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Sunday, April 17, 2011

4-17-11 New Bike for the Biggs!!!

Got a text from Diana Biggs this morning, and she ask if we was going to be around.  Said they were coming by in a little bit.  I figured they had gotten them a new bike because last week Diana text me and said that Chris had a "bike woody", and you know what that means if you know Chris.  A motorcycle will be in the near future.  They pull up on their brand new Can-am Spyder.  Now this little machine is just really sweet.  Have seen a few of these on the road lately, and it is really an impressive bike.  I know they are really excited about getting it.  Can't wait for them to go on some dinner rides and even some overnight rides with us.  Looking forward to lots of fun with them.  I think they are just what the "Moles of Silence" need.  Hmmmm, do Spyders like Moles????  Guess we will just have to see.

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