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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vegas 11-3-11

We are up and on our way down the strip pretty early today.  We saw a place yesterday that had a $3.99 breakfast and a 99cent bloody mary, so thought we needed to try it out.  We are there way too early.  Failed to check out when it opens and we are about 30 minutes early.  This 2 hour time change is murder on your stomach.  We decide to just sit and watch all the people that are jogging by, and also the homeless people that are so prevalent in Vegas.  We see our share of both.  One person walks by, and I think at least 3 of us are in agreement that it was a woman....Diana thinks it was a guy with man boobs.  Whatever it was, it was really bad.  These people need a good bath.  Really sad.  8:00am and the restaurant is open, and we get our cheap but very tasty breakfast under our belt.  Chuck ordered the bloody mary and I tasted it, and it was good.  We head back to MGM to find the monorail, as we are going to ride it to the other end of the strip.  After what seems like miles through the MGM, we find it.  It cost $12 per person for a 24 hour pass, so that is what we did.  Off to the monorail, and we ride it to the end of the line which is the Sahara Casino.  Sahara's closed this summer, and is vacant, and I guess they are going to bulldoze it down and make a new casino in its place.  We walk around it, and is totally amazing to me that they are going to destroy it.  Progress!!!  We decide to go ahead and walk back towards our hotel.  We walk and walk and walk some more.  Chuck calculated we walked 8.3 miles.  Poor Diana's feet....found out later she has blisters on the bottom and also holes in her new socks.  Now that is some walking.  My feet were tired, but not that bad.  We are in Caesar's Palace area and we stop to eat at Cheesecake Factory, and as we are walking out, we see a shoe store with all these tennis shoes.  Chuck goes in and finds a pair of shoes, and buys them.  Puts them on, and he has "happy feet" now.
I don't remember ever going to the Venetian, and have to say, it is beautiful.  No one seems to speak English around here.  Guess we are really not in the USA...LOL.
Everywhere we go, there are people...seems like all the casino's are very busy.  We continue to walk, and make it to the Palazzio and get to check out the beautiful shopping area, and ride the spiral escalator.  Very interesting place.  There are actually no shops in most of these places, I could afford, or even want to afford.  I can't believe all the high end lines of stores.  Feet are really getting worn out, but we are going to go ahead a walk the complete strip.  We make it back to MGM and feel we are almost home. Decide we need to get out moneys worth of the monorail, so we head back to it, and ride it down to the Sahara and back again.  Was nice to sit for awhile.  Got to see the back side of the strip.  Was good timing on our part, cause the rain has decided to come to Vegas. By the time we have made it back to the MGM, it has stopped, so we head towards the Luxor.  We get to the tram that will take us back to the Luxor, and we are seated and ready to go, when an announcement comes over the speaker that we aren't going anywhere, as there is lightening in the area.

 We get off the tram, and watch a very large rain storm trap a lot of people trying to run for cover.  Once again we have experienced rain...guess Chuck really can bring on the rain.  Not sure why this doesn't work in Oklahoma.  We wait for awhile and do some people watching, and finally it lets up enough so we head back to the Luxor....on foot!!!   We make it back to the room, and after a few of us change shoes, we go down to the buffet to eat dinner.  I am totally worn out.  Chris wants to see another show that is at the Luxor, and Chuck and I bow out and retire to the room, where I went straight to bed.  We have to be down in the lobby at 7am to get a ride back to the airport for our return trip.  Had a great time in Vegas, and time to chill for awhile.

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