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Friday, April 29, 2011

4-26 & 4-28 Rides

Diana & Chris called, and we rode with them to Cherokee Trading Post on Tuesday evening.  It was a beautiful day.  We ate some food, and I really don't think it was that good.  I guess this is just a good "pie" stop....leave the food with them....Chuck got some liver and onions (Yuck!) and it was supposed to be grilled, but it wasn't .  Thinking "fried" is the word they use on everything.  Was a bit cool as we headed home.  Glad I had my leather legs.  Helps a lot.  Was fun to see that spyder behind us.  Wish they could go to dinner with us  Friday, but they are heading to Cuba, MO. for "Spyderfest".  If we didn't have the parade to do on Saturday we would follow them.  Of course we would make sure we take a can a "raid" with us to take care of all those Spyders.  LOL

4-28...Weather was just perfect to ride.  We got ahold of the Alvey's and met them at Bricktown.  Man, it was dead.  Walked over to Zio's and sat outside to eat.  The food was really good.  They had a band across at the bar, so we were entertained with music as we sat outside.  Walking back to the bike we ran across one of the girls that is in the OKC Chapter.  She is going to take a motorcycle training course on Saturday.  We was getting ready to get on the bikes, and I see Tom McRae going by.  He didn't even look our way.  Steve pulls out, and we are going to catch up with him.  Was nice to see him, and also learned a good way to get out of Bricktown.  Great night to ride and the sunset was beautiful.  I have to say, we sure do have some great ones.  Enjoy being on the bike at sunset. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

FNDR 4-22-11

 We met at Rudy's in Norman tonight for some BBQ....Guess everyone was up for it cause we had a nice little group.
Mark and Carolyn made it.  Was really nice to see Mark up moving around.  Seems to be really doing well after his heart surgery.

Since it was Good Friday, and I was off work early, I called Jud and ask if he wanted to head out earlier than our usual time and we met at 4:30 in Yukon and took a nice trip to Norman.  No hustle or bustle for us this evening.  Linda and I made the comment when we got to Rudy's how nice of a ride it was.

Was really nice to get to sit around and not be in a hurry to go anywhere.  We ate and then we started talking about dessert at Taco Cabana.  Sounded pretty good, and then we walked outside to see what the weather was doing...

The pictures kind of tell the story.  The weather was deteourating as we talked about it.  The clouds were very weird.  They looked like cotton balls.  We even saw a butt or two in them.  LOL....The weather was south of us, and the sound of thunder was getting closer.  After talking about it, we decide it is just a good night to get home away from any of this stuff.  Hated to not make it to Mole Nation, but sometimes plans just have to change.  We get home and I guess Norman didn't get any   of the weather, but it really broke loose farther east.

 Glad we got to see everyone, and look forward to next week.  Looks like we may get some rain this weekend (finally) so probably won't be doing any riding.  
Happy Easter 2011  :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

4-17-11 New Bike for the Biggs!!!

Got a text from Diana Biggs this morning, and she ask if we was going to be around.  Said they were coming by in a little bit.  I figured they had gotten them a new bike because last week Diana text me and said that Chris had a "bike woody", and you know what that means if you know Chris.  A motorcycle will be in the near future.  They pull up on their brand new Can-am Spyder.  Now this little machine is just really sweet.  Have seen a few of these on the road lately, and it is really an impressive bike.  I know they are really excited about getting it.  Can't wait for them to go on some dinner rides and even some overnight rides with us.  Looking forward to lots of fun with them.  I think they are just what the "Moles of Silence" need.  Hmmmm, do Spyders like Moles????  Guess we will just have to see.

4-16-11 Ride to Medicine Park and Holy (moly) City

Jennifer and Steve are riding with us today and we are heading to Medicine Park to have some lunch at Riverside Cafe, and then on to the Holy City, as they have never been there.  After the winds of yesterday, it is so hard to believe that today is so beautiful.  Light winds, and the sun is beautiful.  A perfect day to ride.  We roll in to Medicine Park about 1pm, and I guess we weren't the only ones that thought it was a good idea to go here.  We sat outside and enjoyed the weather.  The place was pretty busy.  Food was good.  We walked around a little bit, and then was off to the Holy City.  It was pretty busy around there as they were getting ready for their big Easter Pagent.  Supposed to be a really big event.  Was fun to walk around and show Jennifer and Steve.
Since we are so close to Lawton, might as well go over to the Harley Shop.  I have to say it was worth the trip, as Jennifer finds a real bargain on some shoes.  You know we are all about finding bargains.  Makes the day totally worth while.  LOL...  Time to start heading back to OKC. We stop outside of Chickasha and get some gas, and head on in to the city. We make a stop at the motorcycle shop on Northwest Expressway, as Steve is in the market for a new helmet.  Got really tickled at the kid that was trying to sell him a helmet.  Thought he wasn't going to let him go.  Mexican food is on my mind, and Jennifer says that sounds really good to her and we are so close to Nino's it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.  We tried a pitcher of the $8 margaritas....not much liquer in them, but they tasted pretty darn good.  Food was good as usual.  Wish they would have put us in a larger table, as we were really scrunched up.  As we are sitting there eating, Steve's phone rings.  He had put his name in the daily drawing at the motorcycle shop, and they was calling to tell him he had won a $250 gift cert.  Wow, now that was really great.  Guess I know what he will be doing tomorrow.  Time to head on in, as it has been a pretty full day of fun.  As we pull in the garage with a beautiful full moon in the background, Chuck tells me we logged 243 miles for the day.  Not a lot of miles for us, but it was really a very nice day.

