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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Red River Memorial Weekend 5-26. 5-30

Plans are to head out around 6pm and meet up with Jud and Linda and Jennifer and Steve to head to Amarillo for the night. Carolyn and Mark were originally going with us but Mark wasn't up to the ride yet, so Diana and Chris are going to take their room in Santa Fe. Diana can't get off work till Friday so they are going to meet up with us on Saturday. Wish they could have made the trip tonight with us but we understand. Sometimes a person just has to work.
Mark was trying to get there anyway
he could  :)
We actually got a earlier start cause Steve was able to leave work earlier. We met them at the Braums in Yukon about 5:15. Will meet the Websters in El Reno. Well, all I can say is don't let Linda and I plan a meeting place cause we can screw up any plan. :) between the two of us we thought they would just jump on the highway and join us.   I text her that we was almost there, and she decides she need to go to the bathroom. The rendevous didn't work... We was about 7 miles ahead of them and they are doing their best to catch up with us. We get together and now we can start out road trip. Stopping in Sayre for gas and decide to go ahead and get some food. Denny's is now at the flying j. We had a good meal with an okay waitress. She had to be new cause she didn't seem to have a clue as to what was going on. Fueled and tummies full we head on to Amarillo. The sunset was really pretty tonight.  I was able to get a few pics of it.  Wind is really strong from the south and by the time we make Amarillo all our necks need a rest. We arrive at 10:15 pm. Time to rest cause we will be in Santa Fe in the afternoon.

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  1. Steve called me and let me know he got off early. We got loaded up and headed out to meet up with Diane and Chuck. Traffic was terrible. We finally made it. Denny's took forever with our food. At least it tasted ok. Made it safely to our first stop in Amarillo. Was excited to head out to New Mexico in the morning.