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Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 8 Niagara Falls 6-30

We started out at 9 to go downtown to the Harley Museum so we can get tickets for the "steel toe tour". We get the museum and find out they are having tours to the factory on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays now. We go ahead and get our tickets and we are on the 12:30 tour.
 We walk through the museum and really enjoyed all the exhibits. The bikes were really set up very well. Amazing to me how they have been able to archive all the bikes, letters, medals, and old movie footage and was able to put it all together in such a wonderful way.

 We finish looking at all the stuff, and we walk over to the place where our rivet is at. Was so nice to actually see it in person.

 Time to get something to drink, and they have a nice little cafe to sit and get refreshed. As we sit there we notice it is a little after 11 so we go ahead and get a sandwich and wait for the bus to take us to the factory.
 The nicest guy is getting everyone ready to board the bus. He gets us all in the bus, and he starts getting us ready for the tour.

 He explains we will need steel toe boots and he has these cap type covers that we have to wear. Kinda interesting... :). We watch a safety movie as we are riding towards the factory. There are strict rules we have to follow while in the plant, and no picture are allowed. Imagine that!!! As we pull into the factory parking lot, he is explaining about where everyone parks, and there were quite a few bike in the designated parking areas. We are wearing safety goggles, and everyone has their own walkie talkies so we can hear our guide talk. Can't remember the guys name, but we really got a good one I think. He was really full of information. I know the guys probably weren't as impressed as we girls were, but I thought it was a really nice tour. It took about an hour and twenty minutes to make it though the factory. It is like 16 football fields long. Pretty cool place. As the tour ends, they shuffle us back to the main lobby area, and he gives us our picture of the group that he took the first of the tour. Was a great picture.

We bought some t-shirts out of a vending machine, and have to say that was a first for all of us. We turn in our shoes and our safety glasses and board the bus to take us back to the museum. Our guide ask us some questions about our tour and if you got the right answer you win a temporary  Tattoo. Was fun and passed the time going back. He was really a good guide, and I made sure I told him so. He says we will get a survey and we can express our thoughts to them. He will get good remarks from me that is for sure. Back at the museum we go to the x-factor another part of the museum and it really had some interesting stuff. We are about to walk out from the building and one of the ladies that works there is trying to thread a needle. Guess all of them had tried to thread it, and Carolyn gave it a try. She was able to get it threaded. Way to go Carolyn.
Was told if we get downtown  we had to go to the Iron Horse Bar and Hotel and get a drink. We find parking and find a table that will work, and we order some drinks and kettle chips.

No chips and salsa here. The drinks were very expensive and not even that good. Our bill was over $90 for us, and all Carolyn and Mark had was water and a coke. Well we can say we did it. We go back to the museum area to eat and hang around for bike night. We eat at the restaurant and the food was good, and was a little more dollar friendly. Bikes are starting to come in for the bike night, so we find an area to stand and sit and watch people. Overall bike night wasn't very exciting, but Steve got his bike washed and we got pictures to prove it.

 Weather has been a bit overcast, and we see some dark clouds off to the east. The guys pull it up the weather apps on their phones, and it looks like it is following the shoreline and not going to affect us. Some girls come by with  free samples of a new liquor called American Honey by Wild Turkey, it was really tasty. We hang out for a while longer and decide we have seen about enough and start towards the motel. None of us are sure where our motel is, so Chuck plugs in one and we are off. Guess what, it isn't that location. At least we got to go the scenic route and see more of the city. Would be great to be able to spend some time here and check out the sites. Oh well, that just means another trip sometime. Back at the abode we go up to the dining area and do what we do best, talk. Watching the news we see that rain is supposed to be moving in for the next few days, so the guys start talking about maybe going ahead and checking out of motel and start towards home. Chris mentions that the new " spiders" the high performance ones are supposed to be at the dealership on Friday, and we hatch an idea to go ahead and leave tomorrow morning. Since Mark and Carolyn weren't here for the plans guess we need to talk to them tomorrow and see if they would be OK with it. I think at this point in the trip, the Alvey's and the Scoggin's are about done with this excellent adventure.

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