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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend 10-14-11

Friday started very early, as Cooper & Cash are having surgery this morning.  Cooper is having to get her tonsils taken out, and Cash is getting tubes in his ears.  Chuck & I are over  at the Surgery Center about 6:20 to see the kids before they go into surgery.  I am happy to say, all went well.  Let the healing begin.
Our dinner ride for this evening is to Half Time Grill on Hwy 62.  Chuck and I ride the back roads via Newcastle.  As we get to the last light before we try to figure out how to get to this place, we see Steve & Jennifer turning in front of us, so we just follow them.  We end up having to go through  the parking lot of the Casino to get on the service road.  We make it there, and didn't realize that Tom and Seda, and Allen and Brandon are already there.  They have a big table ready for us.  As we look at the menu, we notice it is all blacked out.  Not sure what that is all about, but looks like they don't have any food.  We get some beer, and she informs us that they only have one more bud light lime.  What the heck is going on.  Basically if you want a hamburger, that will happen, anything else is questionable.  LOL....I think our waitress was a "Snookie" look alike.  Felt bad for the girl, cause every time we would order something, she would have to say they didn't have it.  Come to find out, they are closing and tomorrow is their last day here.  Seems La Luna has bought them, and is going to put a Mexican food place here.  Now that makes us feel better about this evening.  Was really beginning to worry about the place.  Can't believe we are here for their final Friday evening.  Food we got was really tasty, and the beers we got were good, just don't ask for anything special..LOL..
Chuck and I are going to see how Cooper is today, and we make a stop in Cowtown to take his kidney belt he purchased in Las Vegas to a leather expert.  Hoping they can take a little bit out of it so it will fit a little bit better.  We find a shoe shop and pull in.  The guy says he thinks he can fix it for him.  Has a lot of boots there.  I spy a pair that is really cool.  I try them on, and as I am putting the left one on, it is really hard to get on.  He assures me if I can get past this one spot the boot will fit great.  He was right and it really felt great, until I started thinking about not getting my foot out.  I had a case of claustrophobia hit.  I had to walk outside and cool off, and try to shake it off.  Chuck is just looking at me like I am crazy.  LOL.  The guy gets the boot off, and says he can stretch the boot in that area to make them fit if I am interested in buying them.  Chuck thinks I need them, so guess who got a new pair of boots....ME!!!!!  I just went ahead and wore them.  Matched my stuff I had on, and heck might as well get them broken in.  Chuck's belt will be ready next week.  Sure hope he is able to fix it for him.
We ride on to Norman and see Miss Cooper.  Cash stayed the night with Christy, as they thought Cooper would be a hand full, but I think she has really been good for them.  Taking her meds are a little hard, but as long as they explain to Cooper what they are doing, she understands and follows their instructions.  We sit outside and blow some bubbles, and she is getting tired, so we go back in the house, and decide to go ahead and leave so she can get a nap.  We ride to Van's Pig Stand for lunch.  Food was good, and have to say the weather is perfect today.  Was a bit cool this morning, but has warmed up nicely and is heading for the mid 80's.  We are back home by 2:30 and sit and watch football games.  OSU plays early and OU plays at 8:15, so that concludes our activities for this day.  :)  
I text a few people to see if anyone wanted to ride today, and Steve & Jennifer said they would love to.  Steve throws out a couple of ideas, and we are meeting them at Baluu's
We head back towards home, and get to Guthrie and stop at the Love's on 33 and I-40.  We gas and Jennifer and I go in to get something to drink.  Guess there has been some action that we missed, cause a helicopter has landed on the other side of the highway, and they have closed off the east bound traffic on Hwy 33.  No one seems to know what is going on, but as we get back on the highway to head home, we see a News 4 truck going Northbound.  A truck looses some of her trash on the highway, and we nearly miss the piece of cardboard.  The lady pulls over and as she does, she is rolling down her window and lips, "I'm sorry".  At least she realized she was loosing the trash.  Other than that, we had a really nice ride, and a very enjoyable day.  It really ended up being quite warm, and was just about perfect.  Weather is changing next week, so never know what we will have in store for riding.  Glad we got to take advantage of it today.  Mileage 245.  
PS  Found out there had been a plane crash at 3:30, and I am surprised we didn't see it as we had just been down the road it happened on.  Glad we were ahead of it.  

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