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Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 6 Niagara Falls 6-28

We are up and on the bikes at 8, and we have wet roads, and a little mist. We are all set with rain gear, but since it isn't really raining, we just put on the bottoms of our rain suits. Can't say anything very exciting happened, but I can tell you it was cold. I had on all my warm clothes, and my hands were really frozen. Mark was really frozen too.
 We stop to put on our rain suit tops as it was really starting to get soupy. Saved time cause we had on the bottoms. Mark made the comment that this is something new for him. Riding in the rain is something that none of us enjoy, but sometimes we just have to do it.

 Next stop for petro we are pealing off some of the rain gear, and I have to say its great to get rid of it. We make it to the border to get back into the USA.

 The bridge is really pretty that we crossed. Was so nice to see the USA flag!!!
  We pull into a lane and wait our turn, and we were back in the USA before we knew it. The guy at the border was really nice and really just talked to us. He was talking about living up in the UP. Had no idea what he was referring to, but the UP is Upper Peninsula, totally different world up here.

 We stop and eat at Studebaker's, in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

 The lady was really nice, and she sold a lot of hot chocolate and coffee to this group. It was really good....that was really all I wanted. Lol. We are back on the road and we are trying to make some miles, and it is still really cold. We rode Highway 2 which was the scenic route that follows the river. Really is a pretty area. We go through several cute towns, and we start to look for a place to stop for the night. We actually make it to sunshine. Never thought we would see it again, and we are all really soaking it up. We go past this little place that looks like a good place to stop, and we turn around and go back. We go back to the motel, and walk up to see if they have 4 rooms, and it seems to be a self service type place.

 That is all well and good, but we need 4 rooms. The lady comes out and we give her $60 for each room. She tells us that there is a pizza place up the road and tonight is buy one get one free night, so we know what we are going to eat. Pizza is ordered, and we are glad to be off the bikes and warm. Have a margarita and eat some really good pizza. So funny, cause Diana ordered it, and the guy says he will call her when it is almost ready. He actually called, and Diana and Chris drove down to get it. Jennifer walked to get some refreshments, and she tells us she actually saw a deer. He just stood there and looked at her. We missed it. Great evening, and so nice to chill.

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