the said donkeys was a bit funny.
The lady that runs the store we purchased them from is a story in herself....but basically she takes care of the money while the kids sell.
I gave her money and needed change from was like an act of congress to get my change.
The kids had to go down the street to get the change and give it to the money lady, and then she had to count it and make sure it was correct and finally give me my $2 in change.
Guess you had to be there to understand the process, but I have to say it was quite an ordeal.

When Doris paid, we had to go through the same thing over again.
Just very comical to watch the process.
As we were leaving, I found a Frida bag like Susie had so of course I had to stop and buy it as well.
At least I had the correct change and the process was fairly flawless...LOL

We spied a few other things that we might want to but figured we better wait and save some purchases for a later date as we didn't have our guys with us to tote them if they were big purchases....LOL

We make our way back to the line around 5pm, and there was basically "NO" line to wait through.
This border crossing is getting easier every time.
Susie has given us a tip on the time that is best for us to cross without having to wait the 2 hours.
It also helps that the "Snowbirds" start their way back to their summer homes at the first of April so there are a lot less people here.
Back on USA soil with our new donkeys...we are "Three Happy Frida's."

Good Friday and we get to play golf.
Chuck and I didn't bring our clubs with us, and to be truthful they haven't seen a golf course in quite a few years, but our friend John has put together a couple of sets of clubs for us to play with.
Our new neighbors play golf a few times a week, and we are now officially invited to play with them.
We went out and played golf.
Chuck played with John & Len, and I played with Doris and Mary Ellen.
It is so nice to have a group of people to play this frustrating game with.

We went to the 9 hole course and since it is late in the season, we are on the honor system to pay for our games.
This is really interesting to me, as they have a box there and you slip your money for the game into it with your name on a piece of paper.
I know this won't be the way during the winter, but its pretty cool.

As far as the game goes, I was fairly pleased with myself to even be able to hit the ball.
I had tried out a few hybrid clubs on the driving range a few days before this, and I am thinking those are pretty sweet clubs.
May have to look into them when we come back in the Fall.

I really don't ever remember playing golf with ladies...seems like it was always Chuck and I.
It was really fun.
Don't get me wrong Chuck is a great golfer and there lies the problem.
I don't take it quite as serious as he does...LOL
I am just there to enjoy the course and hopefully keep my ball out of the water.

By the time we finished the 9 holes it was beginning to warm up.
We really did enjoy the golf game, and are so appreciative of John for getting us some clubs to play with.
Promise to have our own next season!!!

Susie needed to exchange a couple of chairs that we purchased at Walmart so after golf we loaded them in the truck and headed there.
Susie has a fish planter that is in need of being replaced, and I had seen one that I thought would work so after we finish at Walmart we go over to Lowes.
I just knew I had seen this really cool fish planter at Lowes.....hmmm, nope....guess it was Home Depot.
Poor Chuck, he is driving around two crazy ladies in search of a fish planter.
Bingo....Home Depot was the place, and we scored us two of the cutest fish planters around.
I even found a plant to put in ours.
I will have to add drip irrigation to the pot in hopes that it survives the summer!
Time will tell if it works or not.

Easter.....Susie is having the gang over and we are bringing food to compliment her ham she is providing.
Let me tell you, Susie had the dining table all set with her Talavera dishes and beautiful Mexican stemware.
It looked beautiful...and right in the middle of it is our little "Donkey"....  :)
We had a wonderful dinner with so much great food, and the fellowship of this group(even though we are missing a few) is wonderful.
Doris & Johns daughter has come to visit them and we have discussed another trip to Mexico, and over dinner it was decided we will go Tuesday.....twist my arm...of course I will go!

Another day in Mexico and a trip to the Dentist!
The guys have a golf game so looks like it is a Woman's only shopping spree again today.
I leave the Casita in Bronco's hands today.
Susie has been able to get me a dentist appointment with her dentist at 3:30 today.
I am a nervous wreck, so I am thinking the shopping will be a good distraction.
Lane is there cleaning the trailer so she can keep an eye on him.  :)
When I walk down to Susie's, she reminds me about my "Frida" shopping bag, so I run back to the house and get it.
As we pull out of Susie's garage she realizes she has forgotten her garage door opener.
She runs back to get it.
We make a stop to pick up Mary Ellen and as she is coming out to meet us, she is smiling big, and I notice she isn't wearing her "flipper" tooth.
(Flipper is a temp. tooth they put in when you are having an implant done so you don't have a hole in the front of your mouth if the tooth happens to be in the front:
There is a joke running around this group about the "flipper", so of course we all got a good belly laugh at Mary Ellen's expense.
She was a great sport and laughed with us.

