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Saturday, April 2, 2011

To The Bat Cave 4-2-11

We met at Braum's on Garth Brooks at 9:30am with some eager friends to go to the Alabaster Caverns.  We had 5 bikes.  The Berry's, The Alvey's, Nan Bowers, John Sebrant and us....Weather is supposed to be nice and warm today, and it looks like it is going to be a great day.  Didn't anticipate the wind to be so strong, and seems like the farther north we went the harder it got.  After a couple of stops for gas we make it to the caverns.  It is about 1pm by the time we get there, and it is time to eat.   The little place by the caverns is the only place to eat in the area, so guess that is what we are going to do.  Walking in to this little place, I spy some really good looking pies.  Coconut cream and chocolate...Oh My...need I say more.  The waitress was a very witty one, and Chuck didn't make anything off her.  Dave and Chuck decide they want their pie first, so they eat their pies before they eat their lunch.  Food was good, but the pies were WONDERFUL....They were still warm, and I think it was absolutely the best pie I have had in a very long time.  OK, bellies are full and we are going to tour the bat cave.
We get our tickets,  and only had about a 20 minute wait to take the tour into the cave.  It was interesting hearing the story about the cave and how it was formed.  Got to see baby bats, and a few of the momma bats were flying around.  Pretty interesting little guys.  As we are walking the paths, Chuck looks down and says "snake", and sure enough, there was a snake curled up on a rock, right next to where we just stepped.  He was ready to leave the cave after he saw that.  It was about a 45 minute tour, and as we walked out of the cave, the heat hits you.....It was a mild 50 degrees down in the cave, and now we are back to the terrible winds.  It's a little after 4 by the time we pull out to make the trip back home.  The wind is just as bad as it was earlier.  We make a couple of stops, and I suggest we try the bar in El Reno and eat one of their steaks.  The Berry's decide to head on home, so we said our goodbyes, and as we pull over in El Reno, they wave and head on south.
Quite a few bikes outside of the bar and we pull in front with them.  Finding a place to sit down was pretty easy.  We are sitting in the area where they cook the food.  Smells great. Everyone had a rib eye, except Jennifer.  She had the chicken.  We sat for quite a while waiting on the food to be cooked and got to watch the owner go out and get a bike a pull in the area were sitting in.  He tells us that the guy has had too much to drink, and he has banned him from riding his bike.  Well, I guess that will keep us from doing very much damage in the drinking department.  LOL....Finally get our food, and I have to say, it was worth waiting for.  The steaks were really good.  Jennifer said the chicken was good too.  Looks like we will have to get the FNDR group to come out and eat there.  It is about 9:30 by the time we cash out and get ready to ride on in.  Wind still is howling like crazy, and the temperature is really nice.  Wonderful day, with a bunch of awesome people.  Mileage from Yukon was about 325 miles.

Inside the cave 

The "Moles of Silence" was talked about every time we stopped for gas.  Mo-lester and Molar were our road captains today.  I think John's new Mole name is Holy Moley...Brenda Berry was given the name BB Moleau, and Dave Berry is Mole Hill I think.  I am going to have to check on these names as we had so many Mole names being thrown out I couldn't keep up with them.  I have to say, we are having way too much fun with this "Moles of Silence" thing.

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  1. What a great trip. It was worth fighting the wind for.