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Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 2 Niagara Falls 6-24

Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, two Harley dealerships, and a bit of rain, and stir in a little over 400 miles and the last 100 we ran into wet roads. That is what day two consisted of. We pull off in Terre Haute Indiana to a Harley dealership and they look at our clutch issue. They rebuild the clutch and tell us that it is probably the cable that is actually causing the problem. The nut that adjust it, won' of the nicest dealerships and people there. We eat lunch while we wait on the bike.

 There was a Cheeseburger in Paradise and it was really good. Sure do miss them in OKC. Harley dealership finds us a part in Indy, so we get on the bikes and head there. We get there about 4:30 their time and they act like no one has talked to them about the bike. After awhile Chuck gets called back to the work area. By the time Chuck comes back out he is boiling. Guess the tech says all our problem is cause we are pulling a trailer. Funny thing is, the problem was there way before the trailer hitch was added. I go and talk to the service writer, and explain what the other dealership had done. I think it is all smoothed over, and they go ahead and change out part. Guess it got pretty heated between Chuck and the tech, and chuck called him "Einstein". Well, guess Einstein got his act together and fixed it. We gas up and try to make up some of the miles that we didn't make today. It is cool and overcast all day. Everyone we talk to says this is really unusual weather, even for this area. Stopping for gas, Chris is wondering why his bike is a lot louder, and he checks the muffler, and it isn't connected.  The clamp is still there, so he is able to get his tools out and fix it.

We ride on into Ohio and start looking for rooms.   There is a little rain falling now, but not bad enough to get the rain gear on.  At this point it is time to pull into off and start looking for a room, but they are all full, so we call a Motel 6 in Mansfield, Ohio and it is about an hour away, so off we go again. Lupe took us on this curvy road to the motel, not sure where the heck we are, but we did find the motel.  Time to rest.

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