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Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 10 Niagara Falls 7-1

I hear bikes pulling out a little after 6 this morning.  We are down to 4 now. Yestereday as we was riding this guy had a hot tar truck, and it started spewing hot tar out, and guess the 3 bikes behind us really got coated. Think Spydie got the worst of it. It is covered all over..their helmet got sprayed too. Chris was up and gone before 8 this morning to go to Cowtown to see if they had anything to take the spray off the bike. They give him some soy based lubricant and it. It's it really easy. Glad he was able to get it cleaned off.

 We do some riding around Cuba, and I take some pics of the murials that have on the buildings downtown. Cute little town.
 We ride some if the roads around the area. Beautiful place. We have decided to chill till around 6 and then go ahead and pack up and start towards home. This way we wont be killed by the heat. I get a text from Jennifer close to 4pm and looks like they have made it home safely. I hear from Carolyn about 5pm and she said they made it home safely too.
We are on the road a little after 5 and we actually have some cloud cover.  There are some storms and looks like we are heading straight towards them.  We actually miss the storms, and just drive thru dry roads, that are still a bit steamy on the sides.  Very pleasant to this point.  We stop in Lebanon to eat at a Wendy's and there is another Spyder there.  The gentlemen was walking out as we were getting off the bikes.  He and Chris got to talk a little bit, and looks like he was heading towards Cuba and spend a couple of days there.  He was from Tennessee and he was excited to see another Spyder.   Have to say, the Spyder has really been a hit....teasing Chris that I am going to get some information packets typed up, so he can just put them on the bike, and people can help themselves to them.  LOL   It really is a cool bike and it really gets a lot of looks!!!!  Bellies are full and we are on the road again.  We actually miss all the storms, and have some really great weather to ride in.  We make some excellent time and everyone is driving pretty well.  We are just over the Oklahoma border and Chris tells Chuck that he is really needing gas.  We pull off at the Afton exit, and we just get off the road about a 1/2 mile from the toll gate, and Chris radios to us that he is dead in the water.  He is OUT OF GAS!!!!  I had been telling Chuck that I thought he was pushing it a bit, but he didn't think so.  It is dark, and I mean dark...Chris got out his 1 gallon gas tank and Chuck and I took off to get some gas.  I really don't think we was gone more than 15 minutes at the most.  I hopped off the bike and pumped .88 gal. of gas in the tank, and we was back on the bike and pulling up to Diana & Chris.  Chuck lets me off the bike, and he has to find a place to turn around.  There is construction all around the place, so he has to go pretty far to turn around.  By the time he gets back, Chris has the gas in the bike, and he is putting his extra container back in the trailer.  The bike starts right up.  We go on back to the gas station and fill up.  Wow, this was an interesting thing to happen.  I guess Chuck will be paying more attention to how many miles Spydie can actually do.  I think Chris said he got 158 miles out of that tank.  So glad we had pulled off the turnpike.  Can't imagine how bad that could have been.

We are back on the road, and there are fireworks all over the place.  It is really a nice cool evening, and was a really nice ride.  So glad we decided to ride tonight.  Sure beats the heck out of dealing with the 100 plus days we are having.  We stop again in Tulsa to fill up, and we have just gotten back on the road, and we see a shooting star...It was right in front of us.  Radioed back to the Biggs to see if they saw it, and they did.  It was really a large one.  I see several deer on the side of the road eating.  Just glad they are eating and not running.  We decide to make a final pit stop at the Seven Eleven on Northwest Expressway, and say our final goodbyes.  Told Diana to be sure and let me know they get home safely. We make it to the house at 2am.  Very enjoyable ride home.  So glad to see my doggies.  Think they missed their mom and dad too:)

Day 8 Niagara Falls 6-30

We started out at 9 to go downtown to the Harley Museum so we can get tickets for the "steel toe tour". We get the museum and find out they are having tours to the factory on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays now. We go ahead and get our tickets and we are on the 12:30 tour.
 We walk through the museum and really enjoyed all the exhibits. The bikes were really set up very well. Amazing to me how they have been able to archive all the bikes, letters, medals, and old movie footage and was able to put it all together in such a wonderful way.

 We finish looking at all the stuff, and we walk over to the place where our rivet is at. Was so nice to actually see it in person.