So we are on our way....Susie, Doris, Patti, Mary Ellen and I are shopping til we drop...or at least for me until 3:30.
According to Susie she has a magic margarita that will take any anxiety away from this dental we will see.
Mary Ellen got her a donkey like we got last week so we can all kick a little ass together....:)

We shopped like we had never been to Algodones and had a fun time buying more stuff that we probably didn't need.
We ate shrimp tacos at our usual place and shopped until early afternoon.
Then it was time to sit down and have one of the famous margaritas that Susie has told us about.
She reminds all of us to remember to sip them....don't drink them fast.
There is a guy that is supposed to be singing this afternoon and he is busy on his phone, so Susie finally tells our waiter that we would like to hear him sing.
Here we are 5 American gals sitting at a table sipping our very strong margaritas and we are singing along with him.
The vendors are coming by with more things we don't need, but seems they feel we ladies are in the mood to purchase some stuff.
Doris and her daughter Patti seemed to have a really good time as well as the rest of us.
I figured I better eat something before I go to the dreaded dentist appointment so I order something to eat.
Before you know it its time to go to the dentist for me.
The rest of the crew is going to shop and we will meet up after my appointment.
Since today is only an evaluation it shouldn't take too long.
Within a short time I am told I need a root canal on one of the front teeth, and it is scheduled for tomorrow.
Looks like I will be coming back to Mexico again tomorrow.
I have to say that Susie's margaritas made the dental experience a lot more tolerable....not sure about tomorrow, but it has to be done.
I think we all had a great day shopping.
It's one for the memory book for sure.

Not saying much about this other than, it didn't hurt that much, but my anxiety was terrible.
I wish they could just knock me out and then I wouldn't have to hear all that drilling.
I know they can, but I really don't like being a chicken.
Root Canal is done, and I come back tomorrow for the crown.

The crown is in my mouth, and I have one tooth down.
There is much more to do in the dental department, but we need to make our way back to Oklahoma and to be truthful, I am not up for any more for a while....
I am a chicken...and I know it.

I am not sure how it could already almost be May, but I have to say its sure been a fun "winter".
As we get ready to leave our new second home I can truly say it has been a great move for us.
Our neighbors welcomed us and made us feel at home immediately.
We don't have the anxiety that we had at Florence.
We aren't being bugged about where our rig is parked and if we are 27" over in a common area.
We have a beautiful little "casita" that is perfect for us.
All is good as we begin the closing down of this season in our life.

The trip home was flawless other than one thing.
I got sick.
The dreaded "flu" got me and I really don't remember a whole lot about the drive home.
Chuck would just unlock the trailer when we got to our destination for the night and I would go straight to bed.
I really don't care to be that sick ever again.
It was terrible!
April closes with us on the road and our final night in Amarillo.
In true Amarillo style we had a storm come through.
I think we have made it back to our part of the world just in time to get rain and storms.
More to come in May....but we will be in Oklahoma with family and friends.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

March 2019 and Squatters. :)

Remember if you will, in my blog post for February, I spoke about Diana & Chris wanting to come back to Yuma and stay with us.
March 2nd, in the afternoon, they showed up.
I really was so excited to see those two.
We know if there is anyone that we get into mischief with, it is these two.

They drove their truck and I was so excited to see they had brought their electric bikes.
Chris said he got a rock chip in the windshield on the way here, so we will address the issue of getting it fixed tomorrow.

Our bed hasn't come for the Casita yet, so Chuck, Bronco, and I are still living in the 5th wheel.
Diana brought an air bed so they will be staying in the casita.
A good nights sleep is what these two need now, as they have really pushed it to get here!

