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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Palo Dura Canyon 6-26-11

Oh my, 6 am comes way to early. With the 3am wake up (fire) alarm, and then we are packed and ready to head out at 6am....where is the sleep? We are all here and accounted for except the Alvey's. I call, and Jennifer sounds like she is still asleep. Could it be. I guess she set her phone for one more 5 minutes, and it didn't go off. LOL She said, you have never seen someone get around so quickly. We pull out to some beautiful cool air, and ride for awhile before the sun peaks out. The wind is starting to blow, and by the time we cross over the Oklahoma border, it is really howling. Reminds me of the ride back from Santa Fe a few weeks ago. We stop in Sayre and gas up and eat some breakfast. Not really sure what is going on with that Denny's, but a truck driver was complaining as we stood there to be seated. The food came out pretty quick, and it was good, so I guess we got lucky this time. On the bike again, and yes the wind is getting worse. We make another stop in Weatherford, so we can all rest and get out of the wind for a little while. We get home before noon. So glad we had such a great weekend with our great friends. I think everyone was glad to be home and out of the wind machine that we had to deal with today.  Time to get all the laundry ready as we are leaving on Thursday for our 10 day trip to Niagara Falls.

Palo Dura Canyon 6-25-11

We all meet at the little restaurant across the street from the motel for breakfast.  So funny, cause the waitress tells us we have to share the menu's as they only have 4 of them left.  Maybe we should take one to Kinko and get them some copies made.  Was getting a bit worried about Frank, cause we have all ordered our food, and still no Frank.  I ask John what his room number is, and I walked back over to the motel to see if he was in his room.  I knock on the door a couple of times, and no one comes to the door.  By the time I have walked back over to the motel our food is coming out, so decide to eat, and find Frank in a bit.  Well, didn't have to go look for him, he showed up.  We were getting a bit worried about him.  I asked Frank what was his room number, and he tells me.  I guess I was knocking on the wrong door, cause the door I was banging on wasn't Franks room.  Oh my!!!   :)  Breakfast is over and we decide to go to Tripp's Harley Davidson and do a bit of shopping.  OK, shopping is done, and I am getting some text from Linda that they are getting close to Amarillo.  We head to the liquor store, and plan to meet Linda & Jud at Walmart, which is across the street from the liquor store.  We may have scared the liquor store guy to death.

 Heck it is 11am, and all these people pull up on bikes, and come running into his store.  You can imagine what he was thinking.  We are browsing, and here come Linda and Jud.  So now we have everyone together, and it is time to make a run to Walmart.  Some are buying swim suits, and I am getting some fruit for us to snack on.  Diana and Carolyn pick up some pop corn.  Actually Carolyn purchased some Pirates Booty.  Yes, that is correct...pirates booty.....LOL..... Back on the bikes with our newly purchased stuff at Walmart, we head back to the motel.    After we get our new stuff put away, some of us go to Blue Sky to get a bite for lunch.  The Alvey's and Frank and John stayed behind, and sat at the pool.  Plans are to eat, and come back and get in the water.  Getting pretty hot, and it sounds wonderful. 
                                                                                                                               Blue Sky was busy as usual, and seems like it was getting busier every minute.  I sure wish we had one of these in Oklahoma.  Such a neat place.  Diana finds a really cool t-shirt she buys.  It is a desert camo with Blue Sky on it.
Back at the motel (again) and time to get in the pool.  Oh my, it is really hot, and that water looks really great.

Guess was really really COLD.....oh yes, COLD.....Took a very long time to adjust to that temperature.  Felt pretty good after you finally get used to it, but I can't believe how cold it was.  So nice to sit around and chill for a bit and eat fruit and popcorn and pirate booty.   We are leaving at 4pm to head to the canyon.

 It is really hot, and windy.  As we pull into the canyon, they have a thermometer set up in several places, and it is registering over 110 degrees.  I think we are in hell!!!!  We make a loop thru the canyon, and go back to the parking area for the play.  They direct us to an area to park the bikes.  They come by and have them move...not once, but twice.  Finally we get in a parking area that they are happy with.  :)  They were concerned about the big buses pulling in and making a wide turn and hitting the bikes.  I would rather be in an area that they are comfortable with.  The wind has really started to kick up, but actually feels pretty good, cause if it wasn't blowing we would all be toast. They start lining up to eat a little before 6.  Food was the same as we had last time.  The potatoes were great.  Chuck and I didn't think the steaks were as good as before....and that wind I was talking about, well, it was whipping up we had a sand storm to deal with towards the end of our meal.  Linda & Jud are meeting some of her family here tonight, so they head off to find them.

