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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The weekend that Stan planned Day 2

Meeting for breakfast at 8am at Duchess Creek Marina Cafe.  Was told ahead of time that if we get there should go ahead and order, as the cook takes awhile on orders.  Chris, Chuck and I are the first to show, so we go on in and order.  I walked in and they have a Westie that is the dog of residence.  He was so darn cute, reminded me so much of my sweet Minnie.  Sure do miss that little dog.  :(  Everyone else shows up and we get breakfast under our belts.
 We are ready to tackle the ride of the day.  The wind is really blowing, and they say we will have winds of 35 mph, and gusting.  Cloud cover helps to make it pretty cold this morning.  Stan says our first stop will be Robbers Cave.
 We have a really nice ride there, and enjoy some beautiful colors of fall.  As we drive into the park, the trees line the road and it is really beautiful.  After we make our pit stop and take the photo op, we saddle back up and head towards Talihina to get some gas.  The OSU games kick off is at 11am today, and we are running in and out of signal, but have to say that Patty and Shari keep us informed about the touch downs, by waving their arms when they make one.  There was quite a bit of waving going on, as OSU was stomping the opponents.  Fueled and ready to start over the mountain, we deal with the winds that just won't give up.  We make a stop for the picture op.  Have to get a pic of the moles on the mountain.  Decide to not stop at Queen Wilhelmina as the weather just really isn't cooperating with us.  We stop in Mena for lunch.
We pull into the Branding Iron to eat, I think we all gave it a thumbs up!!
 Heading back towards the lake, we ride the lower road to keep out of the darn wind.  It was a really nice ride, everyone enjoyed the break from the wind gust.  I have been in contact with Diana and she is going to meet up with us for dinner later.  We make a pit stop in Red Oak and meet Kristi's mom and dad.  Starting to cool down again, and we was riding along this one road, and this deer thought he was going to come our way, but did a u-turn and ran back towards the trees.  A raccoon crossed the road in front of us also.  That was really the only critters we saw.  Thank goodness.  As we pull up to Chris & Diana's place, it is getting dark.  Stan & Patty suggest Pemberton's to eat.  It is only about 15 minutes away, and Patty calls ahead and reserves us seats.  We meet Diana there, and sit down for a good meal.  Glad we got there when we did, as they had people waiting for tables after we got there.  The food was really good, and think everyone enjoyed it.  Sounds so funny, but I think we really do ride to eat.  Seems like our rides are always involving food.  It is really nice to get to try different places.  Part of the fun. 

Shari seems to be relieved as she has gotten to pick her "Mole" name.  She was so scared she wouldn't be ask to be a mole.  She and Kristi have been working on their mole waves.  Think they have them down.  Names were picked over dinner, and again we did what we do so well, laugh.  Stan & Patty said they would start a fire in their fire pit, and for all of us to come over and partake.  We all sit around the fire, and BS....seems we do that pretty darn good too.  The wind is still blowing and the fire feels pretty good, but it is so one sided...LOL.  Time to hit the hay, as this day has been a long, but very fun one.  Good night Eufaula.  We had a wonderful day  :)

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