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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ride to the lake(s) 5-21-11

Steve ask us to ride with them to Keystone lake area to eat at a little place someone he knew owned.  We met at 9:30 downtown, and headed out.  The weather was great for a ride. We head down Hwy. 33 and go thru Drumright, and I remember they had an awesome US flag painted on a few of their buildings, and when we got there, sure enough it was still there.  I got on the headset and ask Steve if he would turn around and let us get a picture of the bikes in front of it.  He obliged me and we got a really great pic.
 Went down a few roads that I can say I have never traveled before.  Love to look at the new scenery.  We get to the area that Steve thought was the location of the eating place.  Well, we didn't see anyplace to eat.  All of us are on our gps on our phones and then the guys are on the ones on the bikes.  Not finding this place...Jennifer finds the phone number and calls to get directions.  OK...sounds pretty simple, should be right around here somewhere.  We ride about another couple of miles east and still no restaurant.  GPS are totally no help.  Steve
gets back on the highway and we go another couple of miles east, and then we see the gas station that the lady had told Jennifer about.  Get off at the Old Keystone Rd exit, and decide to get some gas before we eat.  Chuck had noticed a little earlier that our oil pressure would go down when he would give the bike gas.  He checks the oil level, and comes to the conclusion that we are about 2 quarts low.  Not sure how that could be, but oh wait, we had the bike serviced.....not at Fort Thunder but at Harley World.  Come to the conclusion that they try their darndest to tear up our bikes.  Usually Chuck carries his extra oil in the bike, but who would think a new bike with prob. 5000 miles would need oil.  Decided to eat and after we eat, we will be riding to Myers Duran in Tulsa to pick up some oil.  We pull in to Rooster & Rose Sports Pub & Grill around 12:30.  Steve ask if Jim was there, and the girls say he isn't, so Steve finds his phone number and calls him.  No answer, but got a call back really quickly.  He and his wife are out riding and they will be here in a few minutes.  We go ahead and order our food, and Jim and his wife Cindy come in.  They were very nice people and we eat our lunch and do some small talk.  Jennifer and I was talking to Cindy and ask if the pub was on Urban Spoon, and she didn't know about it.  I tried to put it on Urban Spoon via my phone, but wasn't sure if I had successfully listed it or not.  Would have to check on it when I got to a computer.  We let Cindy in on our "Moles of Silence" and have to say, she really got a kick out of it.  By the time we were ready to leave, Cindy was planning a trip to Oklahoma City and meet up with us sometime soon.  Think they would be really a nice couple to ride with.  Jim wouldn't let us pay for our lunch.  Really was nice of him to pick it up.  Appreciated it.  We will have to get the gang to ride down here on a Saturday and have lunch.  Think they would like it.
Bellies full and bikes gassed up, we head to T town.  We are about 15 miles from Myers Duran.  Chuck takes it easy on Ginger, and we make our way there to get oil.  I know you won't believe this but Jennifer or I didn't find anything we couldn't live without.  Only thing we came out of there with was $25 worth of OIL.....I am still totally amazed that the bike needs oil.  Really kinda pissed off about it.  Just not right.  Chuck actually put all 2 quarts in, and got it registering on the dipstick.  Ginger is going to be a very happy little Harley with the oil in her now.