 We have no cell service in the canyon, which seems so strange.  Can't imagine life without or cell phones.  They don't let you start going into the theatre area until about 7:45, so we have a pretty long wait between eating and getting seated for the play.  Got to meet Linda's family.  Her cousin and her husband were very nice.  He is a pharmacist  and has his own pharmacy in Amarillo.  He got to talking about healthy stuff, and have to say, he was very interesting.  As soon as I get back to civilization, I am going to download this app that he was talking about.  Eating right 4 your type.  Interesting app, and it makes a lot of sense.   It is still pretty warm by the time we get to our seats, and we are ready for it to start cooling down.  The play was great.  Got a big kick out of Linda, as she thought she had been shot when the lightening storm came up, and the tree gets hit by the lightening.  I guess the ones sitting behind her really got a kick out of how high she jumped. I ask everyone during intermission if they liked it, and I think it was a thumbs up for all.  Diana said she thought the beginning was a little slow, and I have to agree with her on that.  Funny how I have seen the play for 4 or 5 times now, and there is parts that I don't remember.  It really is a good play.  :)  The sky is beautiful and you can see the stars so clearly.  We wait for the parking lot to empty so we don't have to fight traffic.  It was a really nice, and cool ride back to the motel.  I think it was close to midnight by the time we make it back.  Decide to sit at the pool again and finish up the margaritas.  We end up sitting there till close to 2am.  Oh that is not going to be good, as we are getting up and leaving for Oklahoma at 6 bells.  We have a fire alarm at, we are going to be worn out tomorrow.  Oh well, you know how it play, you pay  :)

Palo Dura Canyon 6-24

Meeting at 6pm at the Braums in Yukon to head towards Amarillo for a fun weekend.  We are going to see the play "Texas" in the canyon.  Palo Dura Canyon to be exact.  Frank Jone, John Sebrant, The Alvey's, The Scoggin's, and the Bigg's are riding out with us.  The Webster's will head out on Saturday, and catch up with us.
Let me tell you, we have had a lot of very hot weather the past few weeks, and today is even hotter.  We stop at Weatherford OK. to eat at Benchwarmers, and the temp. was 104 degrees.  Jennifer wasn't doing very well, and I wasn't feeling my best either.  Finally got seated, and had to sit at different tables.  That place was really busy.  They were having a car and bike drive thru the streets.  As we pulled out, we was a part of it.  Wave everyone, we are in a parade.  LOL  We got back on the road about 8:30, and so glad it had actually started cooling down. The ride on into Amarillo was quite nice.  It actually started getting a bit cool. The sunset was wonderful.  When you are in the plains, seems like you can see forever.  It was close to 11 by the time we get to the Motel.  We got unpacked, and went out by the pool to sit and relax for awhile.  Very nice evening.

Friday, June 10, 2011

FNDR 6-10-11 Jakes Rib, Chickasha

We had a very nice turn out tonight.  We meet at Harley World and have 4 bikes and one car to meet up with 2 more bikes in Blanchard.  Had a total of 14 people.  We were all very very hungry by the time they got our table ready.  The service was really good, and I thought my ribs were really good.  Weather was coming into Oklahoma City area, but we were all good and dry.  Think all of us could have drank a gallon of water.  They were really busy it being a Friday night in Chickasha America, but overall it was an OK evening.  So nice to see everyone, as usual.  Not sure we will be going back any time soon, but now that one can be crossed off our list of places to go.  Sad part of it all is that Alan Darling was the one the recommended it, and he wasn't able to make it tonight.  Attending tonight were.  The Alvey's, The Scoggin's, Tom McRae John Sebrant, The Jone's, Keven and Wendy and us.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FNDR 6-3-11 Sandro's Pizza

I knew we would have a good size crowd as we are heading to Sandro's Pizza in Norman, but I had no idea it would be that big.  We had 22 people show up.  Actually had a good size group to ride to Norman also.  Met at HDW at 6:00, and didn't get started to Norman till about 6:15 or so.  Diana & Chris got caught behind a combine coming down highway 4 and they made 4 miles in 20 minutes.  We didn't mind waiting on them.  Gave us all a chance to talk....and you know we can do that quite well.  We brought 10 people with us, and I had text Debbie Bergman to keep her informed on how many seats to save.

