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Friday, March 25, 2011

FNDR 3-25-11

Wonderful day for a ride and we are going to Thunder Roadhouse to eat this evening. We meet 8 bikes at Harley World to ride to the restaurant. Regular crazy drivers as we make our way in the 6pm traffic on the busy highway. Got split up for a little bit, but we all made it to the restaurant safely. Walked in and Alan Darling and his son was there waiting. Had a really nice girl take care of us this evening. The food was good. Keven and Wendy show up a little later as Keven had a deposition today and didn't get home til later. So good to have a good turnout tonight. We missed Carolyn and Norma. Jennifer and I downloaded a new app for our phones. It is a ghost detector. Too funny, and there was ghost there. Planning on using this app when we go back to Eureka Springs. Turned in a bit early for us tonight but had to get back and get stuff ready as we are heading to Dallas tomorrow, to go to Strokers for their Spring Fling. John, Jennifer and Steve are going with us. Great evening with some great friends. Planning next week to eat at McNeely's.