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Friday, April 1, 2011

FNDR 4-1-11

We went to Lee's Sandwiches and ate tonight.  Met Nan and The Alvey's at Harley World.  Didn't think we would have a very big group tonight, as it was the first Bike Night at Ft. Thunder.  We had 11 people.  Love to eat here, but need to remember next time to share my sandwich with Jennifer, as they are so big, can't eat it all.  Was nice to see everyone and we sat and talked till almost 8pm.....Imagine that!!!   LOL....Plans were made to go to Taco Cabana and partake in some great Margaritas.  Keven, Windy, Steve, Jennifer, Nan, Chuck and I make up the group at Taco Cabana.  Weather was perfect to sit out in our usual area, and the doors are open and have to say it was just about perfect.
I have refrained from talking about some of the stuff we talk about when we get on a roll, but I have to talk about tonight.  We had so much fun with our ideas to make our little group "The Moles Of Silence"...Yes, that is what I said...Chuck says we have to have names that involve the word mole...Well, I am Moleassis, and he is Molar....Steve is Molester, and Jennifer is Molicious.  Keven decides he needs to be Molested, and Nan is Molecular....You can see this is totally out of hand....having way too much fun with all this mole stuff.  I had my usual amount of laughter tonight.  I feel so good to know we have such a nice group of people to meet up with on Friday nights and get to totally enjoy their company.  I am sure there will be more on this "mole" issue.
Plans are to go to Alabaster Caverns tomorrow, so I will have more to talk about tomorrow.  Great Friday Night Dinner Ride....need I say more  :)

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