 I was really surprised when we got there and there were so many of us.  Mike Bollinger was able to make it tonight.  So nice to see everyone.  I have to admit, I didn't call Sandro's and I think he was pretty overwhelmed with the amount of people he had at the little place.  He said next time to call ahead, so he would be prepared for us.  He did a wonderful job as usual. No complaints here.  As usual a thumbs up to him.  :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The day after.... 6-1-11

I know everyone was totally worn out from all the travel and wind yesterday, and it just stinks that we have to go back to work, but that is just what has to happen.  When you play, you pay!!!!  We take Ginger to Harley World to see if they can figure out what is going on.  Chuck and Steve already know what they did, and will be interesting if they can figure it out.

Some upsetting news today, as Linda & Jud were on their way to the officers meeting at the Chapter, and Linda went down on her bike.  She is OK thank god.  Seems a truck lost his load, and a couple of very large metal pieces fell off his bed.  Jud and Linda both missed the first piece, and Jud was able to avoid the second one, but Linda hit is straight on.  Seems her bike got the worst of it.  Chuck was actually coming from picking up Ginger at Harley World and noticed they had a wreck on the highway.  Had no idea it was Linda.  His comment to me was, "I didn't see a fairing on the bike"  Well, the fairing was ripped off.  It was on the road.  So glad to report that Linda is fine...that is all that counts.
Guess she has a guardian angel that is watching over her.  She has a few bruises and her boot got messed up, but her clothes were fine.  Totally amazing.

Day 5 Memorial Weekend 5-31-11

We are up and ready to pull out at 7am, and it is nice and cool, and the wind is not very high as of yet.  Lupe is really having some problems since we left on Thursday.  We will be riding and she doesn't even show we are on a road.  Chuck had updated it before we left, and wonder if something just didn't download right.  On the way out of Santa Fe, she was leading us down another road.  I think the others thought we had lost our minds, but we was just following Lupe.  We are making it down the road to Clines Corner, and as we get out into the open plains, the wind starts blowing.  It is out of the west.  We stop at Clines Corner to get gas and get some breakfast.  Seems like everyone is cold.  Linda had questioned if she should wear her chaps today or not.  Guess she didn't remember our story about Carolyn and Mark.  If she had, there would be not question.  LOL

Heading to our next stop of Tucumcari, we have a pretty nice ride.  The wind is to our back and we are really sailing.  It is starting to warm up a bit by the time we get to Tucumcari.  Time to get rid of some clothes.
The wind becomes the common denominator in this ride.  It never lets up, if anything it keeps getting worse.  Going around semi's is an art.  Never know which way the wind is going to throw you around.  My neck is so tired from just trying to hold my head up.
We get to Amarillo and plan on eating at Blue Sky.  Guess what, they are closed.  Rudy's is just down the road so looks like that is where we will eat.  Can't really go wrong with Rudy's.
 We cool off, as it is really hot, and get out of the wind for a while.  Go ahead and get gas at Rudy's and we are ready to hit the road again.
Riding along, and Chuck says if I could see him now, I would be scared.  Seems like his helmet keeps moving, and when he adjust it, it pulls down his doo-rag...

.so since he has his face mask on too, I guess there is just a little sliver for his eyes.  Not good, not good at all.  We pull into Shamrock Tx. and get gas, and there is a DQ next door so we head over there to get some drinks and ice cream.

 So nice to get out of the dirt and wind.  Standing in line to get our order, Chuck clicks his heels together and says "there's no place like home".....hate to say it, but it didn't work, we were still in Shamrock.  Steve made the comment that the wind was "brutal" and I have to totally agree with that comment.  :)
We get to Oklahoma line and guess what, the wind is still blowing.  Yep, still!!!!

