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Saturday, January 29, 2011


We are meeting the kids at Rudy's in Norman for lunch.  We have to ride to Harley World first to get the CB checked out on Ginger.  We find out the CB module has to be replaced. We meet the kids around 11am.  Beautiful weather.  This is Cooper's "favorite" place to eat.  She says she like the "red barn".  We sit in the outside section for a great lunch with Cooper and Cash, and of course mom and dad.  As we finish, I talked to the Alvey's & they are at Harley World so we are heading back there to ride "somewhere" with them.  We decide to ride towards Alabaster Caverns.  Stop in Watonga for a "butt" break.  Mine was killing me.  (think we need to talk about this new seat)  We get to Seiling & it is about 3:30pm.  Jennifer calls and the caverns winter hours are till 4pm.  We have to ditch that idea, and go to plan "B".  Back to El Reno & eat at Serapio's.  Good meal and great mango margaritas.  Wind was a bit gusty all day, but we are supposed to get a blizzard on Sunday night.  So nice to get out and ride.  Doesn't look like we will have another good day to ride for awhile.  We are going to ride to the Cavern this Spring.....promise!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


We met Tom at Buffalo Wild Wings about 1:30pm.  Cloudy, windy, but was in the 50's.  Very cold 50's is all I can say.  Ate some lunch and road a bit.  Went north on Portland and rode to Hwy. 33.  Got gas and went back the same way.  We had wanted to show Tom the new bike.  Glad to see him, but have to say it was just not a really nice day to be riding.  We have a cold front coming in tomorrow, and we have decided to not ride the Temperate ride with the Chapter.  Ready for Spring to get here, and it is only January.  Come on Spring.  :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Chuck was sick yesterday, but today we ride.  Met up with Carolyn & Mark at Baluu's to put a few miles on Ginger.  Beautiful day.  In the 50's and not much wind.  We take back roads to Pops in Arcadia.  Have to keep the rpm's down for the first 100 miles.  After we sit awhile at Pops we decide to ride to Harley World.  Carolyn finds her a new leather coat and Chuck buys a few pieces of chrome for Ginger.  It's about 5:30pm so we decide to ride back to Yukon for some Mexican food at Alfredo's.  Beautiful sunset this evening.  Enjoyed the afternoon with Carolyn & Mark.  Ginger now has 112 miles on her.  By the way....paint job is really "awesome" in the sunlight.  We will work on changing out some of the chrome from Pearl.  There is several things that can be transferred onto Ginger.  :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We were able to take delivery of Ginger today.  So excited.  Cold as can be, but at least she has some heated grips for a little warmth.  I drop Chuck down to get her, and he rode her home.  Got the new mufflers and stage 2 download was done.  She is really pretty, and I can't wait to ride with Chuck on her.  She is going to go home and meet Pearl.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

1-8-11 Dan is in "shock"

We ran to Harley World cause I wanted to spend some gift cards I got for Christmas.  Dan was there and Chuck and him started their usual back and forth about a new bike.  They had a really pretty "root beer" color Limited on the showroom, and long story short, we bought it!!!!!  They actually made a deal.  We are getting a new 2011 Limited.  Pretty excited.  I think Dan was actually "shocked" it happened.  I did buy me a hoodie.  Guess I will wear it on the "new" bike.  We are going to try to take delivery on 1-11-11.
Got home and I started working on a name for this new bike.  I think "Ginger" is going to be the name for her.  We have very cold weather coming.  Snow is in the forecast, so we hope we care able to actually get Ginger delivered on 1-11-11.  Think it would bee pretty cool.  Chuck came up with the idea, and I think it is great!!  More to come...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

I sent out a text to see if anyone is interested in riding today.  McRae, Bowers & Scoggin's say "yes".  We meet at Bass Pro Shop downtown at noon.  It is cold and a bit windy.  As we ride there I hear on the radio that it is 29 degrees.  We ride over to the Capital to get our pics taken.  We finish there pretty quickly as it is just isn't a day to stand out and enjoy the "heat".  Tom calls Norma and we meet her at Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant in Bricktown.  Not very busy when we first get there, but by the time we are ready to leave, it is hoppin.  Danny Williams, the iconic DJ in Oklahoma City, was there eating also, and as he was leaving he wishes us all a "Happy New Year".  We leave there about 2:30pm and all ride over to Bass Pro and do a little shopping.  Enjoyed the afternoon with our bike riding friends.  Great was to start the year on the right foot, or at least bike...LOL  Happy New Year