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Saturday, March 12, 2011

FNDR 3-12-11

Wasn't sure if we was going to be able to make it to Norman to eat at Sandro's Pizza, as the whole south and east parts of Oklahoma City area is covered in smoke.  The wild fires are out of control...I took a picture as we headed south on Western towards Norman.  The sky was thick with smoke.  Harrah, Newalla, and Goldsby areas really got hit bad.  They had highway 9 closed from I-35 to HE Bailey, so we weren't able to take our usual route.  Actually made it there at 6:30....We had 13 people...Was so nice to see Allen Doll there, and he had brought his son.  Food was great as usual, and Sandro's is awesome.  He can get more food out and it is always so good.  We finish, and decide we need to find some margarita's.  We ride to Hawaiian Don's...when Jennifer and I walk in, the guy at the door tells us it is $5 a head, and that we have to take off our bandana's.  We backed out, and left. I told the guys a sales rep friend of mine works at a bar on Meridian.  I couldn't remember the name of it, but knew it was somewhere around 15th and Meridian.  She we was on a quest to find it.  Didn't take long...Brewsky's is the place.  We go in, and actually find a table to fit the 6 of us.  The Scoggin, Alvey and us make up the 6.  Got some good laughs out of watching people.  Deborah was working, so she made us some margaritas, and have to say, they were good.  We was out in the parking lot getting ready to leave, and Jennifer says, she thinks we have just as much fun if not more at Taco Cabana, and it is a lot cheaper.  Guess we are just Taco Cabana struck.  LOL...Getting up tomorrow and meeting the Alvey's at HDWold at 10am, and riding to Weatherford to eat at a little place that Chuck and Tom ate at last week.  Great night with friends...  Can't get much better than this.

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