We make it to Weatherford, OK. and get gas, and discuss our day.  We say our goodbyes to everyone as this will be our last stop before we get home.  HOME!!!!  Looking forward to that.  Anything to get out of the weather.  As we rode, I wondered if I ask this question what answers I would here goes.  If you had your choice of elements to ride in, and your choices were #1 Rain, #2 high wind, and #3 Cold, which would you choose.  It will be interesting to see if anyone answers this.  I think they all stink, but when you are on a bike, you just have to suck it up and do it.  :)
Jud & Linda are the first to peel off.
Wonderful time with them...Next ones to exit are Chuck and I , and Diana & Chris get off at the same exit.  We wave goodbye to the Alveys.  They still have a pretty long ride to get home.
Had a really good time on this trip.  Loved the place we stayed....I know the rock drive was a pain, but the patio and hospitality was great.  As far as the company, I can't say enough about the people we ride with.  They are all such great people, and I am so glad we have so much fun together.  Never know what is going to happen, or who is going to do it, but that is part of the fun.  Thanks to all that went with us, and hope it was a great ride for you as well.  Mileage 1535 for us.  By the way, Ginger will be going to Harley World in the morning.  Hope they fix her.  Over and out.  :)

I snapped these pics of the weather information as we rode in.  Notice the wind gust.  

Day 4 of Memorial Weekend

Have to say this day didn't start out too great.  Chuck was all upset about Ginger and the oil issue.  He has decided to go to Walmart and try to find some oil.  Diana has called the Harley dealership and they are not open today.  I think we all were having withdrawal from Walmart, as I have to say,  I see smiles on all my girlfriends faces.  LOL....Chuck says their stock has probably gone down a point or two since we girls haven't been in one in a few days.  Of course we knew they wouldn't have the oil we need, but Chuck picked out the best one he thought would work.  At this point in the game, if it burns up, she just burns up.  They should have fixed it right in the first place.  (can you feel my anger!!  LOL)
Oil has been put in Ginger and we are heading to the Flea Market....and yes, it is on Flea Market Rd. Wind is really howling today, and supposed to have gust to 50.  Great, we will be sandblasted for sure.  Flea market was really fun.  I think all the girls found some "treasures".  I know I did.  Chuck got me a wonderful cow hide.  We actually was able to fold it in a way that it fit quite well in the tour pack of the bike.  Chuck says we are going to lay it under Ginger for her to drip oil on.  I don't think so!!!  Goodies all packed away, we are heading back to Madrid, as Diana & Chris didn't get to make our trip there on Friday.  We had some spyder stuff for Diana to look at.  We take the bypass route thru Santa Fe, and guess what, I find the "other" flea market that I have heard about in one of my decorating magazines, but we don't stop.  Chuck offers, but I know we have a lot of stuff to do today.  There is always next time.  :)  (road trip anyone)

We drive into Madrid and it is really hopping today.  Not a very parking friendly little town.  You really have to search.  We was able to park at the Mine Shaft Tavern again.  The wind is kicking up the dirt so badly, our bikes are going to be covered.  Lunch is on our minds, and we go into the tavern.  The lady says it will be about a 30 minute wait.  As we walked towards the bar, there was this old dog laying on the foot stoop of the bar itself.  The old man that was sitting with her talked to Jud, and he even got a picture or two of her. There is an outside waiting area, so we get something cold to drink, and walk out to the patio area.  As hot as it is in the sun, when you are in the shade, it is quite nice.  Don't think we had to wait 30 minutes, but with this group, we are always laughing so much, who really knows.  Our table is ready, and we are ready to get some food.  Started looking around the dining room, and noticed some pictures on the wall.  They were pics of the old dog we saw earlier.  Guess the old cowboy is an artist.  He paints his dog.  The pictures were interesting but I don't think I would buy one for the $1300 price tag that he had on them.  Guess it is a New Mexico thing.  LOL....but not taking one back to Oklahoma thank you.

Seems like most of the guys got a buffalo burger.  Jennifer had fish and chips, and I had BLT.  Diana had some enchilada's, and you know, I can't remember what Linda had to eat.  Seemed like everyone enjoyed it.  The waiter was really nice, and seemed to take care of us pretty well.
We are off, shop and more shop.