 Time to get something to drink, and they have a nice little cafe to sit and get refreshed. As we sit there we notice it is a little after 11 so we go ahead and get a sandwich and wait for the bus to take us to the factory.
 The nicest guy is getting everyone ready to board the bus. He gets us all in the bus, and he starts getting us ready for the tour.

 He explains we will need steel toe boots and he has these cap type covers that we have to wear. Kinda interesting... :). We watch a safety movie as we are riding towards the factory. There are strict rules we have to follow while in the plant, and no picture are allowed. Imagine that!!! As we pull into the factory parking lot, he is explaining about where everyone parks, and there were quite a few bike in the designated parking areas. We are wearing safety goggles, and everyone has their own walkie talkies so we can hear our guide talk. Can't remember the guys name, but we really got a good one I think. He was really full of information. I know the guys probably weren't as impressed as we girls were, but I thought it was a really nice tour. It took about an hour and twenty minutes to make it though the factory. It is like 16 football fields long. Pretty cool place. As the tour ends, they shuffle us back to the main lobby area, and he gives us our picture of the group that he took the first of the tour. Was a great picture.

We bought some t-shirts out of a vending machine, and have to say that was a first for all of us. We turn in our shoes and our safety glasses and board the bus to take us back to the museum. Our guide ask us some questions about our tour and if you got the right answer you win a temporary  Tattoo. Was fun and passed the time going back. He was really a good guide, and I made sure I told him so. He says we will get a survey and we can express our thoughts to them. He will get good remarks from me that is for sure. Back at the museum we go to the x-factor another part of the museum and it really had some interesting stuff. We are about to walk out from the building and one of the ladies that works there is trying to thread a needle. Guess all of them had tried to thread it, and Carolyn gave it a try. She was able to get it threaded. Way to go Carolyn.
Was told if we get downtown  we had to go to the Iron Horse Bar and Hotel and get a drink. We find parking and find a table that will work, and we order some drinks and kettle chips.

No chips and salsa here. The drinks were very expensive and not even that good. Our bill was over $90 for us, and all Carolyn and Mark had was water and a coke. Well we can say we did it. We go back to the museum area to eat and hang around for bike night. We eat at the restaurant and the food was good, and was a little more dollar friendly. Bikes are starting to come in for the bike night, so we find an area to stand and sit and watch people. Overall bike night wasn't very exciting, but Steve got his bike washed and we got pictures to prove it.

 Weather has been a bit overcast, and we see some dark clouds off to the east. The guys pull it up the weather apps on their phones, and it looks like it is following the shoreline and not going to affect us. Some girls come by with  free samples of a new liquor called American Honey by Wild Turkey, it was really tasty. We hang out for a while longer and decide we have seen about enough and start towards the motel. None of us are sure where our motel is, so Chuck plugs in one and we are off. Guess what, it isn't that location. At least we got to go the scenic route and see more of the city. Would be great to be able to spend some time here and check out the sites. Oh well, that just means another trip sometime. Back at the abode we go up to the dining area and do what we do best, talk. Watching the news we see that rain is supposed to be moving in for the next few days, so the guys start talking about maybe going ahead and checking out of motel and start towards home. Chris mentions that the new " spiders" the high performance ones are supposed to be at the dealership on Friday, and we hatch an idea to go ahead and leave tomorrow morning. Since Mark and Carolyn weren't here for the plans guess we need to talk to them tomorrow and see if they would be OK with it. I think at this point in the trip, the Alvey's and the Scoggin's are about done with this excellent adventure.

Day 9 Niagara Falls 6-31

As we walk out of our rooms to eat we meet up with Mark. He says they are both very tired and are just going to stay in today. Well, I tell him that we are thinking about going ahead and checking out today and make some miles back  towards home to beat the rain. We go ahead and sit down and eat, and Diana & Chris,and Jennifer and Steve show up, and we discuss the plans that we discussed last night. Rains are definitely coming and if we wait another day we will be right in it for sure. Diana &I go down and tell Mark and Carolyn we have all decided to head south. They agree, and we all start packing up to head towards Cuba, Missouri. It is around 10 and we are on the road. The heat index is supped to be over 100 today, and as we pull out there is a cloud cover and it makes for a nice ride. We actually run into a little rain, and it would dry on you before you knew it. Would be nice to have that type of ride all day, but we couldn't be that lucky. Each time we stop to get gas, it is getting a little warmer. Passing a guy that is a hot tar roofer, looks like his pot was overflowing and got the 3 bikes behind us.

