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Sunday, April 17, 2011

FNDR 4-15-11

Well, I have to say none of us Moles are riding this evening.  The wind is so terrible, you don't even want to drive in it, moreless ride a motorcycle.  We meet Jennifer, Steve, John, Tom  and Nan at Harley World.  Decide to double up a bit and we ride with the Alveys and so does Nan.  The wind was gusting to over 60 mph. and can you believe we actually saw a guy on the side of I-40 off of his bike and probably wondering what was going on.  I can't imagine even trying to ride in this type of weather.  Our destination tonight is Gilmore's Pub in El Reno.  Tom follows us in his pickup and John is sweep in his pretty red car.  I think it is a Charger, but don't want to get it wrong.
We get to the pub at 6:30 and The Marinelli's, Webster's and Keven and Wendy are already there.  The area we are sitting in has a tarp over the top and the wind is really giving it hell.  As you can tell from the picture we all have a blue hue from the tarp.  I don't think the food was as good as we had there a couple of weeks ago, as my steak and Chuck's chicken was cold.  Had a great flavor, but was not hot at all.  I think everyone had a good time and liked the food.  I just wish the weather would have been where we could ride the bikes there.  Would have been a lot more fun.
Some of us went to Taco Cabana for our dessert.  Was nice to sit back and talk.  Had a great evening with great friends.  Seems like I always say that, but heck it is true.  Love them all.

On a side note, our friend Mark Scoggin had open heart surgery today at noon.  Chuck and I was at the hospital sitting with Carolyn today during the surgery.  All went well with  Mark, and he was getting back in a room around 3pm.  Wishing him a speady recovery, so he and Carolyn can get back on the bike very soon.

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