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Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 10 Niagara Falls 7-1

I hear bikes pulling out a little after 6 this morning.  We are down to 4 now. Yestereday as we was riding this guy had a hot tar truck, and it started spewing hot tar out, and guess the 3 bikes behind us really got coated. Think Spydie got the worst of it. It is covered all over..their helmet got sprayed too. Chris was up and gone before 8 this morning to go to Cowtown to see if they had anything to take the spray off the bike. They give him some soy based lubricant and it. It's it really easy. Glad he was able to get it cleaned off.

 We do some riding around Cuba, and I take some pics of the murials that have on the buildings downtown. Cute little town.
 We ride some if the roads around the area. Beautiful place. We have decided to chill till around 6 and then go ahead and pack up and start towards home. This way we wont be killed by the heat. I get a text from Jennifer close to 4pm and looks like they have made it home safely. I hear from Carolyn about 5pm and she said they made it home safely too.
We are on the road a little after 5 and we actually have some cloud cover.  There are some storms and looks like we are heading straight towards them.  We actually miss the storms, and just drive thru dry roads, that are still a bit steamy on the sides.  Very pleasant to this point.  We stop in Lebanon to eat at a Wendy's and there is another Spyder there.  The gentlemen was walking out as we were getting off the bikes.  He and Chris got to talk a little bit, and looks like he was heading towards Cuba and spend a couple of days there.  He was from Tennessee and he was excited to see another Spyder.   Have to say, the Spyder has really been a hit....teasing Chris that I am going to get some information packets typed up, so he can just put them on the bike, and people can help themselves to them.  LOL   It really is a cool bike and it really gets a lot of looks!!!!  Bellies are full and we are on the road again.  We actually miss all the storms, and have some really great weather to ride in.  We make some excellent time and everyone is driving pretty well.  We are just over the Oklahoma border and Chris tells Chuck that he is really needing gas.  We pull off at the Afton exit, and we just get off the road about a 1/2 mile from the toll gate, and Chris radios to us that he is dead in the water.  He is OUT OF GAS!!!!  I had been telling Chuck that I thought he was pushing it a bit, but he didn't think so.  It is dark, and I mean dark...Chris got out his 1 gallon gas tank and Chuck and I took off to get some gas.  I really don't think we was gone more than 15 minutes at the most.  I hopped off the bike and pumped .88 gal. of gas in the tank, and we was back on the bike and pulling up to Diana & Chris.  Chuck lets me off the bike, and he has to find a place to turn around.  There is construction all around the place, so he has to go pretty far to turn around.  By the time he gets back, Chris has the gas in the bike, and he is putting his extra container back in the trailer.  The bike starts right up.  We go on back to the gas station and fill up.  Wow, this was an interesting thing to happen.  I guess Chuck will be paying more attention to how many miles Spydie can actually do.  I think Chris said he got 158 miles out of that tank.  So glad we had pulled off the turnpike.  Can't imagine how bad that could have been.

We are back on the road, and there are fireworks all over the place.  It is really a nice cool evening, and was a really nice ride.  So glad we decided to ride tonight.  Sure beats the heck out of dealing with the 100 plus days we are having.  We stop again in Tulsa to fill up, and we have just gotten back on the road, and we see a shooting star...It was right in front of us.  Radioed back to the Biggs to see if they saw it, and they did.  It was really a large one.  I see several deer on the side of the road eating.  Just glad they are eating and not running.  We decide to make a final pit stop at the Seven Eleven on Northwest Expressway, and say our final goodbyes.  Told Diana to be sure and let me know they get home safely. We make it to the house at 2am.  Very enjoyable ride home.  So glad to see my doggies.  Think they missed their mom and dad too:)

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  1. This was the most amazing experience I have ever had the pleasure of. I say experience because "trip" is too weak to describe it. All the planning and hard work definitely showed and was truly appreciated. I was able to see and do things that I never thought I would be able too. To experience the world from the back of a motorcycle is unlike anything anyone can understand unless they ride. The way things look and smell and feel becomes a dimension all it's own. Thank you for this experience. I will treasure it forever.