ps....checked to see how Mark was doing, and Carolyn says he is doing great.  Says he is a real chatty cathy.  So glad to see him recovering so well.  Keep up the good work Mark.  :)

FNDR 4-15-11

Well, I have to say none of us Moles are riding this evening.  The wind is so terrible, you don't even want to drive in it, moreless ride a motorcycle.  We meet Jennifer, Steve, John, Tom  and Nan at Harley World.  Decide to double up a bit and we ride with the Alveys and so does Nan.  The wind was gusting to over 60 mph. and can you believe we actually saw a guy on the side of I-40 off of his bike and probably wondering what was going on.  I can't imagine even trying to ride in this type of weather.  Our destination tonight is Gilmore's Pub in El Reno.  Tom follows us in his pickup and John is sweep in his pretty red car.  I think it is a Charger, but don't want to get it wrong.
We get to the pub at 6:30 and The Marinelli's, Webster's and Keven and Wendy are already there.  The area we are sitting in has a tarp over the top and the wind is really giving it hell.  As you can tell from the picture we all have a blue hue from the tarp.  I don't think the food was as good as we had there a couple of weeks ago, as my steak and Chuck's chicken was cold.  Had a great flavor, but was not hot at all.  I think everyone had a good time and liked the food.  I just wish the weather would have been where we could ride the bikes there.  Would have been a lot more fun.
Some of us went to Taco Cabana for our dessert.  Was nice to sit back and talk.  Had a great evening with great friends.  Seems like I always say that, but heck it is true.  Love them all.

On a side note, our friend Mark Scoggin had open heart surgery today at noon.  Chuck and I was at the hospital sitting with Carolyn today during the surgery.  All went well with  Mark, and he was getting back in a room around 3pm.  Wishing him a speady recovery, so he and Carolyn can get back on the bike very soon.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

4-9-11 Saturday Ride to Jenks and Pawnee

Our official Mole leader today is Steve and Jennifer.  We meet at 7:30 at gas station across from Bass Pro Shop, and our leaders made it about 7:45.   Attending todays ride along with us and the Alvey's are Carolyn, Mark, John and Nan.  Nan decided she would like to go, but wasn't sure about her bike and John offered to be her driver for the day. With their map in hand, we set off for a day of fun. We are traveling down Rt.66 to the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks.  We are riding thru downtown Chandler, and Jennifer ask if we want to stop for breakfast.  Well, you know what the answer to that one is.  We always want to eat.  Got some good home cookin in our bellies, and noticed they have a list of pies that they make on the board.  Jennifer says we need to come back for a pie run.  Sounds like a plan to me.  The wind is blowing its usual 20-30 mph, and the sun is out, and it really is a great day to be on the bike.  Nice ride and there was lots of scenery to look at.  You know if you are on the back of the bike, we like new scenery!  We get to the great town of Jenks about 11:30 I think.  Finding the aquarium was a bit interesting.  You could see it, but the signage to get there wasn't very good.  We took the scenic route and make a u-turn and try again.  Finally see the sign telling us which way to turn to get to the aquarium.  We get our tickets, and off we go to look at some "fish"....
The Aquarium was very nice.  The hands on exhibits were very interesting. You could pet a starfish, or feed a turtle, or touch a crab... They have a very nice set up.  Lots of interesting fish.  The sharks were wonderful.  Loved the tunnel to get up close and
personal with them.  As we leave we have to take a photo op and get our pics on the alligator.  Fun time, and so glad I can say I have seen it.
While in Tulsa we had to make a couple of stops at the Harley Shops.  Fueled up and Chuck is leading us to Myers Duran HD.  Find a few "treasures" there, and walk out with a new shirt, and Chuck bought some new sunglasses.  I think Carolyn & Mark, and Jennifer & Steve found something too.    Now on to Rt. 66 HD.  The roads are still a mess in Tulsa, and they are working on them today.  With the wind now blowing at quite a clip, the dirt is really flying.  Our trip to Rt. 66 was a good one too.  Well, at least for some of us.  Jennifer and I got us a t-shirt.  It is close to 3pm now, so we think it is time to head towards our dinner destination of Click's in Pawnee, OK.

