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Monday, October 24, 2011

Canadian Texas 10-22-11

We sent out an invitation to all the bikes that are going to ride with us to Lonestar Bash in November, to see if anyone would like to ride to Canadian Texas for lunch.  We got 3 other bikes interested.  The Biggs, and both of the Nance boys, and Patty are going to ride with us today.  We meet at the Braums on Main Street in Yukon at 8:30.  Beautiful day, and a bit cool, so we all have on our chaps and leather this morning.  We take I-40 to Clinton, and then we get off the main highways, and start traveling down the back roads.  We gas in Clinton, as the gas becomes a little more scarce as you get closer to Canadian.  Don't think you can ask for a better day. We are all gassed up and have shed a few of the layers of clothing, and onward we go.  The ride to Canadian was really nice.  Not very many cars along the way.  The roads were nice.  It was just a very enjoyable ride.  We pull into Canadian right about noon.  We make another gas stop there, and time to find the restaurant.  We turn down the main street, and I am noticing that there aren't very many cars on the street.  Maybe we beat the locals for lunch today.  We no more get parked and start taking off our gear, and a couple comes out of nowhere, and captures Chris.  Imagine that.....LOL....Poor Chris....he is always explaining the Spyder....(I think he enjoys it, really I do)  Patty and I go ahead and head towards the restaurant.  I am thinking there was a silent noon whistle that sounded, cause people are coming out of the woodwork, and there are cars coming from all directions.  It is NOON in Canadian Texas, and by golly, it is time to eat!!!  We get to the door, and find out that you place your order as you walk in.  So there goes our idea to get a table to beat all the locals.  Diana calls Chris to tell him that he needs to get up here, cause we have to order as you walk in.  So I guess he got rid of his buyers, and made it up to the front with us.  (I swear Chris is a salesman for those Canams...or at least he should be)
The Cattle Exchange is really a cool place.  After you place your order, they give you a leather key fob with a number stamped on it, and that is your number for you food.  I thought they were there for checking into a hotel or something, but it was for the restaurant.  What a cool idea.  We all get different foods, and I think everyone gave it a thumbs up.  The food was really good.  I actually had chicken enchiladas and they were awesome.  I think I would like to come back to this place again.  Wonderfully different.  We finish our food, and we girls have to do some "retail therapy" with a couple of stores downtown.  "The Store" was one that we went into....and all I can say is "expensive but wonderful" stuff in there.  They had a sofa that I would love to take home, and it was a mere $7500....sure was pretty but really!!!!  There was a resale shop across the street, so we walk over there.  The little lady that was in this place was as old or older than most of the stuff in there.  I did find a couple of cute small milk bottles, and Diana scored a "sunshine" bottle.  Wow, we are really big spenders.  Time to get back on the bike, and we head back toward Oklahoma.  Randy is following us Hwy. 283 and he broke away from us, as he was going to go do some hunting with his boys.  Now we are 3.  Notice some high clouds forming, but the weather is still really nice.  We get to Watonga and pull off for gas, and this dude on a Harley has been behind us for quite awhile.  As we pull in, he stops, and gets off his bike and walks over to the Biggs, and says he just had to see one of those bikes.  I tell you, Chris and Diana are really good spokespersons for Canam...I think they should do a commercial for them.  LOL.  We are ready to head on in, and Chuck ask if everyone wants to come to the house to watch the OU game.  Sounds like we have a plan.  I notice that the clouds are really forming and getting darker.  Looking like rain.  We have a slight chance tonight, but not sure where all these clouds have come from.  Chuck and I break from the others at Kingfisher, and head on in, and they went on straight out 33.  We make a quick stop at the Walmart in Kingfisher so I can pick up a few things for tonight.  The skies are really getting darker.  I took a picture as we turned on Hwy. 4 towards the house.  We get home safe and sound, and it wasn't more than 15 minutes later that we started getting some light rain at the house.  Both Chuck and I's weather alarms are going wild.  We are under a thunderstorm watch.  Everyone shows up and it is really raining, and lightening like crazy. We logged almost 400 miles today, and I can just say for myself, but I really enjoyed the ride.  Was fun to travel some roads less traveled.  Good food, good friends, what more can you ask for.  :)

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