 As we pull up to get gas, we are all checking the damage it did to the bikes.  This is going to be interesting to see how to get this stuff off.  This is the same stop that Diana makes a call to the Best Western in Cuba, Missouri  to see if they had any rooms. We hadn't even been thinking that this is a vey busy weekend with it being the  July 4th weekend. She is able to get us rooms, and we get there about 7:30. We are all vey hot tired and hungry. As we are checking in, Jennifer says that Steve is just wanting to stay one night and go ahead and head in tomorrow. Looks like we are going to loose Carolyn and Mark too. They are going to ride back with Steve. Guess it is a good thing we have the Biggs with us or we would be riding back by ourselves. I just hope eveyone understands that Chuck has been planning this trip for over a year.  If you have never planned 11 days on a bike, and how to get there, it takes a lot of research. The trip was altered a couple of times to accomodate the other riders in our group. We had said from the beginning it will be a tough trip. There will some down days, and there will be some days we have to hit it really hard. I just hope everyone has enjoyed the trip even if it was just a part of it. The heat has really been brutal and it doesnt look like it is letting up at all..we may be riding at night to try to make the ride home a little easier. Chris is trying to figure out what town we were in when the tar blew all over the bikes, and he and Steve are able to pinpoint it pretty well.  Looks like the Alvey's and the Scoggin's will be pulling out about 6 am to head home.  By the way, today was Steve's him a cookie for lunch from Subway, and picked up a card for him...signed by the Moles of special :)

Day 7 Niagara Falls 6-29

We are up and ready to grab some breakfast. We check out of our rooms and we go gas up and get breakfast. The same place we ate pizza has a little diner in it, so we eat breakfast there. It was really good. The guy that owns the place was the one that made the pizza, and now his cooks are making our breakfast. No complaints on it. It was great. Riding to Milwaukee today.  We go thru Green Bay, and somewhere along the way, Mark tells Chuck on the cb that we have lost sometime off the bike....Steve says, yes we did....guess we have lost our mudflap.

 I see a Harley Store close, so Chuck pulls off and we regroup and do a little shopping.  We are back on the road again, and there are so many beautiful barns along the way, a person can't take enough pictures.

We get to the Milwaukee Harley store, and have to say Loopy sure does know how to drive us through some of the seedy areas.  They have a beautiful muriel on the wall and Diana says her camera is dead, so I take a shot of it.  Glad she mentioned it, cause I didn't even notice it.  Dianna tells us about a place to eat, so we plug Kopps Frozen Custard and Burgers and we head to eat.

 There is no area to sit and eat inside. But there is an area outside that had a beautiful waterfall, and concrete seating. We sit and eat and it was really a good burger. Glad we was able to try it out. We are on our way to find a room for a couple of days, and we get on the highway, and the traffic is really busy. We miss our turn to the highway and Chris & Dianna were pretty far back and they didn't see we missed the turn. Chuck is trying to talk to Chris, and he is too far ahead of us. I start texting Dianna, and we are trying to figure out where we are at. Chuck is getting ready to make a turn and I see Spydie ahead of us about 5 cars. We regroup and get some gas, and head to a La Quinta that is close. We pull in and they have rooms, so looks like we have found home for a few days. We get in the rooms and all settled in, and Dianna and I walk to the gas station to get some ice for our ice chest. We ride to target to get some snack, and come back to mix some margaritas and borrow some chairs from the dining area, and we are set. We don't have a pool at this motel, but we made the best of the situation, :). Great day and evening. Tomorrow we are riding to the museum and go through it, and see about the factory tour.

Day 6 Niagara Falls 6-28

We are up and on the bikes at 8, and we have wet roads, and a little mist. We are all set with rain gear, but since it isn't really raining, we just put on the bottoms of our rain suits. Can't say anything very exciting happened, but I can tell you it was cold. I had on all my warm clothes, and my hands were really frozen. Mark was really frozen too.
 We stop to put on our rain suit tops as it was really starting to get soupy. Saved time cause we had on the bottoms. Mark made the comment that this is something new for him. Riding in the rain is something that none of us enjoy, but sometimes we just have to do it.

 Next stop for petro we are pealing off some of the rain gear, and I have to say its great to get rid of it. We make it to the border to get back into the USA.

