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Friday, February 18, 2011

FNDR 2-18-11

Hoping Ginger would be out of the shop so we could ride her for FNDR, but she wasn't.  Pearl was the bike of necessity tonight, and I think she is happy about that.  She was ready to go.  We meet the Marinelli's, Websters, Scoggins & John Sebrant at Harley World.  We are going to Thunder Roadhouse on Memorial for dinner.  Bergmans, Jones, and Alvey's are there when we arrive.  Nice big group.  Food was great.  Watched a couple of guys get in a little fight at the bar.  Made the dinner exciting.  We are home by 8:30pm.  I headed back to Norman to spend the night with Cooper.  Nice full moon and the weather was perfect.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cash Anthony Wuestenfeld was born today.  6 lbs. 15 oz. and 18" long.  Everyone is doing fine.  He is a doll.  I took care of Cooper for them.  She seemed to enjoy her grandma.  I love this little girl so much.  Thanks you God for two healthy and beautiful grand babies.  I am blessed.  Anthony & Heather  are very good and proud parents.  Love em all!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

2-13-11 CA Run

Candy Ass run is today.  The weather is great for February.  After all the snow we have had, this is "perfect".  We meet the Scoggins, Frank Jones, and his friend, that is riding Franks other bike.  Alvey's, Websters, and Marinelli's show up as well. We still have snow on the ground, but the weather has warmed up and looks like we are going to ride the route. We pull out fairly early.  First leg of poker run was to Blanchard.  Mark leads the group.  I say "group" cause there was a long line of bikes behind him.  Flood & Mike Gaston and 3 more bikes that Jud & Linda teamed up with us.  We get to the stop and I ask Mark about leading.  He & Carolyn made me laugh so hard.  Carolyn saying "do you know where you are going Mark?"  He did great.  Next stop was Rudy's in Norman.  John Sebrant took the lead on this one.  Dave Bergman is with us too.  Sebrant leads to Lexington.  We make a quick stop as he wasn't sure where to go & he got the map out to check.  Little gas station next to the Lexington jail was our stop.  At the last stop, Frank's bike, the Dyna, wouldn't start, so the pushed it and got it started. This stop wasn't so lucky.  It was done.  Needs a new battery.  Sad to say, but we left Frank & his friend in the parking lot to deal with his bike problems.  John took lead again.  We had to make a u turn as John missed the turn for Highway 102.  We make it to the Casino & stake out a table.  The buffet was the food of choice today.  It was really terrible.  We need to remember this for future reference.  As we are finishing eating, we look up and Frank is walking in.  He has ended up leaving his friend (Kenneth) with his bike as his neighbor is bringing a trailer for the bike.  Poor guy, didn't get to finish his ride.  Didn't win anything this year, but Lyn Sanders won high hand of $1000.  So happy for her.  Allen Darling found us and told us some really sad news.  Cheryl his girlfriend had passed away less than two week ago with cancer.  Felt very sad for him.  Really shocked both Chuck & I.  We gas up to head home. Really great day for a Poker Run.  Enjoyed riding the new bike.  Hated we didn't have a CB to talk to everyone.  Should have that fixed next week.