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Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 7 Niagara Falls 6-29

We are up and ready to grab some breakfast. We check out of our rooms and we go gas up and get breakfast. The same place we ate pizza has a little diner in it, so we eat breakfast there. It was really good. The guy that owns the place was the one that made the pizza, and now his cooks are making our breakfast. No complaints on it. It was great. Riding to Milwaukee today.  We go thru Green Bay, and somewhere along the way, Mark tells Chuck on the cb that we have lost sometime off the bike....Steve says, yes we did....guess we have lost our mudflap.

 I see a Harley Store close, so Chuck pulls off and we regroup and do a little shopping.  We are back on the road again, and there are so many beautiful barns along the way, a person can't take enough pictures.

We get to the Milwaukee Harley store, and have to say Loopy sure does know how to drive us through some of the seedy areas.  They have a beautiful muriel on the wall and Diana says her camera is dead, so I take a shot of it.  Glad she mentioned it, cause I didn't even notice it.  Dianna tells us about a place to eat, so we plug Kopps Frozen Custard and Burgers and we head to eat.

 There is no area to sit and eat inside. But there is an area outside that had a beautiful waterfall, and concrete seating. We sit and eat and it was really a good burger. Glad we was able to try it out. We are on our way to find a room for a couple of days, and we get on the highway, and the traffic is really busy. We miss our turn to the highway and Chris & Dianna were pretty far back and they didn't see we missed the turn. Chuck is trying to talk to Chris, and he is too far ahead of us. I start texting Dianna, and we are trying to figure out where we are at. Chuck is getting ready to make a turn and I see Spydie ahead of us about 5 cars. We regroup and get some gas, and head to a La Quinta that is close. We pull in and they have rooms, so looks like we have found home for a few days. We get in the rooms and all settled in, and Dianna and I walk to the gas station to get some ice for our ice chest. We ride to target to get some snack, and come back to mix some margaritas and borrow some chairs from the dining area, and we are set. We don't have a pool at this motel, but we made the best of the situation, :). Great day and evening. Tomorrow we are riding to the museum and go through it, and see about the factory tour.

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