First thing that March 3rd brings our way is to get the rock chip fixed on the Biggs truck.
There is a guy that has been set up for quite some time on a corner we pass by, so we decide to go and check him out.
Oh what an experience it was...LOL
First the guy comes out of the trailer with his wife beater, and keeps telling us he was getting ready to take a "bucket bath"....well, I can only imagine what a "bucket bath" is so we just leave that one alone.
Apparently he just got here and is helping the gentlemen that is set up here.

Oh man, the guy could talk to say the least.
Diana & I decided to walk to the CVS Drug Store that was across the street and let the guys handle this rock issue.
As soon as we came back to the truck, we notice the guy is still methodically working on the rock chip.
Of course he tells us he is the best, and that this rock chip will be the best repair we have ever seen.
Diana and I get into the truck and sit as we are hoping this might speed up the process.

Not sure if it did or not, but the guys actually join us, as this seems to help slow the talking down and actually get some work done on the chip.
I took a picture of the guy because he reminded me of the guy on the show "Leverage", Timothy Hutton.
Now you have to imagine Timothy Hutton in one of his roles to see him in this guy, but I think there is defiantly a similarity..

We explore the town of Yuma on March 4th and decide we need some lunch.

Diana pulls up restaurants around us and we decide to try Julianna's Patio Cafe .
We almost didn't go in, but decided to be daring and try it.

Beyond amazed at that this place.
There are all types of exotic birds in cages, and also parrots and peacocks roaming around.
One peacock even strutted his stuff for us.
We felt like we were on an island somewhere.

Chuck decided to have the unlimited "mimosa cocktails", but Diana, Chris and I stuck with the margaritas.
Let me tell you, Chuck says he had never had a mimosa before (which is hard to believe) but I think this will be his last...he wasn't impressed..LOL

The food was very good and we were totally surprised at finding such a wonderful oasis in the middle of Yuma.

The next few days were trips to Mexico once again, or maybe two or three times more...we have lost count.

Burgers at Wheezies on Wednesday, and as always they were delicious.

Our squatters moved to the garage after their first night in the casita...
they felt there was more room for them to stretch out.
I think the air mattress was a bit challenging as they always seem to leak, no matter how good they are.
Alas all good things have to come to an end and they decide they had to head back to Oklahoma to the real world.

Gosh we are going to miss these guys, but looks like they are going to try and come back next season and stay on one of the lots that is close to us and rent it for a few months.
Oh, the fun we can have!

Back to reality for us as well, so we step up our game and get some things accomplished in the casita.
Chuck hangs our TV on the wall, and gets it all set up.

Our Canadian neighbors invite us over for dinner one evening.
They have a garage full of people.
Some we had met and some we hadn't.
The food and fellowship of this group is great, and although we are the "new kids on the block", we never felt like it.
The weather was cold and wet so it was nice to be tucked in their garage with the space heaters going to keep us all nice and warm.

Our much awaited bed finally comes in.
It is going to be interesting if we like this "cabinet murphy bed" or not.

Sure hope so....time will tell.

One thing for sure is it is pretty heavy and I am so glad we had them deliver it and set it up.

While Chuck has been busy getting some stuff done around the place, I have been painting the oak cabinets in the kitchen area.

I have been back and forth on what colors I thought I wanted to paint the cabinets.
The gel stain in the "java" color was one idea, but alas I decided to do a lighter faux finish on them.

I am putting handles on the kitchen cabinets to update them a bit.
It has been a fun project and the outcome is what I was looking for.

This girl is getting tired of painting, and I am thinking I will wait until next season to tackle the bathroom.

One of our neighbors Susie, has some of the Mexican Equipale furniture on her patio.
I have to say it is something I really do find interesting and think I would like to get some pieces as well.

I am a Facebook Marketplace person, and just happened to come across a person selling a small loveseat, rocker and table one morning.
I text the lady and tell her I am very interested in her items.
She lives very close to us, so Chuck and I get in the truck and drive over to check out the furniture.
It is in really good condition and the price is right, so looks like we are owners of some really cute
Equipale furniture.

