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Friday, November 11, 2011

The weekend that Stan planned :) 11-11-11

It's Friday at 2pm, and we are meeting Stan, Patty, Chris and another couple at the gas station at Northwest Expressway and County Line Rd. to head towards Eufaula and meet up with Randy & Toni.  There is another couple that will be coming down later in the evening, so we will meet up with them at the lake.    We meet Roger and Kristi Frost, and we all saddle up and get ready to head east towards the lake.  We make one stop along the way to get fuel.  Looks like Roger & Kristi just got their new bike, and this is their first big trips.  I am so excited for them.  I hope they enjoy it as much as we do.
We get to Randy's place a little after 5pm.  Toni has made a pot of chili for all of us...and have to say it has been a pretty cool ride, and something hot to eat sounds wonderful.  We sit and chat for awhile and and then we eat.  Toni's chili was great.  I loved it.  Was so good.  We just finish eating and the couple that was coming in later showed up.  We meet Shari & Brent.  Glad they made it safely.  Always worry about deer while traveling in the evening.  Now we are complete.  We sit and talk and laugh a whole lot.  The "Mole" stories started flowing, and it sure makes for some good conversation.  The jokes and stories that can be thought of it is just amazing.  I think it is fun, cause it gets everyone involved.  The newbies probably wonder what the heck they have stepped into.  LOL...Time to head towards the Biggs house, to get some rest.  For tomorrow we ride.  The wind is supposed to be really bad tomorrow, so we have to be rested and ready for it.  Sure wish Diana could have made it tonight, but she is staying home as she has a new grand baby that was born this morning.  Congrats to the Biggs and their newest grand baby. Diana will catch up with us later tomorrow.

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