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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Norman Founders Day Parade 4-30-11

Up and at em this morning.  We meet Jud & Linda at 7:10 at the Love's gas station in Yukon.  Heading to Pickles to eat breakfast and meet up with our group of riders that are going to participate in the Norman's Founders Day Parade.  We will be representing Arvest Bank.  Imagine that.  Anthony had wanted us to do the Christmas Parade with them last year, but the weather was not fit to ride, so we didn't get to do it.  Pickles is open and we have 11 people show up to eat.  Seems like we never have any problem getting people together cause it always involves eating. LOL... Bellies full and we are on our way to get lined up for the parade.

Following the directions that Anthony sent us to get to the staging area was a breeze.  There was a lot of old cars, and horses, and just a little bit of everything here.  Looks like it is going to be a nice parade.  Anthony hands us all a red tshirt to wear for Arvest.  The weather is finally warming up, so at least we won't be wearing them over our leather coats.  The wind has calmed down some, but it is out of the north today.  Crazy weather just doen't know what to do, but am very greatful to have the sun out today.  We have 7 bikes and they have another 10 show up, so we have a pretty good showing of bikes.  We are lined up and ready to get this show on the road.  We are the 8th group in the parade, so we will be finished pretty quick.  Seems like the people got a big kick out of the bikes.  Never saw so many people waving at us.  As we pass the annoucers stand, I hear them say, "now that is impressive".....Hope we are "impressive" enough for Arvest to win the "best in parade"....Now that would be just too cool.
By the time we pull off the parade route, I think everyone was glad.   Chuck said we had no clutch, and he couldn't get Ginger in neutral.  Linda said her hand and shoulder was killing her, and I know everyone elses hands were cramping from riding so slow.  I know I was just a passenger, but I really do think it was a lot of fun...and I know for a fact, Arvest really appreciated us doing it....and hey, we got a red t-shirt too!!!!  Really do appreciate Jud and Linda Webster, Steve and Jennifer Alvey, Brenda and Dave Berry, Tom McRae, and Keven Mayfield and Wendy Bensen for participating....

  • Parade is over, and it is only 11am.  What to do....well, most everyone else had something to do, but Steve & Jennifer and us didn't....Guess we need to come up with a plan and do it.  Sometimes it is hard to come up with a plan, but we finally figured one out.  We are riding to Guthrie and going to find a place that I had heard about to eat.  I get on my phone and figure out the name of the place.  It is R&R Restaurant.  We ride via I-35 and take the Mulhall exit.  Wanted to ride the road back in to Guthrie that follows the river for a little bit.  I thought they had redone the road, but they haven't.  It is really pretty rough in a few spots....Following the GPS on my phone we are now in Guthrie, and looking for Oklahoma St.  Well, little known to us, looks like Guthrie is having their spring parade today too.  Man, 2 parades in one day.....Not finding the direct route to the restaurant as there are so many roads closed, we stop and park and decide to walk to the R&R.  Actually we weren't very far from it, and got to see the tail end of the parade. The restaurant was really cute inside.  It is in the old train station.  The food was really good.  Jennifer and I got on UrbanSpoon and left our comments and gave them a thumbs up.  As we are leaving, it is getting busy....looks like we picked a good time to eat.  We walk off our food for a little bit, and check out the vendors that are set up.  Have to say, there was nothing worth taking home.  Back at the bikes, it was just fun to do some poeple watching.  I said that I would like to go to Papa's Leather Barn and we headed out to the next stop.  Steve took us a very scenic route thru Guthrie.  I wasn't sure if he was trying to  get us mugged or what as it was a very interesting detour thru the town.  LOL...Got all our attention, that is for sure.  Love our little adventures as you never know what you will see.  

  • Back on the road to OKC and the day has really turned out to be "perfect".  To top it off, I find a new pair of boots and new side purse....what a lucky day for me.  :)  

Run by the house to drop off my shoe box, and I put the new boots on, and I think they are really going to be comfortable.  Decide we need to stop in the Margarita Lounge on NW 10th street and see what it is all about.  They have a really nice outdoor area, so we sit down and order a on a scale of 1 to 10, I am going to give it about a 6.  We see some of the people there drinking the frozen ones, so we try the strawberry one.  Nope, not that good...taste like Parrot Bay Coconut Rum...Not my favorite taste...Still can't beat Mole Nation for the margaritas.  Yes, I guess we have become connoisseurs of margaritas now.  LOL Getting hungry again (imagine that) and On the Border is just down the road.  Guess we will eat some mexican food....mmmmm!!!!
Food was great, and Chuck got us all some monster super duper margarita....and I have to say it was really good, but don't think I really needed to be drinking it.  Might have to bungee me to the bike.  Food was great too, and have to say, we should have had this margarita first, it really put all the others to shame.  :)
Time to head home, and we bid the Alvey's a goodbye.  Really a nice day and a whole lot of fun.  We are running down I-40 and come to an abrupt halt.  They are working on the road, and moving the concrete barriers, and we are at a standstill.  We sit there forever it seems like.  I think we finally make it to the house around 10pm.  Text Jennifer to let her know we got home, and she is telling me that her margarita really kicked her butt....LOL....Got a good laugh out of her, as she says she thinks she should be dancing somewhere.  She also says she doesn't think she will let Chuck buy her another drink unless she is stationary somewhere.....Other funny was that she was sure glad for spell checker as she wasn't typing very well.  I have to say, it was good to get home, and I crashed.  Guess Jennifer and I are just lightweights.  We are cheap drunks  :)

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