Diana & Chris said for us to come by their place if we wanted, so I called Diana about 3:45 in the parking lot of Harley store.  She gave the phone to Chris and I gave my phone to Chuck, and the directions to their place has been established.  (I guess)  We head out towards Eufaula.  GPS says we will be at Porum about 5:15. Plans are that I text Diana when we get to I-40.  They are going to meet us at a gas station in Porum.  We text back and forth for a little bit, and she ask if we will be needing gas.  She tells me that Porum is out of gas, so they will be waiting on the side of the road when we get to that road.  We follow them about 10 miles,  and stop at a little gas station and get our gas.  We follow them to their place.  Their lake house is really neat...they have added a wonderful deck onto it.  They had been staining it today, so part of it was roped off.  They have a really nice spot, and their trailer is really cool.  Chris cooked some brauts and Diana pulls out the margaritas.  I think we are in heaven.  Cool breeze and just a really laid back nice evening with friends.  By now, we had decided to just stay there and not drive on in to OKCthru their area also.  Enjoyed seeing the sights.
Back at their place, we figure we better start home and see if we can beat the rain.  Really enjoyed spending time with the Biggs.  Got to meet their dogs, Abby and Zoe.  They are too cute.  We pull out around 11am.  No more than about 10 miles from their place, the overcast is giving way to some clear skies.  We didn't really even get damp.  By the time we get to I-40 it is time for me to get my jacket off.  Too darn hot and humid for that.  We ride I-40 to Highway 75.  We turn off the highway and enjoyed the road, until, the concrete ended.  Oh yes, about 10 miles in to this really nice highway we find "off roading".  I am laughing so hard I can't even talk.  Steve is commenting on the CB...It was so darn funny.  I said to them, "are you sure you want to follow this guy to New Mexico"?  The GPS shows the road....just doesn't show it to be gravel.  Of course I had to get out my camera.  And yes, the second picute is a very large hill that we climbed.  Didn't know we needed "knobby" tires on this trip.  We ride on this stuff for about 2 miles, and Chuck says he sees concrete ahead.  As we turn onto the paved road, I see a sign that says they have some 200lb. dogs for sale on that road we was just on.  Now I know why we was on it.  We were lookin for a new dog...LOL...Oh my....I find this "off road" adventure so totally funny and the funniest thing is, it has happened before, and everyone always follows us...ROFL....We get to Hwy. 9 and it is smooth sailing most of the way.  We had a squirrel that I think had a death wish, as he was in the middle of a four lane road, and a car was coming from the other direction and we were coming right at him.  I hide my eyes, as I know the little guy is going to have his day of rapture, but the little guy is spared.  He darts away from all harm.  It was a close one.  :)  It is really getting warm and it is also getting time to stop and get a bite to eat.  We make it to Clear Bay Cafe and they are open.  Nice to sit and cool off for awhile.  We sit and discuss our little furry friend that tempted fate, and the "off road" ride we had today.  Food was good, and it was time to head on home.  As we are getting ready to get back on the bikes, a red bike pulls in.  It was Mike Bollinger.  Haven't seen him in a long time, and was really nice to get to talk to him.  I can't believe his wife, Novella, has been dead for a year now.  I told him we had been talking about him, as he and Mark had been talking via facebook.  Seems they worked together at Fred Jones Ford a very long time ago.  Not saying they are "old" or anything, but I think it really was a very long time.  We are going to have to invite Mike to one of the Friday Night Dinner Rides so he and Mark can meet up after all these years.  I think it is so funny how that 6 degree thing works.  Amazes me sometimes who know someone you know.  Sure have to be nice, cause you never know.....   :)
We bid Jennifer and Steve goodbye, and head towards home.  So nice to get home and get a shower and get all the sunscreen off.  Really had a great weekend.  Our little Saturday ride turned into an "overnight" ride.  I love it when a weekend is so fun.  Life is good, and we all are still here.  I say this because this minister in California said that the "rapture" was supposed to start on Saturday at 6pm.  Well, we are all still here, so either we were left behind, or it just didn't happen.  LOL....Like I say, we had a great time with some really great people.  Love em all....even Molester.....Moles of Silence are the bomb.. Next weekend we will be in Santa Fe and Red River New Mexico.  Looking forward to a nice long weekend.  :)
Mileage: 446

