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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Benchwarmes in Weatherford 3-13-11

We have plans to meet the Alvey's and Tom McRae at Harley World at 10am.  We have to do a bit of shopping before we leave on our little ride to Weatherford.  Tom is going to lead us down there to eat at Benchwarmers.  We take out and ride 152 west all the way to 54 and straight in to Weatherford.  As we leave, the sun is shining, and it is going to be a nice warm day, or so we thought.  All was pretty good until we rolled through Binger.  I guess the cold front they had said would be coming in, made it.  By the time we reach 54 I am pretty cold, and the wind is really bad.  Noticed that Steve didn't have on any gloves, and also noticed that Jennifer was scrunching down in her seat quite a bit.  By the time we reach Benchwarmers, I think we all needed our benches warmed.  Couldn't believe that a beautiful day could turn on us so quickly.  I know we get a lot of looks from people when we walk in with all the leather on and sit there talking about how cold it is, but I am sure they are all tucked in their cars, with the windows up and the heat on.  Have to say, Benchwarmers was a nice place, and hope to bring our FNDR group here on a Friday night.  Would be a nice ride.  Trying to decide what to do next wasn't too hard, as Steve suggested we go eat pie at Cherokee Truck Stop.  That got all our attention, and we head on to the next stop.
We get all our "warm" clothes on and head out.  Tom is still our lead, and we make a quick stop to fuel, and we are off to get pie.  On I-40 we pass about 7 bikes that are from
Texas.  As we get off at Cherokee Truck stop, we all commented that it seems it has gotten warmer.  Well, to say the least, the pies were great.  My coconut cream was actually still warm.  We sit and do what we do best, talk.  I wanted to check and see if the glass factory outlet was still in the area, so we ride over there, and it is closed.  We all get bundled up and ready to head on in.  Tom says he is going on home, and the Alvey's are going to follow us to the house.  Jennifer had made the comment that she figured Mark was off work, so I text Carolyn as we was rolling down the road.  She said they would get on the bike and come to the house, as soon as she could find Mark.
Yukon was a lot warmer than Weatherford.  As we are waiting on Mark and Carolyn, Jennifer and Steve try on our leather legs.  I think they really liked them.  Ended up wearing them to dinner, and said they was going to order some.  We love ours.
Well, since all we have done today is eat....why not do it again.  We all decide that Earl's in Moore would be a good place to go....Steve leads us there, and we make a quick stop by their house.  Dinner was great, and of course the laughs were even better.  We can talk and get some of the biggest laughs out of some of the craziest things.  I guess that is what is so much fun about a group like this.  We all enjoy each other.  Great day of some warm and cold riding with some wonderful friends.  Looking forward to the next adventure.
Mileage around 220...

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  1. We always have so much fun. I am thrilled to be a part of this group. Keep the blogs coming. It is very enjoyable to read about your perspective on the rides.