The month of March keeps spinning and March 17th we are so excited to have  "the family" to come and visit.
They flew into San Diego and took the kids to the San Diego Zoo.
Their plans are to spend a couple of days in the San Diego area and then drive to Yuma and see us.
Since we have finally gotten the bed in the casita, we have set the Taj-Mah-Hauler up for them.
The kids will sleep in the back area of Taj and Anthony & Heather will sleep in the bedroom area.
This is kinda camping for them...LOL

I think Cooper and Cash enjoyed the roof patio quite a bit.
We ate dessert on the rooftop the first evening they were here.

The next few days were pretty much busy with showing  them the sites of Yuma.
We had lunch at the "Pint House" so they could see what the small downtown area was like.

Cash wanted to ride go carts, so we took him to the local area, and we even played a round of Put-put.
The weather was warm and we all kept looking for a little shade to stand in.

Their stay is almost over, but not before we hike up one of the trails that we see so many people at.
Chuck and I lingered back as they continued to get higher and higher.

As we come back down, we talk to one of the locals and he tells us there is a much easier trail than what we were on, and gives us directions for the next time we attempt this.

The kids pack up the next morning and head back towards San Diego, CA., to make their evening flight back to Dallas.
Their day is going to be very long, as they will drive back to Norman once they land.
So very proud of Cooper for making this very emotion filled trip to see us.
I know she was very apprehensive about the whole trip, and up to the last minute she kept saying she didn't want to go.
If you think PTSD doesn't exist, you are sorely mistaken.
We thoroughly enjoyed them coming to see us in our new winter home.
Maybe next time they will have their passports and we can make a trip over to Mexico.....put that one on the bucket list!

Man, the wave of sadness really swept over me when the kids left.
We had been so busy with our friends Diana & Chris and now the kids, and I can say I am truly sad to see it all come to an end.
Pick yourself up Diane and be thankful that we are so lucky to have them all come and visit.
This too shall pass...

March 20th we are invited to go to our first "Howling at the Moon".
Our friends and neighbors Mary Ellen and Len invited us, so we pack up the truck with chairs and food and follow them just a short distance from our house to the event.

Gosh, there are a lot of people out here in the desert.
This is a pretty big production that seems to happen every month during the "winter" months in the Foothills.
Len and Mary Ellen know a group of people that are set up in an area.
We follow their lead and drop our stuff off at the designated area.
Friendly group of people and it seems they all live very close to us.

We were asked to bring a package of hot dogs and a side dish.
One lady has this small charcoaler set up and she has the dogs cooking.
She has a pan with chili in it warming as she cooks.
I am here to tell you that I think she has done this before.
It was totally amazing to watch her as well as the people around us fixing food for the groups of people.

I am taking notes of all this, as one of these times, we may have to do this set up as well.

Seems that people come out as early as 9am to mark their place in the sand where they will be setting up later in the day.
This get together seems to start around 3pm, and once the moon comes up, everyone seems to leave.
They have a couple of live bands playing.
There is an area to buy t-shirts and memorabilia that says "Howling at the Moon" on them.
A few food vendors are set up as well.
Chuck and I are very impressed with this whole set up.
Oh, and those hot dogs were delicious.
Once the moon came up and we all howled, everyone started leaving.
We really enjoyed the company of Len and Mary Ellen and getting to know a bit more about them.
I think this howling thing could be something we would like to do again.

We are learning things left and right here in Yuma.
We have some palm trees on our lot, and have been told that people come by all the time wanting to trim them for you at a very reasonable rate.

Sure enough, we have a guy come by and tells us that our Palms need trimming and he needs some money.
He tells Chuck he will trim the large one for us for $30.
Heck that sounds like a good price so we tell him to do it.
A few minutes later he shows up with his truck and his saws, and starts working on our palm tree.

It was amazing how many limbs he removed.
His trailer filled up rather quickly.
We have a group of three smaller palms and he tells us they need to be cleaned up as well.
For an additional $10 he would do them as well.
Just the hauling off of the limbs are worth we let him trim away.