FNDR 5-20-11

We finally got some rain, and I mean rain on Thursday.  Was very overcast today and chances of bad weather so everyone drove to Baluu's for dinner tonight.  We were missing some of the usuals, but we had a good crowd anyway.  Ended up with 14 of us crowded around a round table, with a square table added to it.  As usual, the food was great, and I think everyone had a great time talking and acting crazy.  Frank & Arleta were the last ones to make it there, but we scrunched everyone together.  After we finished our food, we discussed our dessert at Mole Nation.  Diana & Chris were going on to the lake so they didn't partake in margaritas with us.  Carolyn, Mark, Steve, Jennifer and Chuck and I had to make an appearance at Taco Cabana and we had a margarita. I think the lady that takes the orders if finally realizing we are "regulars" there...  :)  Enjoyed seeing everyone this evening.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5-14-11 ZZ Top Concert

Linda Webster came up with this idea, and we decided to go.  Beautiful weather for an outdoors concert.  We are riding the bikes, and Jud and Linda stop by the house about 3pm and we head to Bass Pro in bricktown to meet up with Tom and Norma.  We find them, and the plan is to go to eat some food before we get in line for the concert.  I get a call from Mark and he is already in line at the Zoo.  It is like 3:30 and he says he has about 30 people in front of him.  We ride to McNeely's Bar that is over by St. Anthony hospital.  Really neat little place.  Food was good, and company was even better.  Tummies full and we are on our way to the Zoo....The line is a mile long by the time we get there.  They actually had a pretty good area for the bikes to park.  We got in line and started the wait.  Talked to Mark and he says he will save us some room as soon as he gets in the gates.  I think it was about 5 when we got in line, and it was about 7:15 by the time we made it thru the gates.  They did their pat downs of the guys, and the lady just ask to look in my hip purse.  I am totally amazed at all the people there.  Found Mark, and have to say, he got us some really good seats.  We even saw Mike & Dianna Austin and a friend of theirs, and they sat behind us. Can't say enought about the weather, as it was a great evening to be outside.  Finally got a bit cool and put
on my leather coat, but the wind was light, maybe a bit
too light as it got very smoky very quickly.  LOL
Mark and Linda and Jud got them a tshirt...My gosh, everything was really expensive...LOL..Yes, I guess I am getting old, but really, $6 for a beer and $4 for a Coke and a water is a bit high.  Even kept the screw off top, so we wouldn't throw the bottles in the air and kill someone.  I really enjoyed watching all the crazy people.  I say that very loosely, as there were some real doozies there.  The guy and lady in front of us was goin thru money like water.
Well, back to the concert....It was really good.  I enjoyed the music alot.  Wasn't able to get any pictures of ZZ Top as my camera just wouldn't focus in on it at night.

I think I can speak for all of us that attended, and say we really had a great time.
As we shuffled out of the concert like a bunch of cattle, it was time to get the leathers on and head home.  Jud and Linda followed us and we made a gas/pit stop off of McArthur, to find out that is was just a gas stop, cause the bathrooms were closed.  Try to go to Taco Cabana, and they are closed, same for McDonalds, so we ride across the street to the Shell and finally find a pit stop.  Had no idea a bathroom was that hard to find after 12pm at night.  I seem to always say this on every blog, but great time with great friends.  So glad to have such a great group of people to hang with.  Thanks Linda for a great idea.  I give it a thumbs up.

FNDR 5-13-11

This Friday Night Dinner ride is different, as Chuck and I invited everyone to the house for a semi cook out.  Actually Roger our next door neighbor is the cook.  He is fixing the meat, and everyone is bringing a side dish.  Everyone chipped in $10 a person for the meat, so will be a good time and lots of food to eat I am sure.
Had a good group of people there tonight, and the only one that didn't show up that was supposed to was Allen.  Sorry he missed it, cause I have to say it was great.  We had a little bit of everything to eat.  Wonderful foods, and the deserts were great too.  Frank Jones even baked a cake.  So nice to see him and Arleta back from Mexico.  Come to find out, it was Frank's birthday, (for real)...Weather was a little cooler than I had wanted it to be.  We just can't seam to figure out what season we want to be in here in Oklahoma.  Guess we are thankful to not be having all the rains and flooding they are having in other areas.  So we will take the cool weather...At least I got to fire up the chimanea, and burn some pinon wood.  Looking forward to that smell in New Mexico in a couple of weeks.
Speaking of New Mexico, we have had a little change in who is going.....Carolyn and Mark are not going because of Marks recent Heart Surgery, and Diana & Chris will be taking their room reservation.  It will all work our great.  Hate to see that the Scoggin's will not be joining us, but there will be more rides that he will be able to go on.
Had a great evening with a great group of people.  I think like is "good".....Appreciate all our friends.  :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ride For Landon Poker Run 5-8-11

Crazy things you see on a Saturday morning in Oklahoma City 
Jennifer works with the guy that started this poker run, and so we thought it would be a good cause (March of Dimes) so we met Steve & Jennifer at Baluu's at 8:30ish.  Nan and John are going to meet us at Papa's Leather Barn to join us on the poker run.  Fist bike out was at 9:30.  Going to be a hot day, so hoping to get done by 3 as we have to go to Cooper's first recitel at 7 tonight.  First stop was Eichens in Okarche... and as we are going down the Northwest Expressway, I had to take a picture of this bathtub motorize something that this guy was hauling.  Next was Gilmore's Pub in El Reno.  They had "burger day's" going on in El Reno as well, and there were people everywhere.  It was about noon by this time, and the sun was really starting to get hot.  Supposed to get in the 90's today.  Weather has really been strange this year.  We have a week of really hot, and then we have a week of really cold.  Just not sure what it wants to do, but sure would be nice if we could get some rain, as we are really low.

