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Sunday, March 20, 2011

3-19-11 Saturday ride

Today we are riding to Burkburnett, Tx. To eat at the "Feedlot". Plans are to meet John Sebrant, The Webster's, The Alvey's and we are riding by the Scoggin Plantation to pick them up on our way out of town. We are meeting at the midway point on the HE Bailey turnpike, just east of Chickasha. Linda text me a little before we leave and says they will not be going. Jud is a bit under the weather. Hate they aren't going, as they were the ones that suggested the place to eat. The weather is good this morning. We have chance of showers of on 30%, so hope we stay easy from them.
On the road and as we ar going down the turnpike, the Alvey's ride up next to us. I had told Chuck earlier that it would be funny if we met up with them. We get to the midway around 10:30 and John is there waiting for us. Our cb's are not getting out very well, so we all a set our squelch and hope this fixes the issue. We shall see. We are off and heading for lunch. We actually pull in to the "feedlot" at 12 straight up. They put us in our own little room. We are used to this. :). Had a great waitress. She had a good sense of humor. The food was really good. Would be a great place to come back to.
Frock & Elizabeth were with us today!!! 
Our tummys are full and we are going to get some gas and head to Red River HD. The sun has come out and it is getting really nice.
Shopping is done and we are off again. Chuck ask if they want to go the quick route or the slower one. All say the slower route. Chuck pulls off on this one road that he thought was the one we always take. Wrong.....we ride north till we see the sign that the pavement ends...we do a u turn, and I get on the gps on the phone and find we havent gone far enough west to run into our road.
We are on 183 heading north, and we are seeing our sunshine has gone away. It is kinda cold. I know Carolyn didn't have on her coat, and chuck didn't either, so I ask Carolyn if she would like to stop and get her coat on. She says yes. We are all set, and off we go again. The wind is pushing us north, but when we have to cut back east, man it is bad. We go east on 19 and made a pit stop and filled up with gas in Apache. Plans are to go to Chickasha for a dairy queen treat. We no more pull out from Apache till Mark says we have lost John. We turn around and thank goodness, he was fine, it was the bike that was having problems. His bike had gone into "limp mode". No power. The great minds discussed it and decided he needed to unplug his ECM, so it could reset. He did that, and it was running again. We go a little further and it does it again. Well, after about 4 times, it wasnt going ten feet and pooping out. We are in the city limits of Chickasha now. John tells us to go on to the dairy queen, and he will let it cool off....We get there and as we are going in John rolls by. Plans are to follow his route home, and if he breaks down and can't get it going, we will get the trailer and haul it home. We have a wonderful DQ break, and head on in. No signs of John, and I text him as we are going down 119h street, and he says he is home safely. We are all releaved to hear this. As if we haven't eaten enough we go to Ginghis Grill for dinner. First time for Alvey's and Scoggin's. We have had a very full day, and all are pretty tired.

Mark leads us back to Yukon, and we get home a little after 10 pm. Great day was had by all, even John says so.....mileage 350.

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  1. Except for the bike breakdown, it was a great day. We had a really good time. :D