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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vegas 10-2-11

Chuck was up early, and already downstairs and got coffee and fruit before I even get out of bed.  I am up and dressed when he comes back, and I text Diana that we are going downstairs so I can find some food.  I got crepes at the place downstairs, and they were wonderful.  Starting to get worried as haven't heard from Diana and I have text her several times.  I run upstairs and when I get to the 19th floor, I go totally blank, and text Chuck to find out if we are on the 19th or the 17th floor....duh!!!  Diana calls and the first thing out of my mouth is....are we on the 19th floor????  She assures me we are, and she has just gotten up.  Guess they were totally worn out.  They meet us downstair a little later, and we are off to explore this town.  We have tickets for Zumanity tonight at New York, New York, at 7:30pm, so we have the whole day to explore this town.  We walk and shop and walk some more. Caesar's Palace is so pretty, and the shopping was good too.  The shops are ok, but we find a place that has some Iphone and phone gadgets, and we all have to have some.
We eat some hot dogs at a outside place called Pink's Hot Dogs...

They were pretty tasty, or we were really hungry, not sure.  Don't go much past the Eiffel Tower, and head to the other side of the street to check out the Bellagio.  The decorations for fall were wonderful.  Totally enjoy that place.  Really is wonderful.  They decorate it so great for each season.  The tree is an apple tree for the fall.
We make our way back down the strip, and make it as far as Diablo's and decide we need something to drink.  And drink we did.  The bartender tells us that we can get a pitcher of margaritas and they are cheaper that way.  Well, of couse we can, and we did.  A few pitchers later, Chuck has made friends with a couple of guys that belly up to the bar with us.  We even got a couple of shots with the guys, and by now, I am seeing double.  Feeling no pain, we leave the bar and head back to the hotel to drop off all our purchases.  Our show is at 7:30 so we decide to head over and get in line and will eat dinner after the show.  Zoology was good. Enjoyed the whole thing.  Great seats, and now we know you don't ever want to get the close up seats, or you will be a part of the shows.  Make a note of that!!!  Show is over and as we are walking back to the hotel, we stop and eat at Dicks.  They have a live band, and they are very very loud, but good....Think it is time to retire cause it has been a very fun filled packed day again.  More exploring tomorrow...time to rest.  :)

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