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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 3 Lone Star Biker Bash 2011

The Seawall
Breakfast at the hotel, and then we pack up to head to Galveston.  Beautiful morning, and looks like it is going to have a perfect day.  First we ride to the seawall, so we can get pictures by the water.  Never miss a good photo op you know.  Find out that Patty has lost a glove and a hat on our way to the seawall.  We offer to go back and look, but she says it is fine.  So far we have lost 2 gloves, 1 hat, and 1 highway peg.  Hmmm.....OK, that is done, lets get parked and go where the festivities are.  We park in a parking lot, and they bunch us all together.
 Even gave Chris an escape route if needed.  The escape route comes in handy a little later on in the day.  If we get separated we are going to meet in front of Willy G's at 3pm.  Tom & Allen tell us they will meet us there and they head off.   First thing Diana and Linda get feathers put in their hair.  Randy get some patches sewn on his vest, and we have just gotten through the first 15 booths.  Chuck suggest we get over to the big vendors and that way if we need something installed, we will be able to do it fairly early.  Good suggestion Chuck, as we have to find the Kuriyakyn booth, and Randy is able to find a replacement highway peg.  Patty & Stan are checking out some goodies, and Chris is looking for something for Spydie.  Linda get her Throttle Boss for her bike.  Think this booth was a hit!!!   Chuck drops his helmet by the J&M booth so they can replace his broken speaker.  We are all shopping at our own pace, but we still stay a pretty close group.
Jud buys himself a blower for his bikes.  It will make the cleaning and drying process a little easier.  I think he should offer to clean and dry all our bikes.  :)
Diana & Chris find a new seat for Spydie at the Corbin Seat booth.  We look at a new one, and decide to buy one too.  Chris & Chuck go to get the bikes out of the parking spot.  This is where the exit strategy comes in to view, but Chuck has to get Stan to move his bike.  Chris moved the barricade and was able to get the Spyder out without a problem.  The guys at Corbin install the seats and get them wired up.  The backrest has to be sent to us, as they don't have one that we like in stock.

What a group

By the time all of this is done, it is getting close to 3 and time to meet up with Tom & Allen.  Tom text me and he has had some new grips put on and his bike is over at the Avon booth.  Tom, Chuck & Chris move their bikes back to the parking lot.  The rest of us walk back to the Strand.   It has really gotten  busy.  People everywhere.  We find a place to sit and watch the bikes go by, and meet up with the guys.   Interesting groups here and it is just fun to watch all the weird people.  Time to eat again, and we head over to Willy G's.  There is a 45 minute wait, and we sit outside and have to say that was a very quick 45 minutes.  We were seated in less than 15 minutes.  Really enjoyed the group dinner.  Was a nice relaxing dinner, and we all were ready to sit down and rest our feet.  We finish and head back to the Strand to watch the parade of bikes for the evening.    Patty & Diana said they sat and watched some people grope a poor stuffed bear, and a drunk guy trying to take a picture with his iPhone.  Said they thought where they were sitting was even more interesting than ours.
The Strand
Jud, what are u doing?  

The police were really trying to enforce the noise and burnouts.  They were all over people if you racked your pipes.  Cutest thing we saw was a little boy about 6 yrs. old, I guess, riding a little motorcycle.  He was a show stopper.  Poor Jud has been sick from the first day we started this trip, and we make a potty break at a Wendy's on the way back to the hotel, As we sit there and talk Diana says he needs some NyQuil.  My memory card for the camera is acting up, so I think we have a reason to stop at the Walmart by the hotel on the way in.  Diana & I are totally happy about that decision.  LOL  What a perfect day, topped off with a visit to a Walmart in Alvin Texas.  Not sure if it can get any better.  We get back to our rooms around 11pm.   What a day.  Jud & Linda turned 105,000 miles on their bike (First Love).  Congrats to them!!!

Jud, Linda & First Love