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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 2 Lone Star Biker Bash 2011

Rested and ready to get on the road to Galveston....but we have to make a stop at one of our favorite Harley Shops.  Horny Toad HD.  Windy today but at least we have sunshine.  Getting there a little after 9am, we do some selective shopping.  Find some treasures that we have to take with us.  New shirts and some of us girls even got a hot pink t-shirt...Diana opted for the purple.  Imagine that!!  On the road again, and have to say the temp is pretty darn good.  Going through Sugerland was a bit tricky, as there were so many stop lights, and we would get split up quite a bit.  We concord it though....nothing we moles can't handle.  Make it to Alvin around 3pm.  We will call this home for a couple of nights.  They have us all over the hotel...Diana and Chris get the first floor, and Nance's and Webster's are on 2nd, and Tom, Allen and Chuck and I are on the 3rd floor.  We have all the floors covered.  After getting settled in, we head towards Galveston.  We are about 30 miles away.

 Going through the town of Hitchcock, I spy a liquor store and it is on our side of the road, so we make a stop.  Wasn't much of a liquor store, but we all found stuff to drink.  I think we might have made the little guys day....he walks out and waves as we leave.   Weather is just about perfect now, and as we get on the island it warms up very nicely.  We are going down the main street into Galveston and Jud ask if anyone had lost anything off their bike.  Thought it looked like a highway peg.  We checked and we were fine.  Find out later that Randy is missing one of his passenger pegs...oops!!!  Decide to go and get our parking pass so we don't have to mess with that tomorrow.  New rules this year.  You now have to pay $10 per day for parking.  This is at all their designated parking areas.  We decide to just wait till tomorrow and come back early and make a day of it.

Jud and Linda had been told to try The Spot to eat.  It is on the seawall side.  We find it, and even get a good parking spot.  The food was just pretty darn good.  Starting to cool down, and there are a few vendors next to the restaurant, so we walk over there and check them out.  Time to head back to the rooms, so we bundle up and make the trek back to Alvin.  Great day, and I know tomorrow is going to be even better.  Time to rest, for tomorrow we shop!!!