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Monday, May 9, 2011

Ride For Landon Poker Run 5-8-11

Crazy things you see on a Saturday morning in Oklahoma City 
Jennifer works with the guy that started this poker run, and so we thought it would be a good cause (March of Dimes) so we met Steve & Jennifer at Baluu's at 8:30ish.  Nan and John are going to meet us at Papa's Leather Barn to join us on the poker run.  Fist bike out was at 9:30.  Going to be a hot day, so hoping to get done by 3 as we have to go to Cooper's first recitel at 7 tonight.  First stop was Eichens in Okarche... and as we are going down the Northwest Expressway, I had to take a picture of this bathtub motorize something that this guy was hauling.  Next was Gilmore's Pub in El Reno.  They had "burger day's" going on in El Reno as well, and there were people everywhere.  It was about noon by this time, and the sun was really starting to get hot.  Supposed to get in the 90's today.  Weather has really been strange this year.  We have a week of really hot, and then we have a week of really cold.  Just not sure what it wants to do, but sure would be nice if we could get some rain, as we are really low.

Interesting pic 

Just somee "Moles of Silence" havin fun  
After getting our poker hand, we ride to the next stop.  It is in Mustang, at the Silver Stallion.  Cards are drawn and we are ready to go on to the next stop.  Chuck says the clutch isn't dis-engaging....Oh no...not again.  He starts up, and I thought we was going to have a run away, cause he takes off up hill the opposite direction to which we are leaving.  Finally catches, and we take off to Blanchard area, to KT's BBQ....We get there and find a shade tree to park under.  Chuck pulls out his tools, and between Steve and John they had enough tools for him to adjust the clutch.  Hope this does the trick.  Don't like that freewheeling we just did...LOL...I am so thirsty and hot, was just nice to get in a place and sit down and cool off.  We order lunch, and have to say it wasn't that good.  I think Jennifer's was the best, and she had one big ole piece of catfish.  I had a sandwich with a hot link on it, and the barbque beef was like puree'd....Not good.  But the tea was GREAT!  The people that were doing the poker run show up and we draw our next card.  I can tell you my hand is not good, not good at all.  But can also say, it never is.  So I am batting 1000 on that deal.  We sit outside and bs for awhile, and decide it is time to head to our final stop.  It is Mooney's in Moore.  Refreshed with tea, I have to say, the ride was good.  Had a crazy person try to cut Steve off, not once, but twice....Other than that, I think we all had a pretty safe ride.  Final cards are drawn, and we get a margarita to cool down again....Chuck and I had to leave early, so we left our tickets with Steve & Jennifer...Nan left hers with John.  None of us won any money, and only Nan won a prize.  Oh well, we sure didn't do the run to win anything, it was for the cause.  I think it is wonderful that people do stuff like this to raise money for a good cause.  I have to say, as I have said before.....we aren't much on Poker Runs, but I really did enjoy the day with some great people.  Thanks Jennifer for inviting us to go.  Had a blast...But I think we always do  :)   ps...the clutch worked great after Chuck adjusted it.  He is the bomb....  :)