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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 5 Memorial Weekend 5-31-11

We are up and ready to pull out at 7am, and it is nice and cool, and the wind is not very high as of yet.  Lupe is really having some problems since we left on Thursday.  We will be riding and she doesn't even show we are on a road.  Chuck had updated it before we left, and wonder if something just didn't download right.  On the way out of Santa Fe, she was leading us down another road.  I think the others thought we had lost our minds, but we was just following Lupe.  We are making it down the road to Clines Corner, and as we get out into the open plains, the wind starts blowing.  It is out of the west.  We stop at Clines Corner to get gas and get some breakfast.  Seems like everyone is cold.  Linda had questioned if she should wear her chaps today or not.  Guess she didn't remember our story about Carolyn and Mark.  If she had, there would be not question.  LOL

Heading to our next stop of Tucumcari, we have a pretty nice ride.  The wind is to our back and we are really sailing.  It is starting to warm up a bit by the time we get to Tucumcari.  Time to get rid of some clothes.
The wind becomes the common denominator in this ride.  It never lets up, if anything it keeps getting worse.  Going around semi's is an art.  Never know which way the wind is going to throw you around.  My neck is so tired from just trying to hold my head up.
We get to Amarillo and plan on eating at Blue Sky.  Guess what, they are closed.  Rudy's is just down the road so looks like that is where we will eat.  Can't really go wrong with Rudy's.
 We cool off, as it is really hot, and get out of the wind for a while.  Go ahead and get gas at Rudy's and we are ready to hit the road again.
Riding along, and Chuck says if I could see him now, I would be scared.  Seems like his helmet keeps moving, and when he adjust it, it pulls down his doo-rag...

.so since he has his face mask on too, I guess there is just a little sliver for his eyes.  Not good, not good at all.  We pull into Shamrock Tx. and get gas, and there is a DQ next door so we head over there to get some drinks and ice cream.

 So nice to get out of the dirt and wind.  Standing in line to get our order, Chuck clicks his heels together and says "there's no place like home".....hate to say it, but it didn't work, we were still in Shamrock.  Steve made the comment that the wind was "brutal" and I have to totally agree with that comment.  :)
We get to Oklahoma line and guess what, the wind is still blowing.  Yep, still!!!!

We make it to Weatherford, OK. and get gas, and discuss our day.  We say our goodbyes to everyone as this will be our last stop before we get home.  HOME!!!!  Looking forward to that.  Anything to get out of the weather.  As we rode, I wondered if I ask this question what answers I would here goes.  If you had your choice of elements to ride in, and your choices were #1 Rain, #2 high wind, and #3 Cold, which would you choose.  It will be interesting to see if anyone answers this.  I think they all stink, but when you are on a bike, you just have to suck it up and do it.  :)
Jud & Linda are the first to peel off.
Wonderful time with them...Next ones to exit are Chuck and I , and Diana & Chris get off at the same exit.  We wave goodbye to the Alveys.  They still have a pretty long ride to get home.
Had a really good time on this trip.  Loved the place we stayed....I know the rock drive was a pain, but the patio and hospitality was great.  As far as the company, I can't say enough about the people we ride with.  They are all such great people, and I am so glad we have so much fun together.  Never know what is going to happen, or who is going to do it, but that is part of the fun.  Thanks to all that went with us, and hope it was a great ride for you as well.  Mileage 1535 for us.  By the way, Ginger will be going to Harley World in the morning.  Hope they fix her.  Over and out.  :)

I snapped these pics of the weather information as we rode in.  Notice the wind gust.  

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