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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oklahoma Heat Dome 2011

I haven't blogged because there hasn't been a whole lot to talk about.   The weather has been unbearably HOT...We haven't been out of the 100's in quite some time.  The evenings are so darn hot, you just get out to try and water some plants and grass.  Not sure if anything is going to live thru this year.
We have had our usual FNDR's and with it being so hot, it just isn't any fun to ride to eat.  We tried the new mexican food place in Bethany this Friday.  It was good, and I think most everyone enjoyed it.  The week before we went to Mustang and ate at Luigiano's Italian Rest.  It was good as well.  Funny thing is about Luigiano's, we have driven by it for years, and just never tried it.  It will be a place that I wouldn't mind going back to.
Today is Aug. 7th, and we got up and rode to breakfast.  Actually have had some rain showers, and the temperature is more bearable.  We pulled out from the house, and actually had to turn around and make a little change of road we were going to travel, because it was raining ahead of us.  Yes, it was raining.  We were headed to Cherokee Trading Post, and it was absolutely a wonderful ride.  The cloud cover and mist was great.  As we get off at the exit for Cherokee, I ask Chuck if he wanted to go on to Weatherford and see if Lucille's was open.  He liked that idea, and we got back on I-40.  Pulling off at Lucille's exit, there were no cars around the restaurant.  Went ahead and filled up with gas, and drove on into the main area of Weatherford.  We find a place to eat named Jerry's....there was a bike parked out in front.  Must be good.  As Chuck says, "you can't screw up breakfast to easily".  It was good, and the clouds were giving away to some sun.  We get out to leave, and the biker dude that was inside had to come out and share of few stories.  He was throwing around peoples names like we were supposed to know who the heck he was talking about.  Cracked us up.  OK, talk time is over.  We start back towards the city.  Got back in the cloud cover and had a few drop of rain hit us.  We pull off in El Reno to do a little shopping at Tractor Supply.  As we are in there shopping, I get a text from Diana, and she was wanting to go eat lunch a little later.  Told her we could do that about 1 if they want to wait.  She says they will be over around then.
Diana & Chris come by about 1, and we decide to go to Swadley's off Memorial and Penn.  As we pull up to eat, there is a man making a bee line towards Chris.  We knew exactly what he was up to.  Had to check out Spydie.  Sure enough, we walk into the restaurant and leave poor Chris out there talking to the guy.  LOL.....Spydie sure gets a lot of attention.  I still think I need to make an information pamphlet for it.  We finish eating and decide to make a stop at Westlake Ace.  Diana actually finds some soy based lubricant, so we have to each have a bottle.  Hope it is like the stuff that Chris used to take the tar off their bike.  As we walk out the mist is getting heavier.  I think we might actually get a little wet.  We decide to ride on to Kingfisher and check out the Atwoods there.  I didn't even know they had one.  The rain wasn't bad, and it really was probably more a mist.
We run out of it by the time we get to the 3-4 junction.  Very nice riding weather.  Just felt great to get out of the house and actually get to ride.
Nice store, and they have some really cool boots...and guess what, Chuck bought me a pair.  I am ready to style now.  Decided they wouldn't fit in the bike, so I had to go ahead and put them on and wear them.  :)  We end up getting home about 7:30 after we stopped for a while at the Bigg's house.  Was a really nice day, and so glad after all this hot weather we actually got to get out and ride a little.   We ended up riding about 250 miles today.

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