Susie is having a happy hour and I go over and sit for awhile as Chuck stays with the tree trimmer.
A little later, I go back to the house and trade places with Chuck.
I pay the guy and just like that, we have our palms trimmed up.
He really did a nice job.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think we would own property with palm trees on it....have I said how much I love my life.  :)

I have caught my breath on painting and decided to turn my paintbrush to the outside of the casita.
The wood beams are painted a light sand color like the main body of the structure.
I think they should be dark stained to ground the structure a little bit.
I have been itching to try the gel stain that I purchased on these beams, and today its going to happen.
I am using General Finishes Gel Stain in the java color for this project.
I have read all kinds of reviews on this product and decide I will just put a coat or two over the painted logs that hold our structure up.
I am not sure what the summer sun will do to this, but I am going to give it a try and see how it weathers.
The finished product turned out nicely.
It gives the casita a little more personality, in my opinion.
I went ahead and stained the double doors as well.
My plans are to rough them up a bit to give it a weathered look.
You know, I always like things to look a bit used....LOL

That little project is done just in time for our friends Carol and Ryaan to come and visit.
They came from Florence, AZ. to see some other friends and thought they would see us as well.
They have their new camper on their truck and they pull onto the lot and set up camp for the evening.

Carol mentions that she is planning to go to Mexico on Monday, and of course my ears perk up with the opportunity to go over to my favorite little town in Mexico.
We make our way over the border and have a really good time with them as they shop for a table.

Chuck finds us some new terra cotta light sconce (since I accidentally let the door swing back and hit one and broke it to pieces).
Having to carry three of these things back over the border was our workout for the day for sure.
They are heavy!
Enjoyed spending a couple of days with some really nice people that we call our friends.

The next few days Chuck and I work on the outside of the lot and enjoy some beautiful evening sunsets.

Back at the first of the month when Diana & Chris were here, Diana and I were walking one morning and we saw this lady tending to some fruit trees.
I asked her about how to care for them as we have a lemon and an orange tree on our lot.
The lady was quite informative and told me what type of fertilizer to use on them and about her watering plans.
She was taking care of a lot across the street from her at the time we saw her.

Chuck and I noticed she and her husband over at the same lot pulling all the fruit one evening.
This morning she drives up to our lot and ask me if I would like some of her fruit.
I can never say no to fresh fruit.
She was so kind and wanted to give me more than I though we would ever eat, so I took a bag of lemons, oranges, and grapefruit.
How nice of her to share them.
We have noticed in the area that people put out signs of "free fruit" after it has been picked.
Pretty cool to have fresh lemons every day of the week.

March is coming to an end and we are feeling we have been able to get a lot of things done around the place.
It is beginning to look like "our home" now.
Of course we still have the load of rocks in front of our fence that I fondly say it looks like we have buried a dead Indian in.
I think the mound of rocks will more than likely have to stay that way until next season, as it is starting to get warmer and probably not the best time to work on relocating tons of rocks to another location....and of course we would have to have a wheel barrel to do that little chore.
Time to turn the page to April.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

February 2019 The Quest To Find a Casita in Yuma, AZ.

Today is the first day of February and we are
saying goodbye to Diana & Chris.
They are going to head back to the frozen tundra of Oklahoma.
Although I hate for them to leave I think I am glad we are staying in the warmth just a little bit longer.

Chuck and I have been in contact with our realtor and she is going to show us a few places in the Foothills that we think might be something we might want to purchase.
We look at several and think we will keep looking for the time being.

As we leave a place Chuck turns down a street we hadn't explored and there is a place for sale that peeks our interest.
Long story short, Deena meets us later that day and we are really really interested.

By February 3rd, we have found our winter home, we hope.
A little negotiating with the owners and it looks like we have a deal.
Wow, that was fast!
We are going to be the proud owners of a 460 square foot Casita and double car garage.

It's kinda funny because the garage has more square footage
than our living quarters.
It is pretty exciting to see a lemon tree and an orange tree on the lot.
We even have palm trees....never in my mind would I ever think we would own palms.

The next few days are spent driving over to the property and getting the paperwork done so we can close in a couple of weeks.
No kidding we have gone over and stood at the property hoping to see neighbors moving around so we can get the feel of the neighborhood.
We have seen no one.
Sure hope they are our kind of people....LOL

We had the guy come and do a home inspection and while he was there, we actually meet some of our neighbors.
The couple on the corner that are starting to build a new home came by.
We meet Jay and his wife Pat.
They inform us of a couple of things that they thought we should know about the property.
We already knew the things they were telling us.
I told Chuck I wasn't sure if they were trying to warn us on our behalf, or trying to scare us away from the place...LOL

Everything is in order and we will be making a trip back to Oklahoma to celebrate our grandsons 8th birthday, and then turn back around and close on our new Casita!

