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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lone Star Rally 11-3-11

Plans are to pull out from Yukon at 3pm and head towards Galveston to partake in the Lone Star Biker Bash with some good friends.  We will have 7 bikes after Diana & Chris join up with us a little later tonight.  We have Jud, Linda, Stan, Patty & Randy as we head out today.  We will meet up with Tom at I-35 and 89th street about 30 minutes later.  After we pick him up we will meet up with Allen in Purcell.

What a good looking group!!!!
We are right about even with a cold front that is coming through, and they are saying the winds are going to be very high, so even though it is cold, we are going to try to beat all the wind.  I would like to say that the wind gets better the farther south we go, but it didn't.  It was worse.  Was a very strong northwest wind, and it was not going to let up at all.  It was all the guys could do just to keep the bikes between the lines.  Stan, Chris and Chuck are pulling trailers so we girl will have plenty of room to pick up any goodies along the way.  ;)  We make the usual stops for gas, and warm up and figure out what other clothes we might need along this route.  Plans are to eat Mexican food at Mercado's in Ft. Worth.  We get into the Ft. Worth area and we have a little mist and of course a lot of traffic.  Was glad to see the restaurant so we could sit for a while and warm up a bit.  Food was great as usual.

Moles sharing some food 
"Theme" be the judge!  
 I have been in contact with Diana via texting, and they are getting close to meeting up with us.  They show up about 7:30 and we had just finished eating, so we get ready to finish this days ride in Hewitt Texas.  We get to the hotel at 10:10pm....wind was still howling and I thought the palm trees in front of the hotel were going to blow over.  Checked in and we meet down at the pool to discuss the day and wind down a bit.  Diana tells us that she lost one of her gloves (new ones at that) didn't make it to the hotel.  She says she lost it somewhere along the way.  The guy at the hotel tells us that he didn't have any of his "Dallas Cowboy theme rooms" available.  Hmmm, not sure what Diana is standing by, but looks like they got them a "theme" room  ROFL

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