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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5-14-11 ZZ Top Concert

Linda Webster came up with this idea, and we decided to go.  Beautiful weather for an outdoors concert.  We are riding the bikes, and Jud and Linda stop by the house about 3pm and we head to Bass Pro in bricktown to meet up with Tom and Norma.  We find them, and the plan is to go to eat some food before we get in line for the concert.  I get a call from Mark and he is already in line at the Zoo.  It is like 3:30 and he says he has about 30 people in front of him.  We ride to McNeely's Bar that is over by St. Anthony hospital.  Really neat little place.  Food was good, and company was even better.  Tummies full and we are on our way to the Zoo....The line is a mile long by the time we get there.  They actually had a pretty good area for the bikes to park.  We got in line and started the wait.  Talked to Mark and he says he will save us some room as soon as he gets in the gates.  I think it was about 5 when we got in line, and it was about 7:15 by the time we made it thru the gates.  They did their pat downs of the guys, and the lady just ask to look in my hip purse.  I am totally amazed at all the people there.  Found Mark, and have to say, he got us some really good seats.  We even saw Mike & Dianna Austin and a friend of theirs, and they sat behind us. Can't say enought about the weather, as it was a great evening to be outside.  Finally got a bit cool and put
on my leather coat, but the wind was light, maybe a bit
too light as it got very smoky very quickly.  LOL
Mark and Linda and Jud got them a tshirt...My gosh, everything was really expensive...LOL..Yes, I guess I am getting old, but really, $6 for a beer and $4 for a Coke and a water is a bit high.  Even kept the screw off top, so we wouldn't throw the bottles in the air and kill someone.  I really enjoyed watching all the crazy people.  I say that very loosely, as there were some real doozies there.  The guy and lady in front of us was goin thru money like water.
Well, back to the concert....It was really good.  I enjoyed the music alot.  Wasn't able to get any pictures of ZZ Top as my camera just wouldn't focus in on it at night.

I think I can speak for all of us that attended, and say we really had a great time.
As we shuffled out of the concert like a bunch of cattle, it was time to get the leathers on and head home.  Jud and Linda followed us and we made a gas/pit stop off of McArthur, to find out that is was just a gas stop, cause the bathrooms were closed.  Try to go to Taco Cabana, and they are closed, same for McDonalds, so we ride across the street to the Shell and finally find a pit stop.  Had no idea a bathroom was that hard to find after 12pm at night.  I seem to always say this on every blog, but great time with great friends.  So glad to have such a great group of people to hang with.  Thanks Linda for a great idea.  I give it a thumbs up.

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