The pack of Moles head out to find Pawnee, OK...but first we have to get out of Tulsa.  Find that a bit trying to say the least.  Steve & Jennifer are leading and we miss an exit to go towards Pawnee.  I try to tell them over the cb, and to say the least, our cb's SUCK!!!  No one can hear me. It is so crazy.  Never had this problem with Pearl.  Of course, Harley tells us, ours is fine, but don't understand why we can't communicate with the other bikes. Very agravating to say the least.  One thing about T town, it is layed out in a circle, so you know you will eventually come back to the point again.  Sure enough we found another exit to head north.  We are challenged again when we take 11E instead of 11W. Since our radios won't work, Chuck rides up to Steve to let him know we are going the wrong direction.  We turn around again, and off we go, and this time without a hitch.  I know that Steve was just showing us around Tulsa, but I was starting to get hungry...LOL.        You know this is the stuff that makes the rides we do fun.  Going north was great...too bad it didn't last longer.  We turn west and oh my gosh, the wind is terrible.  I have to say that as we rode thru Skiatook, I have never seen so many churches in one town.  If there was an empty building, it was a church.  Man, those people must really be needing to be saved alot...We reach Homony, and turn back towards the south.  Pit stop was made in Cleveland, OK.  As we pull out we notice a really large fire off to the east.  Man, with the wind blowing like this, that is not a good sign.
We get to Pawnee about 5pm.  We walk in to Click's and the hostess ask if we had a reservation....well, NO....LOL...we had no idea what time we would get there, and had not idea we needed one.  Heck, we are in Pawnee America.  Have to say the hostess needed to work on her people skills, as she had none.  She didn't smile...told us she didn't have a table to seat 8, and we would have to split up.  Well, alrighty then.  So she puts us at these two tables right in the front of the restaurant.  Each table will seat 6, so we are all friends, and see no problem with scrunching in and all sitting together.  Well, our hostess with the mostess wasn't really happy about that.  Oh well, she will just have to deal with it.  Very nice waiter took care of us.  As we are figuring out what to eat, I spy the pies in the frig.... MMMM....looks like another place for a pie run.  But if "smiley" is going to be there, we need to make a reservation.  The salad bar was awesome, and the food was very good too.  But the pie was still looming over us.  Had to have a piece of that pie.  Chuck says the pies look like something we just was at the aquarium.  I think he is right.  Jennifer and Steve shared a piece of chocolate, and said it was great.  Chuck and I shared a coconut cream.  It was good, but not as good as the one we had last week at the bat cave.  The crust was better, but the filling wasn't.  (Oh my, we are now becoming pie critics)   As we leave, the hostess actually smiled at me, and said to come back....Really!!!! she wants us to come back.  I can't believe it.
Time to start homeward bound.  We travel back to 18 and take it to 33.  We make our final gas stop and say our goodbyes at the corner of 33 & 51.  We had a great time today, and had a great leader.  As we pull out of the station, we have a red, white, blue bike, followed by root beer.  Great day with some awesome friends.  Doesn't get much better than this.  Mileage 381 to our house.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

FNDR 4-8-11

We met at Harley World to make a short ride over to Pearls Fish House.  Angela, Jud, Linda, John, Tom and Chuck and I make our way over to eat.  Carolyn and Mark are at the restaurant when we pull up.  Norma comes in and then Keven & Wendy show up. Nan had text me to tell me she was running late and would meet us at Pearls.   We have 15 eating tonight.  It was really hot in the place.  We ate our food, and decided to go on over to Taco Cabana to have some desert.... Keven and Wendy didn't follow us over, but looks like everyone is ready for some margarita's from our favorite place.
Chuck says we are at "Mole Nation".  If Taco Cabana only knew they were being taken over by a bunch of moles....can you imagine...LOL....Names are being thrown out for mole names.  Jud has taken Mole-ton....Linda had one name and then changed and now it is Chamolean....Norma is Squa-molion...Tom is Mole-betta...Angie is Bitchamolee'....Rick shows up later, and we name him Moleinelli....We had a few margarita's so it was quite funny to us...Not sure if he liked it or not.  Lots of laughs as usual, and funny part was when the guys (Chuck, Tom, and Steve) went out and moved John's bike, but the front forks were locked, so it didn't go quite as smooth as they planned.  John caught them out there, I think.  They came back in telling us this big story about these big ole guys that had moved John's bike and they was putting it back when John walked out.  I don't think that is really what happened, but you know those darn Moles....because we are the "Moles of Silence".....  Nice warm evening to sit out on the patio at "Mole Nation".  :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