 The bridge is really pretty that we crossed. Was so nice to see the USA flag!!!
  We pull into a lane and wait our turn, and we were back in the USA before we knew it. The guy at the border was really nice and really just talked to us. He was talking about living up in the UP. Had no idea what he was referring to, but the UP is Upper Peninsula, totally different world up here.

 We stop and eat at Studebaker's, in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

 The lady was really nice, and she sold a lot of hot chocolate and coffee to this group. It was really good....that was really all I wanted. Lol. We are back on the road and we are trying to make some miles, and it is still really cold. We rode Highway 2 which was the scenic route that follows the river. Really is a pretty area. We go through several cute towns, and we start to look for a place to stop for the night. We actually make it to sunshine. Never thought we would see it again, and we are all really soaking it up. We go past this little place that looks like a good place to stop, and we turn around and go back. We go back to the motel, and walk up to see if they have 4 rooms, and it seems to be a self service type place.

 That is all well and good, but we need 4 rooms. The lady comes out and we give her $60 for each room. She tells us that there is a pizza place up the road and tonight is buy one get one free night, so we know what we are going to eat. Pizza is ordered, and we are glad to be off the bikes and warm. Have a margarita and eat some really good pizza. So funny, cause Diana ordered it, and the guy says he will call her when it is almost ready. He actually called, and Diana and Chris drove down to get it. Jennifer walked to get some refreshments, and she tells us she actually saw a deer. He just stood there and looked at her. We missed it. Great evening, and so nice to chill.

Day 5 Niagara Falls 6-27

Today we leave our beautiful rooms and get back on the bikes and head to Sudbury Canada.

We stop at a little place to eat breakfast, and truly have to say, it was really good, and quick, and even well priced.  The lady that waited on us was really sweet.  It seems so strange to me to look up at a flag and see a Canadian flag flying instead of Old Glory.  We hit a lot of traffic in Ontario. The town is really large and so many people going so many directions. We make our way thru some beautiful country. Not a lot of traffic after we finally get out of Ontario area. We see signs that warn about moose and elk crossings. Really a pretty ride, but there just isn't very many towns between each other. We notice as we are riding, there are all these stacked rocks on top of the larger rocks along the road side.  Jennifer finds out from a local that they are called inukshuk.

I have attached the meaning to this below.  Jennifer was able to google it and find this out.  Was a very interesting thing to learn about.  Made our travels across the area a little more interesting.   We get to Sudbury and stop at the Harley store and the guy there was really helpful and he was able to find us a place to stay. Not sure why there was a Hurst sitting in front of the place when we rode up, and I failed to ask about it.  Too funny.

   We got rooms at the Travelodge. Not a bad little town. Known for producing nickle. Carolyn and Mark didn't weather too well today. They are really tired, and retire early. We walk to the boardwalk, and yep, that is just what it is. A boardwalk. The walk did us good, but really, we thought there should be more. We are now sitting in our rooms and Diana and Chris are here. Diana and I are in heaven cause we actually have wifi. We have been out of touch for a few days now, and it is time to get back with the world. Tomorrow we pull out at 8am. We are heading to Sault Ste. Marie, Canada and we will cross back into the USA. Can't wait to turn on my phone again. :).

Inukshuk (singular), meaning "likeness of a person" in Inuktitut (the Inuit language) is a stone figure made by the Inuit. The plural is inuksuit. The Inuit make inuksuit in different forms and for different purposes: to show directions to travellers, to warn of impending danger, to mark a place of respect, or to act as helpers in the hunting of caribou. Similar stone figures were made all over the world in ancient times, but the Arctic is one of the few places where they still stand. An inukshuk can be small or large, a single rock, several rocks balanced on each other, round boulders or flat. Inuit tradition forbids the destruction of inuksuit.

Day 4 Niagara Falls 6-26

We are up and ready to get this day started.  First thing on the list is to get some breakfast.  We go just outside the hotel, and there is a new Ihop, so guess where we are heading.  We sit down, and had no idea how long this breakfast was actually going to take.  Not sure if this is just a Canada thing or what, but it took forever.  It was good as far as I was concerned, but Chuck's eggs were cold.  We finally get the check and head down the big long hill to the boat ride.  It is a pretty long walk to the area, but we make it.  Tickets are like $13 each, and they have an area that you walk to an elevator, and the elevator takes us down to the ground floor.  Quite a few people are in this area, but again, they have things pretty well set up.  As we go through one area, they have us stand in front of this blue screen and took our picture.  Gave us a number and I guess we will see the results at the end of this adventure.  We get our cute little blue "smurf" rain suits to put on.  We all look alike.  A sea of blue is all you can see.  LOL....The boat is pretty loaded with tourist, and we don't even try to go to the upper deck, cause it is so full.  We stay on the lower deck, and I think it was probably a good idea, cause I think you would be pretty wet from all the mist otherwise.  The boat takes us by both falls....again I will say the Canadian falls are so much more pretty.  They are so big.  Amazing to be up close and personal with them.

