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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Palo Dura Canyon 6-25-11

We all meet at the little restaurant across the street from the motel for breakfast.  So funny, cause the waitress tells us we have to share the menu's as they only have 4 of them left.  Maybe we should take one to Kinko and get them some copies made.  Was getting a bit worried about Frank, cause we have all ordered our food, and still no Frank.  I ask John what his room number is, and I walked back over to the motel to see if he was in his room.  I knock on the door a couple of times, and no one comes to the door.  By the time I have walked back over to the motel our food is coming out, so decide to eat, and find Frank in a bit.  Well, didn't have to go look for him, he showed up.  We were getting a bit worried about him.  I asked Frank what was his room number, and he tells me.  I guess I was knocking on the wrong door, cause the door I was banging on wasn't Franks room.  Oh my!!!   :)  Breakfast is over and we decide to go to Tripp's Harley Davidson and do a bit of shopping.  OK, shopping is done, and I am getting some text from Linda that they are getting close to Amarillo.  We head to the liquor store, and plan to meet Linda & Jud at Walmart, which is across the street from the liquor store.  We may have scared the liquor store guy to death.

 Heck it is 11am, and all these people pull up on bikes, and come running into his store.  You can imagine what he was thinking.  We are browsing, and here come Linda and Jud.  So now we have everyone together, and it is time to make a run to Walmart.  Some are buying swim suits, and I am getting some fruit for us to snack on.  Diana and Carolyn pick up some pop corn.  Actually Carolyn purchased some Pirates Booty.  Yes, that is correct...pirates booty.....LOL..... Back on the bikes with our newly purchased stuff at Walmart, we head back to the motel.    After we get our new stuff put away, some of us go to Blue Sky to get a bite for lunch.  The Alvey's and Frank and John stayed behind, and sat at the pool.  Plans are to eat, and come back and get in the water.  Getting pretty hot, and it sounds wonderful. 
                                                                                                                               Blue Sky was busy as usual, and seems like it was getting busier every minute.  I sure wish we had one of these in Oklahoma.  Such a neat place.  Diana finds a really cool t-shirt she buys.  It is a desert camo with Blue Sky on it.
Back at the motel (again) and time to get in the pool.  Oh my, it is really hot, and that water looks really great.

Guess was really really COLD.....oh yes, COLD.....Took a very long time to adjust to that temperature.  Felt pretty good after you finally get used to it, but I can't believe how cold it was.  So nice to sit around and chill for a bit and eat fruit and popcorn and pirate booty.   We are leaving at 4pm to head to the canyon.

 It is really hot, and windy.  As we pull into the canyon, they have a thermometer set up in several places, and it is registering over 110 degrees.  I think we are in hell!!!!  We make a loop thru the canyon, and go back to the parking area for the play.  They direct us to an area to park the bikes.  They come by and have them move...not once, but twice.  Finally we get in a parking area that they are happy with.  :)  They were concerned about the big buses pulling in and making a wide turn and hitting the bikes.  I would rather be in an area that they are comfortable with.  The wind has really started to kick up, but actually feels pretty good, cause if it wasn't blowing we would all be toast. They start lining up to eat a little before 6.  Food was the same as we had last time.  The potatoes were great.  Chuck and I didn't think the steaks were as good as before....and that wind I was talking about, well, it was whipping up we had a sand storm to deal with towards the end of our meal.  Linda & Jud are meeting some of her family here tonight, so they head off to find them.

 We have no cell service in the canyon, which seems so strange.  Can't imagine life without or cell phones.  They don't let you start going into the theatre area until about 7:45, so we have a pretty long wait between eating and getting seated for the play.  Got to meet Linda's family.  Her cousin and her husband were very nice.  He is a pharmacist  and has his own pharmacy in Amarillo.  He got to talking about healthy stuff, and have to say, he was very interesting.  As soon as I get back to civilization, I am going to download this app that he was talking about.  Eating right 4 your type.  Interesting app, and it makes a lot of sense.   It is still pretty warm by the time we get to our seats, and we are ready for it to start cooling down.  The play was great.  Got a big kick out of Linda, as she thought she had been shot when the lightening storm came up, and the tree gets hit by the lightening.  I guess the ones sitting behind her really got a kick out of how high she jumped. I ask everyone during intermission if they liked it, and I think it was a thumbs up for all.  Diana said she thought the beginning was a little slow, and I have to agree with her on that.  Funny how I have seen the play for 4 or 5 times now, and there is parts that I don't remember.  It really is a good play.  :)  The sky is beautiful and you can see the stars so clearly.  We wait for the parking lot to empty so we don't have to fight traffic.  It was a really nice, and cool ride back to the motel.  I think it was close to midnight by the time we make it back.  Decide to sit at the pool again and finish up the margaritas.  We end up sitting there till close to 2am.  Oh that is not going to be good, as we are getting up and leaving for Oklahoma at 6 bells.  We have a fire alarm at, we are going to be worn out tomorrow.  Oh well, you know how it play, you pay  :)

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