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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 2 of Memorial Weekend

We get up and walk over to the little restaurant next to the Motel 6 we stay at in Amarillo.  Breakfast was really good, and since we have our stomachs full, it is time to pack up the bikes and head on to Santa Fee.  It is a nice cool morning, and supposed to get pretty warm in Amarillo.  We stop at Tripp's Harley Davidson, and give them some of our money.  Found a really cool red, white and blue shirt.  Gassed up and ready to get on the road, we head down I-40 to Tucumcari.  That is where we will make our next pit stop.  Nothing exciting along the way.  Just a really big head wind.  This along with going up in altitude makes for some bad gas mileage.  Next stop is Clines Corner.  We do a little shopping there, and get more gas.  Plans are to eat at Madrid.  Was really nice to get off I-40 and go North for awhile.  The Turquoise Trail is really a nice road.  Amazing how you drop down into a very nice canyon.  Arriving at around 12:30 in Madrid, we park the bikes, and walk down to the Ghost Town Kitchen.

 This is the little place that Carolyn and I got the wonderful chocolate chili cake last year.  The guys call Madrid "artsy fartsy" and it really is, but I also think there are some really talented people there.  We eat our lunch, and I had to have a piece of that cake.  Jud had a mixed berry cobbler, and Chuck had an apple strudel.  The cake was as good as it was last year.  Everyone got a bite of it, and agreed it was pretty darn good.  We walk around and get the usual photos.  Walk in to Maggie's and find some really cool spyder jewelry.  Will have to bring Dianna back here on Sunday and let her see what we found for her.

 It is time to get on into Santa Fe and get checked in our room.  First we stop at the Harley shop and see what they might have that we might need.  Chuck and I come out with some lip balm, and Jennifer and Steve buy a few things.  I think Linda got something too.  We try real hard to keep these places in business when we come to their stores.  OK, shopping is done, lets find the motel.  We are staying at the Silver Saddle Motel.  They are working on the road in front of the motel.  It is right next door to "Jackalopes", and I see a sign that says Jackalopes and points.  So I tell Chuck to head that way.  All was good till the blacktop runs out before we can get to the motel.  We have to "offroad" it for a little bit.  Nothing like an offroad adventure in the middle of town.  I knew that the drive was rock, and that is a thumbs down for us bikers, but seems like that is a norm around here.  We will just have to deal with the rocks, cause there isn't any concrete for us to park on.  At the motel we check in, and we are next door to the Alvey's.  Our room is #7 (Annie Oakley) and the Alvey's are in room #8 (Billy the Kid).  Jud and Linda are in room #12 (Calamity Jane)  and Diana & Chris will have room #11 when they get here tomorrow.  The place is clean, and the beds seem to be nice.  Wish they were kingsize, but this is the best they can do.  Jennifer and I walk over to the liquor store that is on the corner not a block away from the motel.  Didn't have any of the usual brands we are used to, but we go ahead and buy a premixed margarita.  Find some cherry vodka too, so we are all fixed up.

Back at the motel, we go out to their little patio area, and sit down to chill for a bit.  The drinks were really good and the longer we sit there, the less we were interested in leaving to get something to eat.  Jennifer talks to the guy at the front desk, and he gives her 3 different pizza places to call.  Jen orders us a couple of pizza's and some coke, and we just stay in the rest of the evening.  The boys really must have liked the margaritas as they drank almost the whole jug.  Jennifer and I finally got the right consistency of cherry vodka to coke right.  Linda is drinking her crown and coke, and Jud is the designated driver for tonight I guess, cause he didn't drink anything.  He says he is on some new meds and didn't want to mix liquor with it.  Works for us.  We are really not feeling too much pain by now.  Now, I have to say at this point, Jud informs me the next day that I was a bit tipsy.  Jennifer and I have to disagree with him.  I just don't remember it that way.  :)  Food shows up and we really enjoyed the evening air in Santa Fe.  We sat and laughed like crazy.  It was really nice to just chill and enjoy the company of our great friends.  We decide since we are having to get up so early and head to Cimarron to meet up with the Biggs, we better get some sleep.  We clean up our stuff, and head in for the evening.  Great day, and I just know tomorrow is going to be another great one.  We will head out at 7am (Oklahoma Time) and make our ride to Cimarron.
Time for bed.  :)

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  1. It was really great to get into New Mexico. I loved the state line sign. The off road adventure through road construction was kinda funny. The motel was really cute. They had some interesting things to read in the room about Billy the kid. Seeing the different types of buildings and houses was really cool. Madrid was a really neat place. Lots to look at and it was fun to see the Wild Hogs set at Maggie's Diner. (I made a mental note to watch Wild Hogs again when I got home.). At the end of the day watching Steve and Chuck get a bit loaded was pretty funny. Had a good time with my photo ap that adds effects to the pictures. It was a really nice day.