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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11-7-11 Quakenado in Oklahoma

OK, we have had a lot of earthquake activity here in Oklahoma, and it is seems they are getting stronger.  Saturday night we had a 5.6 and the epicenter was in Prague, OK.  We weren't home as we were in Texas.  Did quite a bit of damage, and people are a bit gun shy to say the least.  Been having aftershocks, and had missed them too, until last night.  Sitting in the living room watching TV, as we had storms coming, and tornado's were out west, and the rain and thunder and lightening was going wild.  All of a sudden the dogs jump up and start barking....the house rattles, and the floors are moving.  Chuck looked at me and said "earthquake".  I can't believe we had another one, and that we actually felt it.  The news comes on and says it was a 4.7 this time.  I actually thought a truck was pulling into the driveway.  Funny thing is you can hear it come and go.  What a strange event....
By the way god was very good to us last night.  We got some much needed rain, and we are all thankful for that.  Showed on the news that Edmond got 6.1".  Highways were under water, and as I drove out this morning, noticed that you couldn't go down 11th street towards Yukon.  I had to write about this, cause I know I will forget when and where this all happened one of these days, and wanted to document it for my own personal records.  Like I said...Quakenado in Oklahoma....who would have thunk it!!!  :)

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