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Friday, April 29, 2011

4-26 & 4-28 Rides

Diana & Chris called, and we rode with them to Cherokee Trading Post on Tuesday evening.  It was a beautiful day.  We ate some food, and I really don't think it was that good.  I guess this is just a good "pie" stop....leave the food with them....Chuck got some liver and onions (Yuck!) and it was supposed to be grilled, but it wasn't .  Thinking "fried" is the word they use on everything.  Was a bit cool as we headed home.  Glad I had my leather legs.  Helps a lot.  Was fun to see that spyder behind us.  Wish they could go to dinner with us  Friday, but they are heading to Cuba, MO. for "Spyderfest".  If we didn't have the parade to do on Saturday we would follow them.  Of course we would make sure we take a can a "raid" with us to take care of all those Spyders.  LOL

4-28...Weather was just perfect to ride.  We got ahold of the Alvey's and met them at Bricktown.  Man, it was dead.  Walked over to Zio's and sat outside to eat.  The food was really good.  They had a band across at the bar, so we were entertained with music as we sat outside.  Walking back to the bike we ran across one of the girls that is in the OKC Chapter.  She is going to take a motorcycle training course on Saturday.  We was getting ready to get on the bikes, and I see Tom McRae going by.  He didn't even look our way.  Steve pulls out, and we are going to catch up with him.  Was nice to see him, and also learned a good way to get out of Bricktown.  Great night to ride and the sunset was beautiful.  I have to say, we sure do have some great ones.  Enjoy being on the bike at sunset. 

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