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Sunday, May 1, 2011

FNDR 4-29-11

The wind is up to its usual and it is really blowing up a storm.  The nice thing about it, we are riding south this evening to Libby's which is north of Norman, so our route will be pretty much a southerly direction.  Jud and Linda have decided to drive this evening as the wind is really hard on his neck.  Nan is working, and The Marinelli's are busy tonight, so Chuck and I are solo riders.  We go the back route which is thru Newcastle.  Found this to be the best way to get to Norman during the rush hour.  Traffic wasn't bad, and we got there a little after 6pm.  Had a really good group tonight.  We had 19 peeps there.  We sat upstairs and outside tonight.  They have added some garage doors to close it up when it is cold out.  We were blocked from the wind, and I really did enjoy eating outside.  Food was great and so was all the company.  Can't say enough, how much fun we have getting all these people together to share Friday night dinner with.  After dinner, everyone was going their own ways, and The Alvey's and us decided since we didn't make it to "Mole Nation" last week, that we should this week.  Don't want any strangers taking over "our" spot.  We don't get home till about 11:45 and had a couple of pitcher of margaritas amoungs ourselves. Enjoyed dessert!!!  Fun times!!!

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