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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 4 Lone Star Biker Bash 2011

We are leaving Alvin Tx. today, and riding to The Hill Country.  Plans are to eat in Lockhart.  Lockhart is the Barbecue Capital of Texas.  Beautiful day, and perfect riding weather.  Mother nature is really being nice to us.  We get to Lockhart around 12:30 and Tom suggest we eat at Black's this time.  We had tried Smitty's the last time we were here.  Pretty good line of people at Black's, and we make it longer.  Looks like it is Mr. Black's Birthday and we are going to get to eat some of his Birthday cake.  Mmmmm, my favorite.  We all get our share of barbecue, and it was really good.  Can we take a nap now???  Nope, we have miles to make, so we are on the bikes and ready to head onward.  We pull out, and turn the corner and get down the road a little bit, and see that we are missing some of our riders.  I look at my phone and Diana had text me that Allen had dropped his bike.  Said he was fine....but the bike was flooded.  We turn around and head back.  By the time we get back, the bike starts, and Allen assures us he is fine.  Said he just watched the bike slowly go down.  So glad it wasn't anything bad.  OK, now we will get on down the road.  We lose Jud & Linda at San Marcos as they are going to spend some time with their son.  Hate to see them leave, but maybe we will meet up tomorrow on the way home.  Traffic was pretty bad as we get to San Antonio.  Chris & Diana get caught several cars back from us, and we try to tell them on the radio where to cut off the highway.  They don't make the cut, and I am trying to get hold of Diana to tell her where we are.  Finally we are able to text each other and before you know it, Spydie has made it back with the group.  I really don't know what we would do without our iPhones.  :)  Back together we make it to Bandara.  Chuck wants to take everyone to the Oldest Bar in Texas.  We park and attempt to go into the bar.  They have live music today, and there is a $10 cover charge.  Not that we are cheap or anythign, but really!!!!  It's just a bar....a very OLD bar, with lots of dust....LOL.  Group decision was to not do that, so we go to the little soda shop that is above the bar.  Sitting down and drinking a coke and eating some ice cream was a good alternate idea.  Sure do wish they could have seen the place, but we will just have to make a return trip and do that next year.  We get back on the bikes and head on north.  The ride was really nice, and the consensus was that this is just a pretty cool place to ride.  They didn't even get to ride the "Twisted Sister".

 Again, I guess we will just have to make that a plan for next year.  It is getting late in the day, and is time to find a place to stay the night.  There are too many deer in this part of the country to ride at night, especially in the fall.  The sunset was great, and I got a few pics of it.

 Looks like Johnson City is where we are going to stop tonight.  We get rooms, and decide to order pizza for dinner and watch the OSU football game.  I ask the lady at the front desk if there was a Pizza place that would deliver, and she says there is a Pizza place but she didn't think they would deliver.  Hmmmm.....well, we will work on that.  I call and order the pizza and the girl says there is no problem with her delivering to the motel.  This is great.  We have all the booze that was left over from the other nights, so we sit and wait on pizza and have a few drinks.  Beautiful evening, and the rooms are the type you drive up to, so Diana and I sit outside and wait for the pizza to be delivered.  Finally shows up and it is time to eat.  It was really pretty good.  Totally enjoying the group...just way to much fun.  Patty informs us that she has lost her brand new orange bandanna.  Poor girl...she is going to have to get a whole new wardrobe by the time she gets home.  :)  Time to crash as we have the end of daylight savings time, and we want to get on the road early, so we are home before it gets dark.  Good night world.  Oh, but wait....our fire alarm goes off at 2am.  I try to pull the battery and I am not able to.  I call down to the front desk and the girl says to disable it.  Wellllll,  I do....I end up pulling it out and undoing the hard wire, and it is still howling like crazy.  Finally figure out how to get the battery out.  OK...that is done, can I go back to sleep.  Thanks u....  :/  Good night again world.