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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 5 Lone Star Biker Bash 2011

Homeward bound today, and we wake up to wet bikes.  As we are eating breakfast it starts to really rain.  By the time we finish, it had quit, and Chuck says we aren't going to get wet, so no rain suits for now.  Not cold this morning...just wet roads.  We do run into a few spots of heavy mist, but nothing that bad.  We have had a time change over the night, and we are up and on the road pretty early.  We get to Stephensville around 10:15 and pull into Hard 8 and the sign says they are closed.  The guy comes out and changes the sign, but we have already loaded back up and headed to get gas as they open at 10:30.  Been in contact with Jud & Linda and they are about 30 minutes behind us.  This little delay will put them even closer.  :)

The lunch break should put them back with us very shortly.  Just like a fine tuned book, they show up in record time.  Tummies are full, and we have some miles to make, so we are on the road again.  All of a sudden, Stan radios that his bike isn't running good.  We pull over and evaluate the situation.
Not sure what is wrong, but he is going to try to limp along and try to get closer to home.  Patty has called her parents and they are coming our way with a trailer.  Randy is now pulling Stan's trailer.

 Average speed is around 60 miles per hour, unless we are pulling a hill, and we drop down quite a bit.  Jud is last bike, so he radios if we have cars wanting to pass, so we can pull to the shoulder and let them by.  Since we got the new seat, my butt has been hurting, and all this excitement takes my mind off my woes, and makes the ride a lot more exciting.  Our next stop is Wichita Falls, and Stan says the bike is running "great" now.  Guess it healed its self.  We are meeting Patty's parents at the midway on the turnpike, and guess we really don't need them now.  We pull off and they are no where to be seen.  Patty calls them, and they thought there was another stop, and they are about 10 miles south of us now.  Stan says he is going to go ahead and try to finish the ride, so we take off.  Stan is leading this train now, and we all have come to the conclusion he just wanted to lead, and this was his way of getting there.  Randy is still pulling his trailer...can you believe he would do this.  Man, if he wanted to lead the group, he should have just said so.

 LOL  Jud & Linda pull off at Chickasha, and we stop at the midway after Chickasha to get our final gas and say our goodbyes.  Allen is going to make a u turn and go back towards Chickasha, so he can go home to Dibble.  We are now down to 5 bikes, and Stan is "still" leading....Randy does get rid of the trailer, as Stan latches on to it, to take her on into the barn.  What a great trip, and I have to say we have some really great riders, and seemed to me that everyone had a good time.  If they didn't, I sure didn't hear about it.  Guess they can comment on this blog if they want to add their two bits.  Diana says Spydie turned 12,000 miles on the trip.  Congrats to them....think we have been with them on most of those 12,000 miles.  :)  I say this every time we finish a ride, but I really thank the lord we have such a wonderful group of people to ride with.  We are so lucky to have this time in our lives to spend time doing something we all seem to love.  Riding the motorcycle all over this great USA is a once in a lifetime event, and so glad we can do it.  Would love to hear from everyone on what "their" favorite part of this trip was.  I usually ask everyone, but I failed to this time.  Oopppssss, guess I am slipping.  Thanks again to all that participated.  Mileage 1529 according to Ginger.