 A french couple was standing taking some pictures, and I offered to take their picture with the falls to their back.  Then she offers to take Chuck and I's.  I really did appreciate her doing that.  I guess the ride was about 45 minutes, heck, I really don't know, but it was awesome.  I think we all enjoyed it.  We get back to land, and ditch our blue slickers, and notice they have an area to dispose of them and they recycle.

  Think Canada is all about this going green thing.  Love the idea, wish we were more proactive back in the states.  Overall the grounds are beautiful, and litter is really kept at bay.  Very clean town. As we are shuffled back up stairs, as we exit the elevator, a kid is standing there directing us to go to this booth to look at the picture they took behind the blue screen.  There we are....all of us, right in front of the falls.  We all decline on buying, except Jennifer and Steve.  They go ahead and purchase one.  We take out walking up the big hill at another street.  Seems like this is more the main drag.  Find the Harley shop and all the places to get food.  By the time we make it to the top of the hill, it is time to sit down and maybe eat something.  We find a place and we sit for a spell.  Again, we find the service to be very, very slow.  Beginning to think they just take their time in Canada.  Enjoy their meals.  We have things to do, but really was nice to just chill for awhile.  We The restaurant is an open air type place.  Got to sit and people watch for awhile.  Finally finished with lunch, we take out and do a bit more shopping.  We are actually pretty far from the hotel, but we make our way back to it.  At the hotel, we sit down and eat some gelato.  Very good!!!!  We all kinda regroup and go back to the rooms for a bit. As we are sitting up there, I get a picture of a rainbow over the Canadian side of the falls.

 The view is wonderful.  Decide to go to Shoeless Joe's and have a drink, before we go to eat at the Brasa Brazillian Steak House....It is a steak place in the hotel.  Jennifer & Steve decide to go give the casino some of their money, but who knows, they could go home a millionaire.  :)  We meet back up with the Alvey's to eat dinner.  The concept of this restaurant is they bring all different types of meat by your table, and you just tell them if you want any or not.  The waiter was really nice, and come to find out he rides, and his bike was parked next to ours in the parking garage.  The food was really great.  I didn't try very many of the different meats, as the sirloin that I had was just wonderful.

Was a really nice dinner, and I think everyone totally enjoyed it.  Back at our rooms by about 10pm, and we watch the fireworks from our 27th floor room.  I have said it before, but we really do have a great view.  Chuck really outdid himself on finding this hotel.  The day is ending, and it is our last night to stay here.  We will be getting up in the morning and start riding into Canada. Should be interesting.  :)

Day 3 Niagara Falls 6-25

6-25-11 Niagara Falls

We are all up and ready to go eat by 8 am.  Sitting with our door open waiting for everyone to get around, I am sitting I the room typing on my iPad doing my blog.  This man comes up to the door, and ask for some lady.  I tell him he is in the wrong room, and he proceeds to come on in.  By the time he makes about three steps into the room, Chuck appears at the door, and tells him he is in the wrong room.  Poor guy seems to not have it all together, and goes ahead and leaves.  As we are getting ready to walk to eat, we see him again, still looking for his room.  He has knocked on all the rooms across the way, and still hasn't found out  where he is supposed to be.  Steve called him a "window licker" and it just really cracked me up.  We eat at Bob Evans and it is really good.  Our waitress was really nice and took care of us well.  Packed up and ready to get on the road, as this is our day we reach Canada!!! It is pretty cool and I go ahead and put on my chaps, and I am glad I did.  We have cloud cover the whole day.
Stop for gas just outside of Cleveland, and as we are finishing up this strange rocket car pulls up to get gas.

