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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 4 of Memorial Weekend

Have to say this day didn't start out too great.  Chuck was all upset about Ginger and the oil issue.  He has decided to go to Walmart and try to find some oil.  Diana has called the Harley dealership and they are not open today.  I think we all were having withdrawal from Walmart, as I have to say,  I see smiles on all my girlfriends faces.  LOL....Chuck says their stock has probably gone down a point or two since we girls haven't been in one in a few days.  Of course we knew they wouldn't have the oil we need, but Chuck picked out the best one he thought would work.  At this point in the game, if it burns up, she just burns up.  They should have fixed it right in the first place.  (can you feel my anger!!  LOL)
Oil has been put in Ginger and we are heading to the Flea Market....and yes, it is on Flea Market Rd. Wind is really howling today, and supposed to have gust to 50.  Great, we will be sandblasted for sure.  Flea market was really fun.  I think all the girls found some "treasures".  I know I did.  Chuck got me a wonderful cow hide.  We actually was able to fold it in a way that it fit quite well in the tour pack of the bike.  Chuck says we are going to lay it under Ginger for her to drip oil on.  I don't think so!!!  Goodies all packed away, we are heading back to Madrid, as Diana & Chris didn't get to make our trip there on Friday.  We had some spyder stuff for Diana to look at.  We take the bypass route thru Santa Fe, and guess what, I find the "other" flea market that I have heard about in one of my decorating magazines, but we don't stop.  Chuck offers, but I know we have a lot of stuff to do today.  There is always next time.  :)  (road trip anyone)

We drive into Madrid and it is really hopping today.  Not a very parking friendly little town.  You really have to search.  We was able to park at the Mine Shaft Tavern again.  The wind is kicking up the dirt so badly, our bikes are going to be covered.  Lunch is on our minds, and we go into the tavern.  The lady says it will be about a 30 minute wait.  As we walked towards the bar, there was this old dog laying on the foot stoop of the bar itself.  The old man that was sitting with her talked to Jud, and he even got a picture or two of her. There is an outside waiting area, so we get something cold to drink, and walk out to the patio area.  As hot as it is in the sun, when you are in the shade, it is quite nice.  Don't think we had to wait 30 minutes, but with this group, we are always laughing so much, who really knows.  Our table is ready, and we are ready to get some food.  Started looking around the dining room, and noticed some pictures on the wall.  They were pics of the old dog we saw earlier.  Guess the old cowboy is an artist.  He paints his dog.  The pictures were interesting but I don't think I would buy one for the $1300 price tag that he had on them.  Guess it is a New Mexico thing.  LOL....but not taking one back to Oklahoma thank you.

Seems like most of the guys got a buffalo burger.  Jennifer had fish and chips, and I had BLT.  Diana had some enchilada's, and you know, I can't remember what Linda had to eat.  Seemed like everyone enjoyed it.  The waiter was really nice, and seemed to take care of us pretty well.
We are off, shop and more shop.

Walk around and check out all the stores.  Take Diana to Maggies, as this is where we found her spyder jewelry.  She liked what we had found, and she purchased it.
We check out a few more shops, and find a few more spyder pieces.  Diana is really doing good this trip.  I take a pic of the guys, they are on the other side of the road, and I think this old man thought I was taking a pic of him.  They looked like a "Pack of Moles" going down the road.  LOL
Moles spotted in Madrid 

Next stop in the little town of Chimayo.  Yes we are going to check out Frank Jones bathroom again.  We road the "high road to Taos" to get there.  It really is a very scenic ride.  Linda said it reminded her of The Bad Lands and it really does have the same look. Wind is still really bad, but we trudge on.  Dropping into Chimayo this direction brings you right into the church parking lot.  Here I told Jud there would be concrete.  Well, there was some, just not for us.  It was all for handicapped.  We are all handicapped, just don't have the stickers.  Don't think they give them to "Moles".

Everyone was impressed with the bathroom, and also the little church.  We walk through the church and notice some Nuns sitting and praying.  Not really very crowded today, and was actually enough room to walk around.  The room that has the "holy dirt" wasn't even that full.  Saw a fire extinguisher as we walk out, and Steve made a comment that it was there for him and Chuck.  Guess he was thinking they might burst into flames...LOL

OK, we have seen the church, so we load back up and head to the next attraction.  Chuck has seen a sign that say Nambe
Riding back into Santa Fe, we take the turn to head downtown.  We get to park right in the square.  Was fun for everyone to see the Indians all sitting around selling their jewelry.  Nothing was purchased.  But we looked.  Blue Corn was the destination for dinner.  It is so much fun walking around in this town.  The stores are so interesting.  So many pretty things to wear, and decorate with.  Nice to sit down for awhile out of the wind, and just sit and chill.  Diana and Jennifer got them a fancy drink...raspberry something.  Looked good, but the margarita was good that I had.
We walk back to bikes and get ready to leave, and The Spyder has been getting a lot of attention since they parked.  A very nice couple was talking to Diana & Chris, and then they walked down by us and talked a bit more.  Funny how people will just walk up to you and start talking.  Enjoy meeting people from all areas of the USA. 
This is our last evening in New Mexico, and I can only speak for myself, but I have really had a great time these last few days.  I ask everyone what their favorite part of the trip was, and I can remember a few of them, but would love for everyone to tell it in their own words.  I hope that everyone will respond to the blog.  It is really hard to remember all the fun stuff that goes on while we are riding and going to different places, and I would love to have other input on it.
Time to pack up and chill out cause we have a pretty long day ahead of us.  I think the wind is NOT going to be kind to us. All the weather apps. are saying gusting winds.  Time to rest, cause we pull out at 7 bells tomorrow. Goodnight Santa Fe.  :)

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