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Friday, June 10, 2011

FNDR 6-10-11 Jakes Rib, Chickasha

We had a very nice turn out tonight.  We meet at Harley World and have 4 bikes and one car to meet up with 2 more bikes in Blanchard.  Had a total of 14 people.  We were all very very hungry by the time they got our table ready.  The service was really good, and I thought my ribs were really good.  Weather was coming into Oklahoma City area, but we were all good and dry.  Think all of us could have drank a gallon of water.  They were really busy it being a Friday night in Chickasha America, but overall it was an OK evening.  So nice to see everyone, as usual.  Not sure we will be going back any time soon, but now that one can be crossed off our list of places to go.  Sad part of it all is that Alan Darling was the one the recommended it, and he wasn't able to make it tonight.  Attending tonight were.  The Alvey's, The Scoggin's, Tom McRae John Sebrant, The Jone's, Keven and Wendy and us.

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