Walk around and check out all the stores.  Take Diana to Maggies, as this is where we found her spyder jewelry.  She liked what we had found, and she purchased it.
We check out a few more shops, and find a few more spyder pieces.  Diana is really doing good this trip.  I take a pic of the guys, they are on the other side of the road, and I think this old man thought I was taking a pic of him.  They looked like a "Pack of Moles" going down the road.  LOL
Moles spotted in Madrid 

Next stop in the little town of Chimayo.  Yes we are going to check out Frank Jones bathroom again.  We road the "high road to Taos" to get there.  It really is a very scenic ride.  Linda said it reminded her of The Bad Lands and it really does have the same look. Wind is still really bad, but we trudge on.  Dropping into Chimayo this direction brings you right into the church parking lot.  Here I told Jud there would be concrete.  Well, there was some, just not for us.  It was all for handicapped.  We are all handicapped, just don't have the stickers.  Don't think they give them to "Moles".

Everyone was impressed with the bathroom, and also the little church.  We walk through the church and notice some Nuns sitting and praying.  Not really very crowded today, and was actually enough room to walk around.  The room that has the "holy dirt" wasn't even that full.  Saw a fire extinguisher as we walk out, and Steve made a comment that it was there for him and Chuck.  Guess he was thinking they might burst into flames...LOL

OK, we have seen the church, so we load back up and head to the next attraction.  Chuck has seen a sign that say Nambe
Riding back into Santa Fe, we take the turn to head downtown.  We get to park right in the square.  Was fun for everyone to see the Indians all sitting around selling their jewelry.  Nothing was purchased.  But we looked.  Blue Corn was the destination for dinner.  It is so much fun walking around in this town.  The stores are so interesting.  So many pretty things to wear, and decorate with.  Nice to sit down for awhile out of the wind, and just sit and chill.  Diana and Jennifer got them a fancy drink...raspberry something.  Looked good, but the margarita was good that I had.
We walk back to bikes and get ready to leave, and The Spyder has been getting a lot of attention since they parked.  A very nice couple was talking to Diana & Chris, and then they walked down by us and talked a bit more.  Funny how people will just walk up to you and start talking.  Enjoy meeting people from all areas of the USA. 
This is our last evening in New Mexico, and I can only speak for myself, but I have really had a great time these last few days.  I ask everyone what their favorite part of the trip was, and I can remember a few of them, but would love for everyone to tell it in their own words.  I hope that everyone will respond to the blog.  It is really hard to remember all the fun stuff that goes on while we are riding and going to different places, and I would love to have other input on it.
Time to pack up and chill out cause we have a pretty long day ahead of us.  I think the wind is NOT going to be kind to us. All the weather apps. are saying gusting winds.  Time to rest, cause we pull out at 7 bells tomorrow. Goodnight Santa Fe.  :)

Day 3 of Memorial weekend

We are up and on the bikes at 7am so we can ride to Cimarron to meet up with Chris and Diana. They are riding from Clayton NM and we are riding from Santa Fe. Chuck has planned this all out and we are having lunch at the St. James hotel. It was in the 40's as we pull out, but really a nice clear day for a ride. Our route is to go to Taos and we part of the Enchanted Circle to Eagles Nest and then the canyon road on to Cimarron. Made really good time and Dianna and Chris were already there when we pulled up. I didn't realize that Bob Funk had purchased the old haunted hotel.

 He has given the place a nice face lift and yet left the old look intact. Breakfast was great and we checked out some of the hotel. Think we need to look into staying there for a night next time.

Time to head on to Red River. As we came thru the canyon the first time, jud commented about a dead fox he saw on the roadside. Not there as we came by this time....hmmm...where did that dead fox go??? Plans are to stop in Eagles Nest and take off our helmets so we can get a good picture as we had into Red River. Pictures are taken and we can pick them up sometime around lunch. We find some good spots to park, so we get all our stuff put away and we head out to check out the vendors. The vendors are really slimming down. Seems like every year there are fewer and fewer. The usual 100 plus tshirt vendors are there. Wish the guy that does the leather legs would have been there as Jennifer was really wanting to get a pair. Chuck got me a pair of the personal ear plugs. They are pink, and I think I am going to really like them. We eat at the little sandwich place and it has expanded since we was there last year.  We go by and get our pictures that were taken on top of the ridge.  I think everyone was great.

