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Saturday, April 9, 2011

FNDR 4-8-11

We met at Harley World to make a short ride over to Pearls Fish House.  Angela, Jud, Linda, John, Tom and Chuck and I make our way over to eat.  Carolyn and Mark are at the restaurant when we pull up.  Norma comes in and then Keven & Wendy show up. Nan had text me to tell me she was running late and would meet us at Pearls.   We have 15 eating tonight.  It was really hot in the place.  We ate our food, and decided to go on over to Taco Cabana to have some desert.... Keven and Wendy didn't follow us over, but looks like everyone is ready for some margarita's from our favorite place.
Chuck says we are at "Mole Nation".  If Taco Cabana only knew they were being taken over by a bunch of moles....can you imagine...LOL....Names are being thrown out for mole names.  Jud has taken Mole-ton....Linda had one name and then changed and now it is Chamolean....Norma is Squa-molion...Tom is Mole-betta...Angie is Bitchamolee'....Rick shows up later, and we name him Moleinelli....We had a few margarita's so it was quite funny to us...Not sure if he liked it or not.  Lots of laughs as usual, and funny part was when the guys (Chuck, Tom, and Steve) went out and moved John's bike, but the front forks were locked, so it didn't go quite as smooth as they planned.  John caught them out there, I think.  They came back in telling us this big story about these big ole guys that had moved John's bike and they was putting it back when John walked out.  I don't think that is really what happened, but you know those darn Moles....because we are the "Moles of Silence".....  Nice warm evening to sit out on the patio at "Mole Nation".  :)


  1. I love the margaritas. Official drink of The Moles of Silence

  2. Linda, I love all the mole stuff flying around.
    Jennifer...I think you have got that right...our official drink.