February 9th we pull out from Sans End RV Resort and head back to Oklahoma.
Bronco was excited to be on another trip.
She is quite the travel dog.

Our first night is in Deming NM.
Chuck tries to find us a spot to park at the Walmart there, but there were just too many big trucks and trailers around there for me.
You know how it is when you are driving thru a Walmart parking lot....well, think what it's like pulling a 43' trailer behind you.
I was a nervous wreck.
Plan B goes into action and we pull out of the parking lot and go right next door to an old K-Mart parking lot.
Oh my, so much better.

We find a spot to pull in and call it a day!

The following night we roll into Sweetwater, TX. and again pull into a Walmart parking lot.
I go inside to make sure it is OK for us to park out there, and I am talking to this lady explaining what we are doing, and this lady speaks up and says, "she doesn't speak English, but I work here as well, and you guys are fine to park where you are at".
At this point in our travels, we are just glad to be able to sit down and rest especially since it has gotten colder and it is now raining.
There is road construction on the frontage road and a few times during the night we heard crashing and banging going on.
Nothing ever hit us so it looks like we have survived the night at Sweetwater. 

Traveling in February is always a bit tricky since you never know if you are going to get caught in a snow storm or even a wind event.

So far Chuck has been able to get us where we need to be and we should get back to Oklahoma without any issues.

Once home we start packing the Taj-mah-hauler full of the "stuff" we brought back from Arizona last season.
Looks like we will have a place to put all those talavera pots and solar lights we bought for our other lot.

I don't even want to mention that it is COLD in Oklahoma and the weather is really not cooperating to well with us. 
We are having quite a bit of wet stuff coming from the sky.

 We celebrate Cash's birthday a day early this year.
What can I say about this grandson of ours.

He is absolutely the cutest guy I have ever seen.
He is sporting a few less teeth in the front and when he smiles it makes you laugh.
Cash is growing up way too quickly....but that is what they are supposed to do, right!

Cooper seemed to like the necklace that we had made for her in Mexico. 
So wonderful to see her smiling face.
Thankful to know that she is healing inside and out from the bus crash. 
Time heals all wounds 

The reason we celebrated his birthday a day early was so we could get back on the road and try to beat some of the weather that is looking pretty bad for travel.
We will be taking what Chuck calls the "southern" route back to Yuma.

I can truly say driving thru El Paso, TX was interesting.
I am being nice to say "interesting" many people...going the same direction as us...and driving like crazy!
We just held steady in the middle lane and Big Bertha and Chuck maneuvered their way thru all the construction and masses of vehicles.
I guess I never realized how close the Mexican border was to El Paso.
Upon looking at the map, I realize it now!

We stop for the night at a KOA just outside of El is actually in the town of Anthony, TX.
This place is really nice for big rigs.
Every site is a pull through and you have so much room between each site.
The lot was pretty empty where we parked.
There are some full time residence in an upper area, but where we parked, it was pretty empty.
I guess it wasn't quite empty enough for our next door neighbor, because when we pulled in they scampered to put their cat back in their rig and that was about the only time we saw them.
The gentlemans scowling face said pretty much everything as we maneuvered to get into the site.
I guess he thought he was going to be the only person here tonight.

It was so nice to be stopped and set up by 3pm.
We unhook and drive to fuel Big Bertha so we can make some miles tomorrow.

We are up and on our way by 8:30am as there is snow in the forecast and we would like to get through the area before it gets bad.
I had no idea that we were so close to New Mexico....Anthony is right on the border!
You now know why I don't navigate these trips, I am just along for the ride....and sometimes a few directions  :)

We are about an hour and a half along on our trip today and we find snow.
The flakes are pretty large and it is coming down like crazy.
The wind is bad as well, so today may be an interesting day for sure.

The snow lets up before we get to Deming, NM. but the aftermath of the snow they have been having is showing on the mountains.

Did I ever mention that it is COLD!!!!
My gosh this has been an interesting trip....from warm to cold a few times now.

