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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vegas 11-4-11

Our transportation was with Bell Tran, and we get down to the area to be picked up, and we are off and running pretty quickly.  The nicest man is driving the bus.  He is joking around, and we go to a couple other casinos and pick up  more couples.  The driver says he is an ex-cop.  Interesting and very nice.  Ride to the airport seemed very short this time.  Not that many stops, and the traffic is a lot less today.  There has been a cold front move in overnight and the high is only going to be in the 70's.  Lady at the front desk was complaining about the humidity...cracked me up.  We head towards our gate, and the TSA screening area.  Lots of people in line, and moves pretty quickly.  Chuck and I are in the line with the full body scan...and I guess the studs on my jeans make the thing go off.  The lady puts on her gloves, and tells me she is going to check my behind with the back of her hands.  She also swabs my hands with something.  I guess I am OK, cause they let me go.  Chuck, Diana and Chris breeze through without any problem.  Leave it to me to be the one that gets picked on.  LOL.  Breakfast in the was OK....time to spare, so Diana and I go and check out the airport slots.  We both put $5 in the nickle is paying off pretty well.  Diana hits several and is up over $20, and I get there too.  We play for quite a while, and decide if we get down to $15 we will cash out, as it is getting closer to time to leave.  We both cash out.  That was fun, and we are WINNERS!!!  The trip back we are in the middle of the plane.  We have been in all the areas now.  Great, short flight to Denver, and we have to change planes, and it is right next to the place we get off, so no sweat there.  We are still in the middle of the plane.  Trip on into Oklahoma was pretty smooth.  We are down, and back home a little after 3:40pm.  By the time we get to the car and get out of the parking garage we are talking about eating, since we missed lunch.  We go to the Logan's Steakhouse in Yukon and eat some food.  What a great trip we have had.  Been a whirlwind in lots of ways, and just really a fun time.  Glad to be home, and guess we all will hit the work button for tomorrow.  Great adventure with some great people.  Thanks Diana and Chris for going with us.  Blast as usual.

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  1. Once again we had great rooms and the best time. Thanks to Chuck for his tour guide service.