 We all purchased them.  I had to run back to the ear guy to pick up my ear plugs, so we made it back down the hill to the vendor.  He showed me how to put them in my ears and gave me a pink box to keep them in.  We will see how they work when we get on the road again.  As we are walking back to the bikes, we walk in the tshirt booth that they put the bling on any of their shirts, or sweatshirts, or pants.  Dianna finds a couple of cool spyder blings, and has them put on a shirt.  She gets another shirt and has a skull design on it.  The shirts look really cool.  Well, it is time to get on the bikes, and ride the rest of the Enchanted Circle.  We make it through town, and have to say it was really starting to fill up.  The wind is really high today, as it was yesterday, and so funny for it to be so breezy in Red River.

We ride to the leather store in Taos, and make a stop there.  We all browsed and we girls touched almost everything in the place.  Didn't buy a thing, but we touched it.  :) It's a "girl thang".  Back on the bikes and on our way back to Santa Fe, and I made the suggestion to stop at the DQ in Espanola.  We ride through the traffic mess in Taos.  You would sure think they would come up with a by-pass to make it a little easier to get around.  It was really warm, but at least the tree lined streets of Taos helped a little bit.  The DQ was a great idea, as it was time to get something to cool us down.  Chuck didn't go with his usual dip cone, and he regretted it, cause the grape thing he got didn't agree with his stomach.  Nothing like being on the bike and having an upset stomach.  We run across the street and get gas, and as we girls are outside talking about the evening ahead of us, we come up with this great idea.  We get some tequila and some margarita mix at the gas station.  It is amazing that you can get liquor at a gas station. We are making our way back to the motel, and do our usual turn around at the light, and hear a guy in a truck holler something.  I didn't hear what he said, but Chris says it was directed at him.  Told Chris "that isn't a real bike".....well, I really don't know what you would call it, and it sure beat the POS he was driving.  LOL    Back at our motel, we take over the patio again and have us some liquid refreshments. As we are sitting there, Chuck goes out to the bike and notices that Ginger has some oil spots under her.  She is leaking oil again.  This is just what we don't want.  Thought they had fixed this problem before we got on the road.  The Harley dealership is closed, and we didn't bring any extra oil.  Same thing as last week, who would think that a bike with less than 5000 miles would be needing oil.  To say the least, Chuck is not a happy camper.  It is time for him to drink a margarita and not worry about it for a while.  The talk of food came up, and I had noticed this place across the street to eat.  It was called something Castro's.  It was Mexican food...imagine that...LOL

Amazing how the restaurants aren't air conditioned very much here.  We are so used to being cool, and they just open the door and let the wind come through.  Food was good, and as we leave the place, we girls decide to walk to the liquor store and get some more margarita stuff.  Can never have too much you know.  Guess what we have will have to do, as the liquor store is closed.  The guys stayed down by "Cheeks" the gentlemens club that was next to the restaurant we ate at.  We come back empty handed, and they are still standing in the same spot.  You should have heard the stories we were hearing about them not being able to find the door.  Millions of excuses.  Back across the street safely, we go back to our rooms and pull out some chairs and get our stash of liquor out and have a little party in front of our rooms.  It think we made a few people mad, as we was sitting in the parking spaces in front of our room and they wanted to park there, but that was just too darn bad.  Our bikes don't take up as much room as their cars do, so they can just deal with it.  We sit around and laugh and make all kinds of comments about Ginger and her oil problem.  Going to see if the dealership is open tomorrow and run her by there.  If not, we will go to plan B.  Not sure what that is at this time, but I am sure there will be a plan B.
Poor Ginger has a drip  :(

Time to call it an evening, and get some sleep.  Been a long day, with loads of fun.  Don't have to get up early tomorrow, so we plan to leave around 9am (NM time) and go to the flea market.  Great day in New Mexico.  Lots of fun. I know the end of these days are leitmotif, but I think you will find that a lot in our trips.  When something works, why change it.  LOL  (by the way, leitmotif was my new word for the day, and I just had to use it.)