To The Bat Cave 4-2-11

We met at Braum's on Garth Brooks at 9:30am with some eager friends to go to the Alabaster Caverns.  We had 5 bikes.  The Berry's, The Alvey's, Nan Bowers, John Sebrant and us....Weather is supposed to be nice and warm today, and it looks like it is going to be a great day.  Didn't anticipate the wind to be so strong, and seems like the farther north we went the harder it got.  After a couple of stops for gas we make it to the caverns.  It is about 1pm by the time we get there, and it is time to eat.   The little place by the caverns is the only place to eat in the area, so guess that is what we are going to do.  Walking in to this little place, I spy some really good looking pies.  Coconut cream and chocolate...Oh My...need I say more.  The waitress was a very witty one, and Chuck didn't make anything off her.  Dave and Chuck decide they want their pie first, so they eat their pies before they eat their lunch.  Food was good, but the pies were WONDERFUL....They were still warm, and I think it was absolutely the best pie I have had in a very long time.  OK, bellies are full and we are going to tour the bat cave.
We get our tickets,  and only had about a 20 minute wait to take the tour into the cave.  It was interesting hearing the story about the cave and how it was formed.  Got to see baby bats, and a few of the momma bats were flying around.  Pretty interesting little guys.  As we are walking the paths, Chuck looks down and says "snake", and sure enough, there was a snake curled up on a rock, right next to where we just stepped.  He was ready to leave the cave after he saw that.  It was about a 45 minute tour, and as we walked out of the cave, the heat hits you.....It was a mild 50 degrees down in the cave, and now we are back to the terrible winds.  It's a little after 4 by the time we pull out to make the trip back home.  The wind is just as bad as it was earlier.  We make a couple of stops, and I suggest we try the bar in El Reno and eat one of their steaks.  The Berry's decide to head on home, so we said our goodbyes, and as we pull over in El Reno, they wave and head on south.
Quite a few bikes outside of the bar and we pull in front with them.  Finding a place to sit down was pretty easy.  We are sitting in the area where they cook the food.  Smells great. Everyone had a rib eye, except Jennifer.  She had the chicken.  We sat for quite a while waiting on the food to be cooked and got to watch the owner go out and get a bike a pull in the area were sitting in.  He tells us that the guy has had too much to drink, and he has banned him from riding his bike.  Well, I guess that will keep us from doing very much damage in the drinking department.  LOL....Finally get our food, and I have to say, it was worth waiting for.  The steaks were really good.  Jennifer said the chicken was good too.  Looks like we will have to get the FNDR group to come out and eat there.  It is about 9:30 by the time we cash out and get ready to ride on in.  Wind still is howling like crazy, and the temperature is really nice.  Wonderful day, with a bunch of awesome people.  Mileage from Yukon was about 325 miles.

Inside the cave 

The "Moles of Silence" was talked about every time we stopped for gas.  Mo-lester and Molar were our road captains today.  I think John's new Mole name is Holy Moley...Brenda Berry was given the name BB Moleau, and Dave Berry is Mole Hill I think.  I am going to have to check on these names as we had so many Mole names being thrown out I couldn't keep up with them.  I have to say, we are having way too much fun with this "Moles of Silence" thing.

Friday, April 1, 2011

FNDR 4-1-11

We went to Lee's Sandwiches and ate tonight.  Met Nan and The Alvey's at Harley World.  Didn't think we would have a very big group tonight, as it was the first Bike Night at Ft. Thunder.  We had 11 people.  Love to eat here, but need to remember next time to share my sandwich with Jennifer, as they are so big, can't eat it all.  Was nice to see everyone and we sat and talked till almost 8pm.....Imagine that!!!   LOL....Plans were made to go to Taco Cabana and partake in some great Margaritas.  Keven, Windy, Steve, Jennifer, Nan, Chuck and I make up the group at Taco Cabana.  Weather was perfect to sit out in our usual area, and the doors are open and have to say it was just about perfect.
I have refrained from talking about some of the stuff we talk about when we get on a roll, but I have to talk about tonight.  We had so much fun with our ideas to make our little group "The Moles Of Silence"...Yes, that is what I said...Chuck says we have to have names that involve the word mole...Well, I am Moleassis, and he is Molar....Steve is Molester, and Jennifer is Molicious.  Keven decides he needs to be Molested, and Nan is Molecular....You can see this is totally out of hand....having way too much fun with all this mole stuff.  I had my usual amount of laughter tonight.  I feel so good to know we have such a nice group of people to meet up with on Friday nights and get to totally enjoy their company.  I am sure there will be more on this "mole" issue.
Plans are to go to Alabaster Caverns tomorrow, so I will have more to talk about tomorrow.  Great Friday Night Dinner Ride....need I say more  :)