Interesting pic 

Just somee "Moles of Silence" havin fun  
After getting our poker hand, we ride to the next stop.  It is in Mustang, at the Silver Stallion.  Cards are drawn and we are ready to go on to the next stop.  Chuck says the clutch isn't dis-engaging....Oh no...not again.  He starts up, and I thought we was going to have a run away, cause he takes off up hill the opposite direction to which we are leaving.  Finally catches, and we take off to Blanchard area, to KT's BBQ....We get there and find a shade tree to park under.  Chuck pulls out his tools, and between Steve and John they had enough tools for him to adjust the clutch.  Hope this does the trick.  Don't like that freewheeling we just did...LOL...I am so thirsty and hot, was just nice to get in a place and sit down and cool off.  We order lunch, and have to say it wasn't that good.  I think Jennifer's was the best, and she had one big ole piece of catfish.  I had a sandwich with a hot link on it, and the barbque beef was like puree'd....Not good.  But the tea was GREAT!  The people that were doing the poker run show up and we draw our next card.  I can tell you my hand is not good, not good at all.  But can also say, it never is.  So I am batting 1000 on that deal.  We sit outside and bs for awhile, and decide it is time to head to our final stop.  It is Mooney's in Moore.  Refreshed with tea, I have to say, the ride was good.  Had a crazy person try to cut Steve off, not once, but twice....Other than that, I think we all had a pretty safe ride.  Final cards are drawn, and we get a margarita to cool down again....Chuck and I had to leave early, so we left our tickets with Steve & Jennifer...Nan left hers with John.  None of us won any money, and only Nan won a prize.  Oh well, we sure didn't do the run to win anything, it was for the cause.  I think it is wonderful that people do stuff like this to raise money for a good cause.  I have to say, as I have said before.....we aren't much on Poker Runs, but I really did enjoy the day with some great people.  Thanks Jennifer for inviting us to go.  Had a blast...But I think we always do  :)   ps...the clutch worked great after Chuck adjusted it.  He is the bomb....  :)

FNDR 5-7-11 Our own Cinco de Mayo

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo by going to Nino's, and yes, we are a day late.  At least we didn't have to fight the crowds this way.  Guess everyone was hungry for mexican food, cause we had 16 people there.  They put us in the back room on a long table, and it was really nice.  We had the room to ourselves.  I had made a little stuffed mole for Jennifer and so now we have 2 little guys.  I guess I will get busy and cut out a few more, so we can give to the ones that want one.  After we ate, we decided to go to Mole Nation.  Only problem was that Jennifer and Steve didn't go.  Steve was tired, and decided to make the evening short.  Sure did miss them.  Just not the same mole nation without them.
We did end up having fun there as a girl and her boyfriend, or husband was out in the area we sit, and she started chiming in with us, as they were drinking their dessert too.  She was really funny, and would be a nice addition to the crazy group.  So nice to see Chris and Diana tonight.  They rode their spyder and Diana just knew that we would have our bug spray, and she was ready for us with her shield.  Sorry to say, she didn't even get to use it, cause we didn't raz them about the spyder.  Great evening with friends, and even a stranger or two...LOL..

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Norman Founders Day Parade 4-30-11

Up and at em this morning.  We meet Jud & Linda at 7:10 at the Love's gas station in Yukon.  Heading to Pickles to eat breakfast and meet up with our group of riders that are going to participate in the Norman's Founders Day Parade.  We will be representing Arvest Bank.  Imagine that.  Anthony had wanted us to do the Christmas Parade with them last year, but the weather was not fit to ride, so we didn't get to do it.  Pickles is open and we have 11 people show up to eat.  Seems like we never have any problem getting people together cause it always involves eating. LOL... Bellies full and we are on our way to get lined up for the parade.

Following the directions that Anthony sent us to get to the staging area was a breeze.  There was a lot of old cars, and horses, and just a little bit of everything here.  Looks like it is going to be a nice parade.  Anthony hands us all a red tshirt to wear for Arvest.  The weather is finally warming up, so at least we won't be wearing them over our leather coats.  The wind has calmed down some, but it is out of the north today.  Crazy weather just doen't know what to do, but am very greatful to have the sun out today.  We have 7 bikes and they have another 10 show up, so we have a pretty good showing of bikes.  We are lined up and ready to get this show on the road.  We are the 8th group in the parade, so we will be finished pretty quick.  Seems like the people got a big kick out of the bikes.  Never saw so many people waving at us.  As we pass the annoucers stand, I hear them say, "now that is impressive".....Hope we are "impressive" enough for Arvest to win the "best in parade"....Now that would be just too cool.
By the time we pull off the parade route, I think everyone was glad.   Chuck said we had no clutch, and he couldn't get Ginger in neutral.  Linda said her hand and shoulder was killing her, and I know everyone elses hands were cramping from riding so slow.  I know I was just a passenger, but I really do think it was a lot of fun...and I know for a fact, Arvest really appreciated us doing it....and hey, we got a red t-shirt too!!!!  Really do appreciate Jud and Linda Webster, Steve and Jennifer Alvey, Brenda and Dave Berry, Tom McRae, and Keven Mayfield and Wendy Bensen for participating....