Day 2 of Memorial Weekend

We get up and walk over to the little restaurant next to the Motel 6 we stay at in Amarillo.  Breakfast was really good, and since we have our stomachs full, it is time to pack up the bikes and head on to Santa Fee.  It is a nice cool morning, and supposed to get pretty warm in Amarillo.  We stop at Tripp's Harley Davidson, and give them some of our money.  Found a really cool red, white and blue shirt.  Gassed up and ready to get on the road, we head down I-40 to Tucumcari.  That is where we will make our next pit stop.  Nothing exciting along the way.  Just a really big head wind.  This along with going up in altitude makes for some bad gas mileage.  Next stop is Clines Corner.  We do a little shopping there, and get more gas.  Plans are to eat at Madrid.  Was really nice to get off I-40 and go North for awhile.  The Turquoise Trail is really a nice road.  Amazing how you drop down into a very nice canyon.  Arriving at around 12:30 in Madrid, we park the bikes, and walk down to the Ghost Town Kitchen.

 This is the little place that Carolyn and I got the wonderful chocolate chili cake last year.  The guys call Madrid "artsy fartsy" and it really is, but I also think there are some really talented people there.  We eat our lunch, and I had to have a piece of that cake.  Jud had a mixed berry cobbler, and Chuck had an apple strudel.  The cake was as good as it was last year.  Everyone got a bite of it, and agreed it was pretty darn good.  We walk around and get the usual photos.  Walk in to Maggie's and find some really cool spyder jewelry.  Will have to bring Dianna back here on Sunday and let her see what we found for her.

 It is time to get on into Santa Fe and get checked in our room.  First we stop at the Harley shop and see what they might have that we might need.  Chuck and I come out with some lip balm, and Jennifer and Steve buy a few things.  I think Linda got something too.  We try real hard to keep these places in business when we come to their stores.  OK, shopping is done, lets find the motel.  We are staying at the Silver Saddle Motel.  They are working on the road in front of the motel.  It is right next door to "Jackalopes", and I see a sign that says Jackalopes and points.  So I tell Chuck to head that way.  All was good till the blacktop runs out before we can get to the motel.  We have to "offroad" it for a little bit.  Nothing like an offroad adventure in the middle of town.  I knew that the drive was rock, and that is a thumbs down for us bikers, but seems like that is a norm around here.  We will just have to deal with the rocks, cause there isn't any concrete for us to park on.  At the motel we check in, and we are next door to the Alvey's.  Our room is #7 (Annie Oakley) and the Alvey's are in room #8 (Billy the Kid).  Jud and Linda are in room #12 (Calamity Jane)  and Diana & Chris will have room #11 when they get here tomorrow.  The place is clean, and the beds seem to be nice.  Wish they were kingsize, but this is the best they can do.  Jennifer and I walk over to the liquor store that is on the corner not a block away from the motel.  Didn't have any of the usual brands we are used to, but we go ahead and buy a premixed margarita.  Find some cherry vodka too, so we are all fixed up.

Back at the motel, we go out to their little patio area, and sit down to chill for a bit.  The drinks were really good and the longer we sit there, the less we were interested in leaving to get something to eat.  Jennifer talks to the guy at the front desk, and he gives her 3 different pizza places to call.  Jen orders us a couple of pizza's and some coke, and we just stay in the rest of the evening.  The boys really must have liked the margaritas as they drank almost the whole jug.  Jennifer and I finally got the right consistency of cherry vodka to coke right.  Linda is drinking her crown and coke, and Jud is the designated driver for tonight I guess, cause he didn't drink anything.  He says he is on some new meds and didn't want to mix liquor with it.  Works for us.  We are really not feeling too much pain by now.  Now, I have to say at this point, Jud informs me the next day that I was a bit tipsy.  Jennifer and I have to disagree with him.  I just don't remember it that way.  :)  Food shows up and we really enjoyed the evening air in Santa Fe.  We sat and laughed like crazy.  It was really nice to just chill and enjoy the company of our great friends.  We decide since we are having to get up so early and head to Cimarron to meet up with the Biggs, we better get some sleep.  We clean up our stuff, and head in for the evening.  Great day, and I just know tomorrow is going to be another great one.  We will head out at 7am (Oklahoma Time) and make our ride to Cimarron.
Time for bed.  :)