The lady says it was an old amusement park ride and it has been converted to an actual vehicle.  Strange but true.  She even had on a T-shirt with the website on the back.  Back on the road, we make it to Pennsylvania.  The roads already seem to be better.  Can not believe how green everything is.  Really is pretty.  As we ride, we keep seeing acres and acres of grapevines.  They must really grow well here, cause I can truly say, I have never seen so many vines.
We make our way to highway 20 cause the guy at the Harley shop told Chuck it was a really a nice ride.  We are riding right along Lake Erie.   It is really pretty, and the small towns are just beautiful.  I did't get to take a picture of the sign when we crossed over to New York.  Wasn't expecting it.  So many of the towns show dates of 1800's and the homes are just beautiful.  We pull into this one town and find this little diner to eat.  As we park, the waitress walks out and tells us they are closing, and we wont be able to eat there.  So nice of her to come out and tell us before we get all off the bikes and get our stuff off.  She tells Chuck there is a couple of places down by the water, and gives us directions to get there.  It was only about a mile.  It is starting to mist pretty heavy as we find a place to park.  There are two places, and as we are getting off the bikes, one of them across the street turns off the open sign.  Guess we know where we are eating.

  The place is all decorated with zebra accessories.  Another group of bikers are in there eating as we walk in.    Noticed they close at 3:30 and it is now 3, so we really lucky to find a place to eat.  Looks like 3 is about as long as they stay open around here.  We all find something to eat, and we order.  I think everyone was really impressed with their food.  The price was very reasonable, and the food was awesome.  Some of the other group of people were finishing up and they came by and said hi to us.  Looks like they were ex policemen, from what their vest patches say.  We finish our food, and walk out to some clearing skies.  Looks like the rain showers are over for awhile.  Back on the road, we follow Highway 5 til me meet up with Highway 90 again.  We have to get on a tole road.  They charged us and the Biggs $2.80 because we are pulling trailers. The others tole is 1.80. Traffic isn't bad, and we are in Buffalo New York before we know it.

  We are traveling over this bridge, and there is the Canadian border.  We are in a line with cars waiting for our turn to make it to the booth.  I ask one of the guards if we need our passports at this time, and she says yes.  I tell the others that it is time to get the passports out, so all the girls get off the bikes and get them.  I am sitting on the bike waiting our turn, and I decide to take a picture of the area we are waiting at.  The uniformed lady walks over and ask for my camera.  Seems I can't take pictures at this location.  She proceeds to delete my two pictures.  I told here I had no idea I couldn't take them, and told her I was very sorry.  It is now our turn to go thru the check point, and the girl is very nice.  She ask Chuck what is our reason for coming to Canada.  He tells her vacation.  She also ask how much money we have on us.  If we had any guns, and where our reservations are for the trip.  Chuck tells her, and I proceed to tell her that the 3 other bikes behind us are with us.  She tells us we can go ahead and go in, and I ask if there is a place for us to wait for the others, and she directs us to a waiting area.  We get everyone through to Canada.  Let the fun begin.  But first, I remind everyone to turn off our phones.  We are all going to be going thru withdrawal without our phones, but it cost too much to be using them here, so it is just easier to turn them off.

We find our way to the hotel without any problems, and pull into the parking area without a hitch.  The guys direct us to an area to park the bikes, and we are unloaded and about ready to head into the hotel to check in, and Chuck ask Steve if he had turned his lights off.  He says no, and goes back to the bike to turn them on.  They are not working.  Guess we will be making another stop at a Harley store to see what is wrong with the lights.
We check in without any problem.  We are on the 27 th floor, and the rooms are totally awesome.  They actually look just like the pictures that we had seen on the Internet.  After we get settled om the rooms, it is time to go and explore the area.

There is a Margaritaville right across the street from the hotel, so we head over to get one.  It was get, and we had some nachos, and two margaritas a piece, and we got the was $110.   Oh my goodness....we won't be doing much of that, but have to say, the margaritas were really good.  We walk down the long hill towards the falls....I think coming back up is going to be really fun!!!!!  We get the usual pictures of the falls, and I have to honestly say, it is beautiful here.  The flowers are amazing, and the grounds are really kept well.  I totally understand what people mean when they say you have to see the falls from the Canada side.  Also, understand what they mean when they say the Canada falls are much prettier.

 We do some souvenir shopping and head back up the hill towards the hotel.  We have all decided that the "maid of the mist" is the one think that we all want to do.  This is the boat that takes you up close to both falls.  So tomorrow we will get up and do just that.  Wonderful day, and we are all tired.    Time to chill and get some rest.  Tomorrow is going to be fun!!!