  • Parade is over, and it is only 11am.  What to do....well, most everyone else had something to do, but Steve & Jennifer and us didn't....Guess we need to come up with a plan and do it.  Sometimes it is hard to come up with a plan, but we finally figured one out.  We are riding to Guthrie and going to find a place that I had heard about to eat.  I get on my phone and figure out the name of the place.  It is R&R Restaurant.  We ride via I-35 and take the Mulhall exit.  Wanted to ride the road back in to Guthrie that follows the river for a little bit.  I thought they had redone the road, but they haven't.  It is really pretty rough in a few spots....Following the GPS on my phone we are now in Guthrie, and looking for Oklahoma St.  Well, little known to us, looks like Guthrie is having their spring parade today too.  Man, 2 parades in one day.....Not finding the direct route to the restaurant as there are so many roads closed, we stop and park and decide to walk to the R&R.  Actually we weren't very far from it, and got to see the tail end of the parade. The restaurant was really cute inside.  It is in the old train station.  The food was really good.  Jennifer and I got on UrbanSpoon and left our comments and gave them a thumbs up.  As we are leaving, it is getting busy....looks like we picked a good time to eat.  We walk off our food for a little bit, and check out the vendors that are set up.  Have to say, there was nothing worth taking home.  Back at the bikes, it was just fun to do some poeple watching.  I said that I would like to go to Papa's Leather Barn and we headed out to the next stop.  Steve took us a very scenic route thru Guthrie.  I wasn't sure if he was trying to  get us mugged or what as it was a very interesting detour thru the town.  LOL...Got all our attention, that is for sure.  Love our little adventures as you never know what you will see.  

  • Back on the road to OKC and the day has really turned out to be "perfect".  To top it off, I find a new pair of boots and new side purse....what a lucky day for me.  :)  

Run by the house to drop off my shoe box, and I put the new boots on, and I think they are really going to be comfortable.  Decide we need to stop in the Margarita Lounge on NW 10th street and see what it is all about.  They have a really nice outdoor area, so we sit down and order a on a scale of 1 to 10, I am going to give it about a 6.  We see some of the people there drinking the frozen ones, so we try the strawberry one.  Nope, not that good...taste like Parrot Bay Coconut Rum...Not my favorite taste...Still can't beat Mole Nation for the margaritas.  Yes, I guess we have become connoisseurs of margaritas now.  LOL Getting hungry again (imagine that) and On the Border is just down the road.  Guess we will eat some mexican food....mmmmm!!!!
Food was great, and Chuck got us all some monster super duper margarita....and I have to say it was really good, but don't think I really needed to be drinking it.  Might have to bungee me to the bike.  Food was great too, and have to say, we should have had this margarita first, it really put all the others to shame.  :)
Time to head home, and we bid the Alvey's a goodbye.  Really a nice day and a whole lot of fun.  We are running down I-40 and come to an abrupt halt.  They are working on the road, and moving the concrete barriers, and we are at a standstill.  We sit there forever it seems like.  I think we finally make it to the house around 10pm.  Text Jennifer to let her know we got home, and she is telling me that her margarita really kicked her butt....LOL....Got a good laugh out of her, as she says she thinks she should be dancing somewhere.  She also says she doesn't think she will let Chuck buy her another drink unless she is stationary somewhere.....Other funny was that she was sure glad for spell checker as she wasn't typing very well.  I have to say, it was good to get home, and I crashed.  Guess Jennifer and I are just lightweights.  We are cheap drunks  :)

FNDR 4-29-11

The wind is up to its usual and it is really blowing up a storm.  The nice thing about it, we are riding south this evening to Libby's which is north of Norman, so our route will be pretty much a southerly direction.  Jud and Linda have decided to drive this evening as the wind is really hard on his neck.  Nan is working, and The Marinelli's are busy tonight, so Chuck and I are solo riders.  We go the back route which is thru Newcastle.  Found this to be the best way to get to Norman during the rush hour.  Traffic wasn't bad, and we got there a little after 6pm.  Had a really good group tonight.  We had 19 peeps there.  We sat upstairs and outside tonight.  They have added some garage doors to close it up when it is cold out.  We were blocked from the wind, and I really did enjoy eating outside.  Food was great and so was all the company.  Can't say enough, how much fun we have getting all these people together to share Friday night dinner with.  After dinner, everyone was going their own ways, and The Alvey's and us decided since we didn't make it to "Mole Nation" last week, that we should this week.  Don't want any strangers taking over "our" spot.  We don't get home till about 11:45 and had a couple of pitcher of margaritas amoungs ourselves. Enjoyed dessert!!!  Fun times!!!