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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Las Vegas Baby 10-1-11

Although this isn't a Bike oriented trip, we are going to check out a bike rally, so I feel it is blog worthy.  We are heading to Las Vegas with The Biggs this morning. We have a 7am flight, and that means we are up at the butt crack of dawn to get to the airport and go thru the TSA screening so we can board the airplane. Diana and Chris are at the house at 4:30am to head on our trip. We actually get there and go through the screening without a lick. We have wonderful seats and we are in the first ones on the plane. Lots of leg room. Flight was great, and we have an easy transfer in Denver. We sit around and eat breakfast, and waste some time as we have a pretty long layover here. We make it the rest of the way and are in Vegas before we know it. So funny, cause we are at the back of the plane this time. There is a couple sitting in front of us with 4 children. The kids are really good, and did quite well on the flight. We find the bus that will be taking us to the Luxor, and can I say, it was a wild ride. Oh yes it was. We get in line, a very long line to check in, but it really went pretty quickly. We are given our room numbers, and we compare with the Biggs, and we are on different elevators. Didn't make sense to us, and we spend the next 15 to 20 minutes walking around trying to find them. Getting very frustrated by now, we walk back to the front desk, and the nicest lady apologized and said they were doing some thing to the hotel, and she could see why we couldn't find them. She changes our rooms to the 19th floor.  We get in and freshen up and head to the lobby.  We are hungry, so decide to go ahead and eat in the Luxor.  We got to the T&T Mexican restaurant, and have some mexican food.  Food was really good, and pretty pricey.  Imagine that.
We get a cab at the hotel, and he takes us to the center that the rally is at.  Glad I googled it, cause he had no idea where it was at.  The ride was quite interesting, as he was a pretty wild driver.  The cabs have no shocks, and the transmission sounded like it was going to explode at any minute.  Chuck was in the front seat and he and the cab guy talked quite a bit, as Chris was in the middle of Diana and I...Chris get to the rally about $29 later.  We get into the rally for $15 a piece.  Hot in Vegas, and some of the vendors are outside, so we look at the outside ones first.  Nice to get inside and cool down.  There are quite a few vendors, and we find a few things to purchase.  We find the taxi stand, and get another $29 ride back to the Luxor.  This guy was a lot better driver, even though he needed new shock also..LOL.
We got tickets earlier for a couple of shows and tonight we  are seeing Chris Angel Believe at 9:30pm.  It is in the Luxor which will be nice, as this day has been pretty long, and we are still running on Oklahoma time.  Dinner downstairs at the buffet, and it was really good.  Nice to sit and chill for a little bit.  We make it to the show, and get in line.  Looks like a really large crowd.  Our seats were really good.  The show was great, and I for one really enjoyed it.  I don't even think I looked at what time we left the theatre, but I know we were pretty close to home, and it is time to get some sleep...been a really long day, and the cowboy boots I have worn all day are ready to come off.  My feet are really tired, and this is just day 1/2.....More to come tomorrow.

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