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Sunday, April 17, 2011

4-16-11 Ride to Medicine Park and Holy (moly) City

Jennifer and Steve are riding with us today and we are heading to Medicine Park to have some lunch at Riverside Cafe, and then on to the Holy City, as they have never been there.  After the winds of yesterday, it is so hard to believe that today is so beautiful.  Light winds, and the sun is beautiful.  A perfect day to ride.  We roll in to Medicine Park about 1pm, and I guess we weren't the only ones that thought it was a good idea to go here.  We sat outside and enjoyed the weather.  The place was pretty busy.  Food was good.  We walked around a little bit, and then was off to the Holy City.  It was pretty busy around there as they were getting ready for their big Easter Pagent.  Supposed to be a really big event.  Was fun to walk around and show Jennifer and Steve.
Since we are so close to Lawton, might as well go over to the Harley Shop.  I have to say it was worth the trip, as Jennifer finds a real bargain on some shoes.  You know we are all about finding bargains.  Makes the day totally worth while.  LOL...  Time to start heading back to OKC. We stop outside of Chickasha and get some gas, and head on in to the city. We make a stop at the motorcycle shop on Northwest Expressway, as Steve is in the market for a new helmet.  Got really tickled at the kid that was trying to sell him a helmet.  Thought he wasn't going to let him go.  Mexican food is on my mind, and Jennifer says that sounds really good to her and we are so close to Nino's it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.  We tried a pitcher of the $8 margaritas....not much liquer in them, but they tasted pretty darn good.  Food was good as usual.  Wish they would have put us in a larger table, as we were really scrunched up.  As we are sitting there eating, Steve's phone rings.  He had put his name in the daily drawing at the motorcycle shop, and they was calling to tell him he had won a $250 gift cert.  Wow, now that was really great.  Guess I know what he will be doing tomorrow.  Time to head on in, as it has been a pretty full day of fun.  As we pull in the garage with a beautiful full moon in the background, Chuck tells me we logged 243 miles for the day.  Not a lot of miles for us, but it was really a very nice day.

ps....checked to see how Mark was doing, and Carolyn says he is doing great.  Says he is a real chatty cathy.  So glad to see him recovering so well.  Keep up the good work Mark.  :)

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  1. It was a great day. I felt so nice and at peace at the end of it. It was really enjoyable. Riding with you and Chuck is always a pleasure.