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Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 4 Niagara Falls 6-26

We are up and ready to get this day started.  First thing on the list is to get some breakfast.  We go just outside the hotel, and there is a new Ihop, so guess where we are heading.  We sit down, and had no idea how long this breakfast was actually going to take.  Not sure if this is just a Canada thing or what, but it took forever.  It was good as far as I was concerned, but Chuck's eggs were cold.  We finally get the check and head down the big long hill to the boat ride.  It is a pretty long walk to the area, but we make it.  Tickets are like $13 each, and they have an area that you walk to an elevator, and the elevator takes us down to the ground floor.  Quite a few people are in this area, but again, they have things pretty well set up.  As we go through one area, they have us stand in front of this blue screen and took our picture.  Gave us a number and I guess we will see the results at the end of this adventure.  We get our cute little blue "smurf" rain suits to put on.  We all look alike.  A sea of blue is all you can see.  LOL....The boat is pretty loaded with tourist, and we don't even try to go to the upper deck, cause it is so full.  We stay on the lower deck, and I think it was probably a good idea, cause I think you would be pretty wet from all the mist otherwise.  The boat takes us by both falls....again I will say the Canadian falls are so much more pretty.  They are so big.  Amazing to be up close and personal with them.

 A french couple was standing taking some pictures, and I offered to take their picture with the falls to their back.  Then she offers to take Chuck and I's.  I really did appreciate her doing that.  I guess the ride was about 45 minutes, heck, I really don't know, but it was awesome.  I think we all enjoyed it.  We get back to land, and ditch our blue slickers, and notice they have an area to dispose of them and they recycle.

  Think Canada is all about this going green thing.  Love the idea, wish we were more proactive back in the states.  Overall the grounds are beautiful, and litter is really kept at bay.  Very clean town. As we are shuffled back up stairs, as we exit the elevator, a kid is standing there directing us to go to this booth to look at the picture they took behind the blue screen.  There we are....all of us, right in front of the falls.  We all decline on buying, except Jennifer and Steve.  They go ahead and purchase one.  We take out walking up the big hill at another street.  Seems like this is more the main drag.  Find the Harley shop and all the places to get food.  By the time we make it to the top of the hill, it is time to sit down and maybe eat something.  We find a place and we sit for a spell.  Again, we find the service to be very, very slow.  Beginning to think they just take their time in Canada.  Enjoy their meals.  We have things to do, but really was nice to just chill for awhile.  We The restaurant is an open air type place.  Got to sit and people watch for awhile.  Finally finished with lunch, we take out and do a bit more shopping.  We are actually pretty far from the hotel, but we make our way back to it.  At the hotel, we sit down and eat some gelato.  Very good!!!!  We all kinda regroup and go back to the rooms for a bit. As we are sitting up there, I get a picture of a rainbow over the Canadian side of the falls.

 The view is wonderful.  Decide to go to Shoeless Joe's and have a drink, before we go to eat at the Brasa Brazillian Steak House....It is a steak place in the hotel.  Jennifer & Steve decide to go give the casino some of their money, but who knows, they could go home a millionaire.  :)  We meet back up with the Alvey's to eat dinner.  The concept of this restaurant is they bring all different types of meat by your table, and you just tell them if you want any or not.  The waiter was really nice, and come to find out he rides, and his bike was parked next to ours in the parking garage.  The food was really great.  I didn't try very many of the different meats, as the sirloin that I had was just wonderful.

Was a really nice dinner, and I think everyone totally enjoyed it.  Back at our rooms by about 10pm, and we watch the fireworks from our 27th floor room.  I have said it before, but we really do have a great view.  Chuck really outdid himself on finding this hotel.  The day is ending, and it is our last night to stay here.  We will be getting up in the morning and start riding into Canada. Should be interesting.  :)

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