We hit another band of snow along the way today as well.

By the time we make it to Willcox, AZ. the skies are clearing and it looks like we made it through the "weather" event we were dreading.

Our plan is to boondock in the town of Eloy, AZ.
It is outside of  Tucson and will be a good stopping point for the night.
Our friends Joe and Ernie live very close to our stop and we have been in contact with them and it looks like we will get to see them this evening.
Another couple, Danny and Linda will be joining us as well.
I love it when these impromptus come together.

We park in the gas station that just so happens to have a Dairy Queen in it.
Our friends come by around 5 and pick us up and we go over to the Denny's for some dinner.
It was a really nice evening getting caught up on every ones lives.
We ended up back at the 5th wheel and had a margarita or two while sitting in the middle of the parking lot. 

We are hopeful that they will come and see us in Yuma once we get our Casita set up!

The final leg of our travel goes very well.
I have talked to our realtor and the owners of the Casita have given us permission to park on the lot.
In fact we are getting there early enough that we can go to the title company and sign our documents and get this transaction completed today.

I had no idea that in Arizona, you don't get the keys to your new property upon have to wait for them to have the documents it looks like we will be staying on our lot this evening, but will not be able to take possession until possibly tomorrow. :(
Deena felt it was OK for us to unload the Taj and put the stuff in the garage, so we made it happen.

The title company let us know that we could have our keys today.
What an exciting day!
Deena meets us over at the Casita and we officially have keys to our new to us property.

We have even met our next door neighbors, Cathy & Don and feel we are going to fit in nicely with this little group of misfits....LOL

Now the fun begins.
Doesn't take us long to decide to rip out the oak long piece of cabinets that line the walls as you enter the Casita.
I think it just dates it so much.
Yes, we will have something else there, but not a ten foot long cabinet!
Poor Chuck!

We found a really cool dining table that is pub height for the area that had the very long cabinet.
Oh, by the way, we just moved the oak cabinets to the garage, so we repurposed them quite nicely.

During the past few days we have scoped out some stuff we think we need so we make a run to the local furniture store and pick up some "tiny house" recliners.
They should fit perfectly.
Bronco isn't sure what the heck is going on.
The doors are wide open to the Casita and she can sit inside or out and see everything that is going on.
I think she approves of our new little abode.

It didn't take me long to realize I can't live with the white walls in the Casita.
Since we have a strange greenish colored tile with grey grout, I think a gray color for the walls will work.
A trip to Lowe's to pick up color samples and it didn't take me long to pick one out.
Greyrock Inn from Glidden is the color we went with.
It is amazing what a little paint can do to update a place.
I think the walls were very thirsty as well, because the one gallon of paint was completely used on the main area of the Casita.
I bought a couple of gallons with the intent to paint the bathroom as well, but I am going to save that for a later date.

Chuck and I ventured out and had lunch at Wheezy's one afternoon.
The food and the service was great and I think we will be back here for future meals.
Our waitress had a cute and sassy haircut so I asked her who cut it.
She gave me the girls name, so I will be looking into this in a few weeks when my hair is due to be cut.

I woke up with an idea to put the peel and stick wallpaper on the insides of the barn doors.
Of course I had a roll in the trailer, so I was able to get one door done.

It really looks great, so I ran to Walmart and picked up another roll and got both doors done.
I am not sure how the paper will hold up on the doors while we are not here in the Summers but I can always come up with another idea if it doesn't work out.

February is coming to a close and I think at this point it has been a very productive month.
We are now officially land owners in Yuma, AZ....actually we are in The Foothills....found out that is what you tell people....LOL
We are quite happy with our purchase at this point.
Our next door neighbors invited us over for a Happy Hour so we could meet some other folks.
Wow, I think we hit the mother load on good people....I think we are going to fit in with this group quite nicely.
Time to settle in and enjoy our place and our new neighbors.
I got a text from Diana & Chris and it looks like they are coming back out to Yuma to see us.
She asked if they could squat on the property.
Surely by now she knows they are always welcome anytime and anyplace.
They will be driving out, so I told her to bring an air mattress and head this way.
Now I am excited...we officially have our first guest coming to stay with us.
Goodbye February....hello March!