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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 3 of Memorial weekend

We are up and on the bikes at 7am so we can ride to Cimarron to meet up with Chris and Diana. They are riding from Clayton NM and we are riding from Santa Fe. Chuck has planned this all out and we are having lunch at the St. James hotel. It was in the 40's as we pull out, but really a nice clear day for a ride. Our route is to go to Taos and we part of the Enchanted Circle to Eagles Nest and then the canyon road on to Cimarron. Made really good time and Dianna and Chris were already there when we pulled up. I didn't realize that Bob Funk had purchased the old haunted hotel.

 He has given the place a nice face lift and yet left the old look intact. Breakfast was great and we checked out some of the hotel. Think we need to look into staying there for a night next time.

Time to head on to Red River. As we came thru the canyon the first time, jud commented about a dead fox he saw on the roadside. Not there as we came by this time....hmmm...where did that dead fox go??? Plans are to stop in Eagles Nest and take off our helmets so we can get a good picture as we had into Red River. Pictures are taken and we can pick them up sometime around lunch. We find some good spots to park, so we get all our stuff put away and we head out to check out the vendors. The vendors are really slimming down. Seems like every year there are fewer and fewer. The usual 100 plus tshirt vendors are there. Wish the guy that does the leather legs would have been there as Jennifer was really wanting to get a pair. Chuck got me a pair of the personal ear plugs. They are pink, and I think I am going to really like them. We eat at the little sandwich place and it has expanded since we was there last year.  We go by and get our pictures that were taken on top of the ridge.  I think everyone was great.

 We all purchased them.  I had to run back to the ear guy to pick up my ear plugs, so we made it back down the hill to the vendor.  He showed me how to put them in my ears and gave me a pink box to keep them in.  We will see how they work when we get on the road again.  As we are walking back to the bikes, we walk in the tshirt booth that they put the bling on any of their shirts, or sweatshirts, or pants.  Dianna finds a couple of cool spyder blings, and has them put on a shirt.  She gets another shirt and has a skull design on it.  The shirts look really cool.  Well, it is time to get on the bikes, and ride the rest of the Enchanted Circle.  We make it through town, and have to say it was really starting to fill up.  The wind is really high today, as it was yesterday, and so funny for it to be so breezy in Red River.

We ride to the leather store in Taos, and make a stop there.  We all browsed and we girls touched almost everything in the place.  Didn't buy a thing, but we touched it.  :) It's a "girl thang".  Back on the bikes and on our way back to Santa Fe, and I made the suggestion to stop at the DQ in Espanola.  We ride through the traffic mess in Taos.  You would sure think they would come up with a by-pass to make it a little easier to get around.  It was really warm, but at least the tree lined streets of Taos helped a little bit.  The DQ was a great idea, as it was time to get something to cool us down.  Chuck didn't go with his usual dip cone, and he regretted it, cause the grape thing he got didn't agree with his stomach.  Nothing like being on the bike and having an upset stomach.  We run across the street and get gas, and as we girls are outside talking about the evening ahead of us, we come up with this great idea.  We get some tequila and some margarita mix at the gas station.  It is amazing that you can get liquor at a gas station. We are making our way back to the motel, and do our usual turn around at the light, and hear a guy in a truck holler something.  I didn't hear what he said, but Chris says it was directed at him.  Told Chris "that isn't a real bike".....well, I really don't know what you would call it, and it sure beat the POS he was driving.  LOL    Back at our motel, we take over the patio again and have us some liquid refreshments. As we are sitting there, Chuck goes out to the bike and notices that Ginger has some oil spots under her.  She is leaking oil again.  This is just what we don't want.  Thought they had fixed this problem before we got on the road.  The Harley dealership is closed, and we didn't bring any extra oil.  Same thing as last week, who would think that a bike with less than 5000 miles would be needing oil.  To say the least, Chuck is not a happy camper.  It is time for him to drink a margarita and not worry about it for a while.  The talk of food came up, and I had noticed this place across the street to eat.  It was called something Castro's.  It was Mexican food...imagine that...LOL

Amazing how the restaurants aren't air conditioned very much here.  We are so used to being cool, and they just open the door and let the wind come through.  Food was good, and as we leave the place, we girls decide to walk to the liquor store and get some more margarita stuff.  Can never have too much you know.  Guess what we have will have to do, as the liquor store is closed.  The guys stayed down by "Cheeks" the gentlemens club that was next to the restaurant we ate at.  We come back empty handed, and they are still standing in the same spot.  You should have heard the stories we were hearing about them not being able to find the door.  Millions of excuses.  Back across the street safely, we go back to our rooms and pull out some chairs and get our stash of liquor out and have a little party in front of our rooms.  It think we made a few people mad, as we was sitting in the parking spaces in front of our room and they wanted to park there, but that was just too darn bad.  Our bikes don't take up as much room as their cars do, so they can just deal with it.  We sit around and laugh and make all kinds of comments about Ginger and her oil problem.  Going to see if the dealership is open tomorrow and run her by there.  If not, we will go to plan B.  Not sure what that is at this time, but I am sure there will be a plan B.
Poor Ginger has a drip  :(

Time to call it an evening, and get some sleep.  Been a long day, with loads of fun.  Don't have to get up early tomorrow, so we plan to leave around 9am (NM time) and go to the flea market.  Great day in New Mexico.  Lots of fun. I know the end of these days are leitmotif, but I think you will find that a lot in our trips.  When something works, why change it.  LOL  (by the way, leitmotif was my new word for the day, and I just had to use it.)


  1. Wow. The morning came EARLY. I felt kinda bad as we were a tad bit slow getting around at first. The hotel was really cool. I was wanting to check for the ghosts on my ghost detector but I didn't think about it until we were leaving. Maybe next time I can scare myself lol. Breakfast was great. I don't remember being hungry the rest of the day. The trip to Red River was amazing. I had never seen mountains with snow on top of them before. I enjoyed all the vendors. All I picked up was a new bandana but it was still fun to look. I even could have gotten a tattoo if I had wanted. I doubt I ever get one. All the pictures on the way in turned out great. The ride back was just as beautiful as the ride in. Still just as breathtaking. We never did discover the mystery of the disappearing road kill. On the way back we got some drink stuff from the gas station. It was so weird to be able to buy liquor there. He told us Walgreens had a better selection. Seriously?!?! The taco salad I had at the place across from the hotel was good. I am glad I didn't get anything with chile sauce on it because every one else who got it was on fire. Crossing the street on foot with all the road construction was really kinda scary. That was one busy road. Loved sitting around unwinding at the end of the day. The evenings were quite pleasant. That bed felt really good at the end of the day.

  2. So glad you guys were able to come with us and experience New Mexico. It is a really interesting state. Would love to know more about it. So many things to do and riding is wonderful. Looking forward to many more trips to this state. Glad you guys enjoyed it. :)